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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: martinjorgechacon



Hello! This my autobiography and testimonies too now added two more pages, sorry but I have a lot of histories in my life that I want write here to my students. I think that this is interesting to work to them also doing contrast withe new English program on secondary school.

Autobiography: MARTÍN JORGE CHACÓN (1965 – 2014…) I was born in Delicias Chihuahua on 1965 my birthday is on April 23rd. and my Horoscope is Taurus. I like a lot of predictions.When I was a child. I lived in Delicias Chihuahua but after two years change the neighbor to grandmother´s housein Loreto about ( 1966-1968 ). Ok born in Delicias city in 1961 in the Regional Hospital with a lot health and when I was a baby and always was crying a lot because was equally than others baby but when grow up until four years remembered that played had a lot a tricycle garden because my grandmother with my toys and played and in the always that I was playing she was taking care with me her name was Maria Antonietaso that I don`t in the house only out garage but running with my tricycle the home in the garden or the remembered my grandmother like a good woman very serious and intelligent. Studied the primary school in Loreto one year, butonsecond grade went to Gpe. Victoria and continue studying one more cycle then next four years in Delicias, city until finish in the Constitution school. But when studied on secondary school, for me was very confused because I stared in the Laws of Reforma secondary school but on 1

second grade and had bad notes also needed star again on second grade in other one school, was secondary number 47 from Delicias Chihuahua, therefinished this level. Used study a lot in primary school and remembered that study a lot because I loved this level and always was doing my homework therefore I learned a lot topics about history, math, science, sports it was very interesting to me for another side about my life in my home with my family I enjoyed a lot important success with my brothers because we had a tractor and a truck too then them help me to learn how can drive mother´s car her name is Consuelo then her car was a Volkswagen its color was red and I remembered that I could drive it when we were traveling to El Paso Texas or Chihuahua also sometimes to Ojinaga and Presidio Tx. too I was studying on 6th. Grade of primary.Those years were 1977. Also when I was studyingon secondary school had the opportunity to study in the Secondary School Leyes de Reforma, I remember those years wonderful because we could play a lot of soccer game all days in the evening, my friends and I, also because we had a lot energy for example in the evening were playing soccer also in the night were playing volleyball or another kind of sports like running or walking. About the school I lost a year on secondary the 2nd. Grade because lost the main idea of the school and forget do my homework also never had a feedback about the topics in the evening but it was only on 2nd. Grade when had the opportunity to change and arrive at 3rd. grade changed my idea of the school and studied a lot doing my homework’s all days and doing too review of the different topics. I was happy. Even however when I stayed in Preparatory school I had the opportunity Cuauhtémoc by only to know one year the also Cbta #90 I from stayed in 2

Cbta#147 from Meoqui too by one year more but finally changed my line of study and took an Administration technical career at the ITCMA from Delicias it was in 1986 after that had a rest with the school until lose around took ten years without study because the decision to find job and could do it around ten years but the politic was an opportunity special to me and had a good time because could be Oficial Mayor (1985-1988) from Meoqui and President from Guadalupe Victoria (1988-2001). It was wonderful to me. But remembered when was in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, in the Cbta 90., one year but, had ones again bad notes and lost the year, although my wish to study some specialty not disappear, then stared again in the Cbta 147 fromMeoqui, Chihuahua. But ones again lost theyear because, sorry but my brain was very confused because. I liked a lot dances ( disco ) and television. Also soccer play with my friends ( my neighbors ) and don’t studied books, notebooks, ho God was disaster homework in my case my because about didn´t my homework too, sorry. After that decided to continue with my wish of to study and took a course about accountability and ones again in the first grade lost the year because, did option to visit the EUA like ( wet people, foreign) because with my neighbors was very common that the people going to USA for the jobs. For example by adventure through of the desert and the mountain to arrive at the towns from New Mexico was very interesting because I knew the nature in reality for need of 3

find some job. This was very danger but very exciting. I lost one year in EEUU but my life had a lot of changes and other one time when I back at my home in Loreto, Meoqui, Chihuahua, with my family and the friends after some days they decided go to EUA but by the adventure again, then we went to Sonora at work in the construction job building houses in Puerto Libertad by one year but it is another one history said the grandmother. A good luck time When I was working as tortillas seller carrying them to the stores in Delicias and Meoqui city´s I spend some time of the day to do it in the morning all days since 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and the Saturdays I had different time for example I starting my job since 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. I that time I was studying too to get my technical specialization but what about my good luck time. Well! When I was walking to go at my job in the town center suddenly I could listen a speaker´s man saying the they were selling tickets to raffle two cars. Then my good luck time was when arrived in front of those men that was selling the tickets then suddenly I had a strange idea to buy a ticket and give turn to can watch the seller and said him that I want buy some ticket to help them in their labor next the man gave me the tickets to can choose the best ticket but I remembered that he had a ticket was very checked for the people and was some damage in the tickets book. 4

