Autism Spectrum Disorder – An Overview

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Information about Autism Spectrum Disorder – An Overview

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: MichaelJonas


Autism Spectrum Disorder – An Overview: Autism Spectrum Disorder – An Overview PowerPoint Presentation: General Description  – Autism Spectrum disorders (ASD) come under the category of neuro developmental disorders. They are characterized by deficits in verbal as well as non-verbal communication, social interaction, repertoire of behaviors and interests. Apart from these deficits, they may exhibit unusual responses to certain sensory experiences such as sounds.  PowerPoint Presentation: Causes, Symptoms Assessment and Diagnosis  – Causes of autism are yet being researched to understand them fully. Genetic studies in terms of twin studies, higher concordance rate in monozygotic twins and higher risk in siblings with autism suggest genetic risk factors in terms of ASD and pervasive developmental disorders.  PowerPoint Presentation: Treatment management issues in Autism spectrum disorder  – A broad understanding of the disorder and limitations of the person with autism for the family members forms the initial steps in the treatment of ASD. It also helps to better manage the ‘expressed emotions’ and derive more cooperation from family members to support the treatment process. Thank You: Thank You

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