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Published on March 19, 2008

Author: ttravis


Author’s Purpose : Author’s Purpose Author – person who wrote the story Purpose – the reason the author wrote the story Reasons Authors Write : Reasons Authors Write To inform – to give information or teach To explain – to give step-by-step directions To persuade – to get you to agree with an opinion or to perform a certain action To entertain – to tell a story that is for your entertainment or just plain fun to read Strategy to Identify Author’s Purpose : Strategy to Identify Author’s Purpose It is sometimes helpful to notice facts and opinions. If a passage has more facts than opinions, it is more than likely an informative passage. If a passage has more opinions than facts, the passage will either be a persuasive passage or an entertaining one. Try These Sentences : Try These Sentences Fact Opinion Sponge Diving Adventures 1. In Tarpon Springs, Florida there are people who work underwater. 2. These people are called sponge divers. 3. The kind of treasure they look for is called sponges. 4. Sponge diving is not an easy job. 5. The diver has to breathe under the water, and be careful of extreme water pressure. Slide 5: In Tarpon Springs, Florida there are people who work underwater. These people are called sponge divers. The kind of treasure they look for is called sponges. Sponge diving is not an easy job. The diver has to breathe under the water, and be careful of extreme water pressure. What is the author's purpose? inform Lets Try Some! : Lets Try Some! There are many pets that a child can have, but a dog is the best one of all! There are several reasons why dogs make better pets than other animals. They are always willing to play with you when you need a friend. Snakes are interesting, but they don't play with you. They just sit there coiled around your arm. Dogs can be trained to do many tricks, unlike cats who just stare at you when you try to get them to do anything that you want them to do. They are also very loyal animals that will try to protect you and your household from danger! Have you ever seen a hamster try to protect its master? If you are thinking of getting a pet remember that a dog makes the best one of all! persuade Slide 7:  entertain Sammy and Ralph were snowmen. Sammy was Ralph’s cousin. Sammy was a very proper little snowman and Ralph was a rebel. Ralph always wanted to be different and Sammy always wanted to do what he was supposed to do. One day Ralph decided to pack his suitcase full of snowballs. His cousin, Sammy, told him not to. He told Ralph that all the snowballs would melt and ruin his suitcase. Ralph packed his suitcase full of snowballs anyway, and they all melted. Ralph figured out a way to solve his problem. He put his suitcase in the freezer, and the water in his suitcase turned to ice! Slide 8:  explain Rosie had the best time making her valentine cards for her classmates. She used red and white paper, heart stickers, markers and anything else she could find. It was great! First, she folded her piece of white paper in half. Next, she drew a heart on her red paper and cut it out. Then she glued the heart to the white paper and added heart stickers all over the card. Finally, she wrote Happy Valentines Day on the card with her markers. Slide 9:  inform The Underground Railroad was a secret organization which helped slaves to escape to freedom. Many slaves were able to escape because of the conductors and station masters. The northern states were free states and slaves were free once they arrived in the north. Secret codes and signals were used to identify the conductors and station masters. Slide 10:  entertain It was a glorious morning in Alabama. The sun was shining through the trees. Alan couldn't wait to find his fishing pole and call his friend Sam to go fishing. They had a great time on these early morning fishing trips. They took their dogs with them and the dogs would swim in the lake while they fished. It was so funny to watch those dogs paddle around the lake. Slide 11:  inform Lets Try To Find Author's Purpose in the Real World! Slide 12:  persuade Slide 13:  "Life found on Mars. Scientists discover new forms of life that once lived on Mars." To pick a book to read! inform “A laugh a minute." entertain "America's Best Educational Software" persuade Slide 14:  To pick a T.V. show! Do It Yourself: Build a Birdhouse! The Crocodile Hunter explain inform Sponge Bob Square Pants entertain What is the author’s purpose for this presentation? : What is the author’s purpose for this presentation? inform Review:What are the 4 reasons authors write?

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