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Published on February 24, 2008

Author: Misree


Auteur Criticism :  Auteur Criticism February 15, 2006 Prof. Nick Burnett So what’s this auteur stuff?:  So what’s this auteur stuff? Strongly influenced by film studies, the director/writer as author: David Lynch—Twin Peaks, Wild Palms Steven Bochco—Hill Street Blues, LA Law, NYPD Blue Aaron Spelling—Dynasty, 90210, Melrose Place Norman Lear—Maude, All in the Family David E. Kelley—The Practice, Boston Public, Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, Chicago Hope Definitions?:  Definitions? Draws from a view that art is a manifestation of the emotions, experience and worldview of the individual artist What do they look at? A close visual and textual examination of two aspects of the work 1) the mis en scene (all the means available to a director to express her attitude toward the character—pacing, camera movement, cuts, angle and distance of the camera, content of the shot, etc.), and 2) the pattern of thematic motifs across an author’s entire work Questions that auteur critics might ask…:  Questions that auteur critics might ask… How does this work differ/share similarities with previous works? Is there evidence of growth, evolution, or regression? Is this an homage? Auteur criticism caveats:  Auteur criticism caveats The intentionalist fallacy TV isn’t really an individual artistic creation, TV is the quintessential team production…who’s the auteur? The writer? The director? The executive producer? The network?

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