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Published on June 28, 2016

Author: CorsiaLogistics


1. Auto Transport Companies Reviews THE BEST RATED AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANIES …

2. Talking about someone being the best in the industry is very illusive. Today in any industry the competition is diverse and there is no way one company is the best. So, making this claim is just a bit exaggerated. No matter how big or how old the company is, there is simply no way it is the best in the whole industry.

3. We have to think about the type of service we receive, the attention and details, the empathy and the personalization of the service or product.

4. Depending on the industry, customers will have different expectations, but still the level of customer service is the most important. When you call a customer service number you expect to talk to a human being that will understand you and do their best to take care of your request. Yet, most companies today simply follow a script and do not provide personalized service.

5. What companies do in most cases is called emotional branding and selling. We react to words and images that make us feel good and safe, and companies provide it.

6. In the auto transport industry, just like in any other industry, customer reviews are perceived very important. We all read reviews when we want to purchase a product or service. It is advisable that you as a consumer read reviews. Auto transport reviews are abundant online. Every company tries to get the word out and asks customers to share their experience.

7. You know when you work hard, and provide good service, you want people to know. In today’s world though, it is not only word of mouth referrals companies relay on. They rely on the shiny five stars the customers see on certain customer review websites.

8. So, what do companies do? They do everything they can to make their customers write reviews online.

9. And there is nothing bad with that we should think. It is us, the consumers, who make companies do what they do simply because we don’t want to write reviews because we are busy or just don’t care. But when someone offers us something then it’s a different story, then our efforts seem justified. Most of us don’t have time or don’t like writing and sharing their opinion online. Yet, when there is something on the table for us in exchange then we are more apt to do what they ask us to. It’s human nature – give and you shall receive. Auto transport companies ask, offer gifts or whatever they can to make customers write reviews.

10. How to choose the best auto transport company? Now, that is a though question. Many customers think that the best rated company is really the best, but that is not always the case. Things change in the auto transport industry very often, especially in the big companies. People come and go, and in most cases big companies grow bigger and this often affects the customer service negatively. Yet, we look at those shiny 5 star ratings online and we want to believe that this particular company is the best. The image of the golden stars sticks and impacts our thought processes. However, we should seriously think about all those reviews before making a purchasing decision.

11. Car Shipping Companies Reviews “This was an industry plagued by scammers,” he said, referring to the car transport business. “People were going to jail. We decided, ‘We’ve got to do something about this.’ So we launched our site.” These are the words of Andrew Wash, the president of Valley Solutions, the company that owns, quoted in a New York Times article. This website is the biggest when it comes to auto transport companies reviews. When you search online the site is the first in the search results. The focus of the article is that on this type of websites the companies have the last word.

12. owners say that they simply can’t afford to let the customer and company go back and forth endlessly, and they end the online conversation with the first and only company response. Another thing the article emphasizes is the fact that makes all its money from the auto transport companies. The site offers different levels of support to auto transport companies and the purpose is of course to support the website and for the company to gain extra exposure. This is very normal and companies that can afford to pay are happy to sponsor any website that offers them industry relevant real estate.

13. Websites like Yelp! and organizations such as the Better Business Bureau operate in similar manner. Companies pay to be members or sponsor the website which could be conflict of interest. It is a vicious circle that companies and consumers cannot escape. Moreover, besides the review websites, many auto transport companies pay other industry relevant websites to add them to a list of supposedly the best auto transport companies. These lists are often unrealistic at all.

14. So, who do we trust and how do we decide? A good approach would be to check the Federal Trade Commission’s website for advice and tips. They have a very nice blog where they often post helpful information. You can check out this article about consumer reviews. So, when it comes to choosing the best auto transport company, you should be very careful and simply don’t believe everything you read online. Besides being paid for, some information about the most reliable auto transport services is also outdated.

15. Then consider how you are being treated and then the price. In the auto transport industry, unfortunately, many companies offer really low prices then in a few days they call and ask for more money because the initial quote was too low and they can’t find a trucker to transport the vehicle for this price. This is unethical business and once you are tied up, you can’t cancel because you have already given them your credit card. Moreover, you have already lost precious time waiting for your car to be picked up. In any case, our advice is that you the consumer do your research (not just first page of Google) and actually talk to company representatives.

16. Really think about how some companies make their money, your hard earned money– money they pour into sponsoring ads and reviews. It is the world we live in, but the least we can do is try to be savvy consumers.

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