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Published on June 21, 2007

Author: Shalini


authorLIVE’s Tutoring Console:  authorLIVE’s Tutoring Console E-tutoring with audio Slide2:  authorLIVE is a web- based virtual classroom platform for online training and eLearning. Highly successful in mirroring live classroom setting, authorLIVE is a perfect tool for your Training Sessions Lectures What is authorLIVE? Online Tutoring- and eLearning sessions Slide3:  A tutor delivers a lecture live And the attendees can attend live from anywhere Example Slide4:  This Presentation looks to Give a broad overview of authorLIVE’s amazing feature set like whiteboard and content sharing Help you get started as a Presenter; and Slide5:  E-tutoring with audio Session Archiving authorLIVE E-tutoring with audio sessions offers following features: Live Audio; Live Text-Chat; Content Sharing; Whiteboard; and Slide6:  Text display area for Public Chat Audio Settings View attendee(s) list Whiteboard Tool Box Content Tab Drop Down menu for direct access to any slide or page. Whiteboard Tab Event Broadcast window Slide7:  Audio Settings VU meter signaling volume For Advanced Audio Settings Click here to stop/ resume sending audio To reduce echo authorLIVE features two-way full duplex audio Slide8:  Advanced Audio Settings Click here for advanced audio settings The Audio settings window to test Speakers, and Microphone on the fly Use audio settings to change your audio input device and audio quality during the session Slide9:  Presenter at the top Online Attendees Offline Attendee View Attendees’ List Slide10:  Step 1 Type in your message here Step 2 Click here to send message Live Text Chat Slide11:  Presentation Control Upon joining the event the attendees enjoy the following rights: Full Charge of Audio Annotation Content Sharing Capabilities However the presenter has the power to withdraw and re-assign these privileges to the attendees Slide12:  Presenter withdraws privileges from an attendee Presenter transfers control The attendee raises hand to request for restoration of rights Event Member receives controls with audio Control Transfer & Hand Raising Content Sharing:  Content Sharing Share PDF documents PowerPoint slide shows Flash files Create your Content Library Upload Content At the time you schedule the session On the fly from your Content Library or your computer Annotate, Write or Draw Whiteboard toolbox to annotate, write or draw on uploaded content Content Sharing:  Content Sharing Whiteboard Tool Box Button to load content files Drop Down menu to access uploaded content Whiteboard Features:  Whiteboard Features A powerful and versatile object whiteboard where you can resize, move or delete any object or image Multiple Page creation and navigational support A comprehensible Tool Box A handy Pointer Tool Upload Images onto the whiteboard Tool Whiteboard Tool Box:  Whiteboard Tool Box Line Tool Circle Tool Filled Circle Tool Rectangle Tool Filled Rectangle Tool Text Tool Size Palette Line-Color Palette Fill-Color Palette Highlight Tool Emoticon Selection Tool Free Hand Tool Graph Tool Whiteboard Snapshot:  Whiteboard Snapshot Use free hand tool to draw free hand Use line tool to draw line Use Rectangle tool to draw rectangle Use filled rectangle tool to draw filled rectangle Use text tool to type text Use graph tool to draw a chart Use highlighter to highlight text Use circle tool to draw a circle Use filled circle tool to draw filled circle Pointer Create new whiteboard page Upload images on to whiteboard Countdown Timer Use Emoticons to display emotion Select line color from line palette & fill color from fill color palette Slide18:  Extend Time Slide19:  Once the event is over, the Recording URL becomes available in Event List window. While scheduling the session, you can choose to record a copy of your event. authorLIVE captures all activity in the meeting including the audio, text messages, live demonstrations, annotations, notes, and even live web slides. Recordings are hosted from the authorLIVE service. Session Archiving Click here to launch an archived session

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