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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: GutterCleaner



Gutter guards are a great way to reduce the amount of maintenance that property owners need to perform on their roof. But not all gutter guards are the same.

Here is a simple comparison that will help property owners choose the best gutter guard for their property.

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Installing gutter guards is a great way to reduce the amount of gutter cleaning that is required. Additionally, because gutter guards reduce the amount of debris resting in gutters, it actually lengthens the lifespan of gutters. When leaves and debris pile up in gutters they reduce tannins that slowly degrade the gutters, causing rusting along the joints and creases in gutters. But not all gutter guards are created equal. There is a wide array of various designs of gutter guards on the Australian market, but it is important that property owners do research before they install gutter guards on their property. Most gutter guards available from do-it-yourself type stores are manufactured overseas, and often times the build quality is questionable. This is not saying that you should right off all imported gutter guards, but just remember the principle that “you get what you pay for”. Guarantee Most Australian manufactured gutter guards will come with a limited manufacturer guarantee. Inspect this guarantee closely, as there is often fine-print that highlights that certain actions, such as removing the gutter guards for cleaning, can void the guarantee. If the gutter guards that you purchase do come with a guarantee, then make sure that you send off any documents to ensure that the guarantee is valid, and keep the recept and papers in a safe place. Gutter Guard Comparison Retailer Placeme Design nt Website Self Warranty Instal l? Leafstopper On gutter Micro mesh & filter No 15 year guarantee Gutter Guardian On Gutter Insert Yes No Leaf Free Gutter Guard On Gutter Micro mesh No No Premium Gutter Guard On gutter Micro mesh & filter Yes 15 year guarantee u/ Here is a comparison of some of Australia’s most popular gutter guards. Obviously the mesh type gutter guards are now the most popular type of gutter guards on the market, simply because they work the best. The smaller the aperture of the mesh the smaller the debris that they prevent from entering into the gutter system. Some of the gutter guards are self install, but it is still better to obtain the services of a qualified gutter guard installer as they can give you advice and suggestions that you may not have thought about. Tips – Cleaning – Despite what the marketers would have you think, when you install gutter guards then you still need to clean your gutters, just not as often. Here is the easiest way to clean your gutters once gutter guards are installed. Wait until there is a day or two of solid rain. This will soften up any debris in the gutters. Then using a hose and a safely secured ladder, climb up to the gutters and wash any debris away. If you use a high quality gutter guard, there should not be very much debris gathered up at all, but it will prevent any rust from developing in the joints and corners of the gutters.

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