Autism spectrum disorder

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Information about Autism spectrum disorder

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: Ana-amaral75



general facts about autism

Autism spectrum disorder By: Ana Amaral

Content Introduction Autism and PDD Is there help? YES Some tips Just to know Grandin Temple

Introduction Developmental disability 2-6 of 1000 children More common in boys than girls

Autism and PDD Autism Social Interaction Communication Si m ila r bu t no t mee t cr ite ria Behavior Communication problems Characteristics Hard to relate to people, things and events Unusual way of playing with toys and objects difficulty with changes in routine or familiar surroundings Repetitive body movements or behavior

Is there help? YES IDEA Evaluation for free Early inter vention Special Education

Some tips for parents Learn about autism Learn the best way to interact with them Learn the best way to meet your child’s needs Assistive technology Work with professionals in early inter vention or IEP that reflects your child abilities

Some tips for teachers Learn more about autism Be careful on giving directions in classroom Find out their strengths Seek help from experts whenever you need Consistent routine work on a educational plan for students.

Just to know… Puzzle pattern present the mystery and complexity Colors and shape represents the people and families with autism The brightness represents hope

Temple Grandin “Different, not less” http:/ / wJc6HkP8fc

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