Then when I saw that and said to the seller ok choose this ticket because is some damage then I could help him with that ticket to take its care in my wallet next I fold it and keep the ticket, after that paid then next took the way to my job like salesman to sell tortillas, did the job in a car traveling by the city in the colonies and going to Meoqui to some stores that bought the tortillas too, it was interesting to me. Lottery, Bingo Marti won a new car. Special time when I could win a car with the ticket to a May 20th. 1986 with the number 44713 it was the winner number in the national lottery then I went with the seller to say that I had the winner ticket then how can get the new car next the salesman said me the I should go to the office to talk about it and they could do the procedure to surrender the car but it would be in some days then I should go soon to get time to canhave my new car, I remembered that needed go some times to check when theycould give me the car until spend a month. When the month end then they could give me the new car in the center town with a lot of people watching the car until that they surrender. It, was a new white car model 1986 with zero kilometers reality new, beautiful and silence car without noisy and smelling new too with a lot of power in its engine.Special I felt that was flying in the new car, well had that car for 6 or 10 days after that I decide to sale the car and did it to get some money, in those years it was $3’500,000.00 because was the old pesos. With this money I could buy a pick up and a place to build a house in Delicias city and save some money in the bank to spend to my school also with my mother in the house, reality good time to remember because it is very difficult to can win some gift in a raffle, then because I decide to talk about it, sorry but I think that was a special success in my life to remember. 5

Marti was studying too.To get degree. But backing to the last comment about my politic time in my life it was special time too because I could do some good things to me and my family, future to can get a better job in the school because I was working as teacher assistant ( prefect ) helping in the discipline control and when the teachers were absent in class I could help them. Consequently that gave to me a change in my life to my future andIwanted study the preparatory in Thomas Alva Edison school also because I was working in the secondary school like prefect I needed study the graduate of Education Science at the Normal Superior from Chihuahua and when I finished this course I could get graduate of English at the UACH-FCA 2004. After that I gotdegree in Basic Education in the Foreign language (English) until 2010. It was wonderful because I could learn a lot about how can have a good class in my job as teacher. Marti going fishing with his friends. I had a lot interesting adventures when I was eighteen or twenties because I loved go fishing or travel to EUA by walking like foreign without passport like another´s partners in those years for example I remember that when some friends and I we went fishing at the Conchos river then I had the experience of catch some fish in the river when a friend throw a tarrayathat this is a tool to the fishermen to fishing walking and throwing in the water since shore of the river. Then it was the first time when Tony throw the tarraya and it was exciting because it caught some fish but then they are trying scape swimming fast and we could watch them since the board of the river but suddenly it end caught in some root of tree in the water then it was the time when my friend said that someone should go to the water in the river to save that together 6

with the fish that were caught then he said to me that I should go there in to the water and save both after that I said is ok I can do it then the others friends saying that was ok., you should go because you are wearing short then fast go there. Therefore then I said to all again is ok I´m going to the water in the river and save the tarraya also some fish too checking this action all were saying ok, ok, go ahead your you can, fast, fast, the fish can scape too but take care with the water because can be some deep there, ok I walked to the water slowly taking care because the water wasn’t clear too andwas difficult watch what things could stay there I remembered that I walked on the river, upstream but only a few checking the speed of the water then I decide cross the river to can have better position to swim to the objective and save that. Although when I crossed the river next I walked slowly again to the objective but taking a lot of care because the floor in the river was soft and the level was medium high more or less at my chest but the stream of water was fast and I needed walk hard upstream and when I could caught the tarraya then take some air in my lungs and in to the water until the deep, and I watched the fish trying scape swimming very fastthey were six or seven fish but next I took that with my hands involving the fish. It was exciting because was trying walk or swim taking the tarraya at the same time that my friend was pulling also I was caring that the fish couldn´t scape finally when I arrivedat the riverbank after that I could get up both things, the fish were seven of good size and put it on the board out the water, they were jumping also my friends could see the fish and all were shouting,whistling very happy and taking off their clothes to wear short to go in to the river to start the fishing time in group all together very exciting, happiness. It was a special time to me because we could caught a lot fish but we should walk to long more or 7

less three or four kilometers perhaps but sometimes in to the water and another time walking for the shore of the river but with a lot vegetation also some with thorns too another one with big branches that all did difficult the march carrying the fish that were being caught then some friends should be carrying that in our shoulders very hard. That time was wonderful because all were happy carrying fish walking and crossing the river since of a side to other side and fishing too but finally when we should back after that finish the fishing we should carry all thing in our shoulders very hard walking between the vegetation but talking, singing, whistling, smiling but walking at the same time fast because the afternoon was ending and the light of the day was finished obviously was late and the camp was far. At finally we could arrive on time to put on the truck all our things and the fish too and back to our homes traveling but was night in that time. It is common that the fishermen ending their job very late because the best time to fish is when the sun was falling in the afternoon. It depends of the characteristics of river also the kind of fish too and the weather in the zone or season of the year, but to me was very interesting time, but I have a lot histories. What about saucers? Have you ever see a saucer? What do you think about it? 8

