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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: autodevbot



Monitor all of your API Endpoints
Get Notified When Something Goes Wrong.
AutoDevBot makes it easy for you to monitor all of your API endpoints.

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Monitor All of Your APIs Get notified when something goes wrong

The Problem: Monitoring is Tedious ● Having full monitoring coverage of your production APIs: internal and external ● Monitors are only created when there is a failure in production ● No easy workflow to move testing/monitoring from development to production

The Solution: ● Use open source API testing frameworks for monitoring ● Monitor every single API endpoint and variations of it ○ GET/POST/PUT ○ Positive and negative monitors ● Deploy new monitoring via GitHub or from a continuous integration system

Produces Key Metrics ● ● ● ● Endpoint Up/Down times Response times Structure of response is accurate Multi global region metric of the above

First Open Source Framework Support ● ● ● ● Dead simple to use Light weight Simple syntax Dedicated to REST API testing

Create Monitors with Code Not Web GUIs

Deploying new tests is simple ● On commit to the master branch new tests are automatically deployed ● No other interaction is necessary

Dashboard Reporting Failure

Notification Options

Pricing ● Pay as you go: ○ 25¢ per API monitor ○ Charge per monitor location ● Enterprise pricing - TBD

Demo Time


Auth and Data Security ● OpenStack Keystone project to manage all tokens and keys ○ Everything goes through this layer ● Data is retained per ○ Tenant ○ Group ○ User

Monitor Code Execution ● All monitors code is ran in its own container ( ● Code is completely separated from customers

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