Ho, sorry. Do you like shrimp? Marti saw some things like saucers too. When I was studying on secondary schoolLeyes de reforma and was 14 years old in those years more or less in 1979 but I can´t remember the date exactly only that was warm about weather then I think that it was more or less in April or Mayin some day then while was traveling by bus in the morning at 7:15 am to go to school staying sitting in the right side of the bus with my back resting on the window then could see through the windows in front meto the mountain that not all could watch. But the landscapein that morning was beautiful and clear without clouds the light of the sun was appearing. The day was starting cool, great but then when we were traveling all people were talking or thinking different kind of things, ideas, about their jobs, schools, family, because in that route was used for students, workers, people that needed go to the doctor, hospital or another’s places, business and I think that only I could see the saucers, because suddenly was seeing through the window tothe mountains and its canyons then surprise what´s up? What kind of lights were those?. I was thinking and watching too, that and the lights were two but never seems like planes, or helicopters, couldn´t believe that were two brilliant saucers, flying between the canyon´s the first one saucer leaved of the mountain by the canyon then took time to wait at the second one saucer because were only two when the next arrived with the other that was waiting flouting but doing movements like twisting with its lights, doing movements to have control while the second one saucer arrived, to take the march flying together but in line of two at the long of the mountain until that arriving at the next big canyon. When they arriving at the next big canyon after that the first one took turn right to fly to in by the canyon and next the second one, to follow their march flying through 9

mountain doing turns depending of the hill, it was special to me because could see all very clear this is a reality comment about my life, remembered that like if it was yesterday is truth. I stayed waiting watching until that both were disappearing at the distant through the mountain. Was wonderful the special brilliant. Remembered that when I arrived at school was feeling some strange things but know that was very interesting the success and believed that I talked about it with a friend but reality a short comment and keep the experience to me like a special to do reflection all days, in some time I hadthought that the people think that I was crazy but with a long time in my life took the idea to know about saucers and perhaps buying some book or magazine that could have some topic about it to contrast the information and check that if that things was common. Yes, because some people talking about it but said that in my case the best was search information in some book or another kind of resource to looking information about saucers, along the years more or less 10 years could find some information in a book from JJ Benites that bought in Soriana then found a lot of photos of saucers and it had a photo like the same kind of saucers but the was in white and black. It was very interesting to me because could find some information to contrast versus my vision in those years when I was a teen on secondary school, but it was not all about it because after that 10 years more when I was mayor from Guadalupe Victoria could listen some opinions about it from some people that they could see the same saucers but they thinking save the experience because they felt fear to talk about it because believed that the people could say that they were crazy too. It is truthbecause the people that never had seen the saucers is clear that they very fast think that he, she, or theyare crazy if talking about UFO´s but to me was a resting to know that another people could watch the 10

same saucer for example a friend called Meño said that two cowboys from El Torreon were taking care of the cows in the mountain exactly in the same mountain where saw the saucers too. Surprise those persons could watch the same saucers, Meño remember their names easy because he know them, but when they were working there on the top in the hill near where the saucers landed next to the Conchos river in its canyon where is the river, then they were walking climbing on the top talking to star their labor to cough cows to sign them with the iron then they were talking too but suddenly they could watching the saucer landed at river side on the floor was strange to them. Meño said that theytalking that their breakfast had made bad and now they were watching visions and they taking the option that stay stop without movement while the saucers were there they could watch that some of the beings were walking around the saucers like if they were searching some thingbut the cowboys saying that when the beings feeling them they ran to the saucers and very fast engine the machines and starting doing a lot of brilliant again and took their flying through the canyon at high speed. The saucers left the signs of the circles where were landed in the floor at side of the river because did seven big holes like concaves more or less the size was 3 meters of diameter and very hard also some deep perhaps 50 or 60 centimeters or more the cowboys talking that were very hot too because they went near to watch and could see that the now the people from that place were calling it like 7 tinajas, What do you think about this testimony? A lot of people in this kind of places very easy can put name at the things that happened in their places where they living in this case the people called there like 7 Tinajas for the seven holes and exist a reflection about it because it is strange. Why? Seven holes if the saucers has four legs to landed then Why them did 11

seven holes? It is ok the comment and interesting too but my friend Meño said that a saucer back to the same place and landed again. Then used the same holes that the another one saucer. The questions were. Why the saucer back? Obviously.What were they searching? Perhaps. Did the saucer forget some thing? Maybe.Did forget some friend when they ran to get fly? What do you think about it? Not all was outdoorsadventuresto talk for example about jobs I had working as professor at the Vizcaya University. But reality short time now day I´m working here in the secondary school technical number 21 as English teacher, also I´m studying mastery at the UPN from Delicias and I end an English course at the UACH – FA in the last month but I want to write a lot of things but I think that for today is all. THANKS A LOT.This is my testimony for this time. I have a lot of things to talk about my memories, testimonies, experiences, perhaps., Do you want know about that? but in some time to be continue.For today is all. Thanks so much! 12

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