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Published on March 10, 2014

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Xyz Construction Inc. Strategic Plan- Not Graded

<Course ID Number> <Instructor> <Course Title> <Assignment Number or Title> XYZ construction Inc. Strategic Plan for IPO. NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Student: Angela Austin-Knight Academic integrity: All work submitted in each course must be your own original work. This includes all assignments, exams, term papers, and other projects required by your instructor. Knowingly submitting another person’s work as your own, without properly citing the source of the work, is considered plagiarism. This will result in an unsatisfactory grade for the work submitted or for the entire course. It may also result in academic dismissal from the University. <Add student comments here> Faculty Use Only <Faculty comments here> <Faculty Name> <Grade Earned> <Date Graded> <Course ID Number> SKS70008 <Instructor> Dr. J. Burchell <Course Title> Doctoral Comprehensive Strategic Knowledge Studies <Assignment Number or Title> 7

Angela Austin-Knight Nothcentral University SKS70008-7 Dr. J. Burchell 03/01/2014 XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PLAN

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Introduction: This Presentation will discuss and analyze a strategic plan for XYZ Construction Inc. upcoming IPO. We will explain how this strategy affects the following areas: • a) Marketing • b) Workforce and Operational Management • c) Organizational Structure • d) International Operations • e) Financial and Accounting Management • f) Compliance and Legal Considerations • g) Internal Control and Evaluation • h) Information Technology • I ) Leadership strategy The coordinated means by which an organization pursues its goals and objectives.

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses • A Distinctive Company? • Well Thought of by Stakeholders? • An acknowledged leader? • Well Conceived Operational Strategies? • Adequate Financial Resources? • Project Innovation Abilities? • Proven Management? • Family business which locals trust? • Ethically sound in all aspects of business dealings.? • No Clear Strategic Direction? • Fatigued Behind in R& D? • Need of updated IS? • No Tangible Marketing Plan? • Need Differential Strategy? • In need of Financial Forecast? • New workforce demands to meet Global expectations? Opportunities Threats • Entering new global markets? • Vertical Integration? • Developing a New Marketing Plan • Develop a Differential Strategy to Gain Competitive Advantage • New laws in new global markets • Political issues • Cultural barriers • Religious Barriers • Monetary exchange Rates

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Marketing • After researching the industry and creating a SWOT analysis it is imperative that XYZ has team members and experts for project management. Cost effectiveness is always going to be the number 2 consideration with safety being number 1. • Flyer Plan • Construction businesses market themselves effectively differentiate their services from the competition and stand a much better chance of driving qualified new business.” (Hernandez, 2008) Niche marketing strategies will allow growth while keeping the company’s sales goals and identity. (Hernandez, 2008)

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Workforce and Operational Management Operations Strategy in a Global Environment Project Management

SKS7000 Management VitalSource eBook for Northcentral University Pg. 211 XYZ construction Inc. Strategic Plan for IPO

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Training and Developing Employees • Establishing Strategic Pay Plans • Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives • Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining Human Resources are invaluable

SKS7000 Management VitalSource eBook for Northcentral University Pg.283

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Organizational Training is Increasingly High Tech SKS7000 Management VitalSource eBook for Northcentral University Pg.282

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Aligning Strategy and Training The Four-Step Training Process Training programs consist of four steps: 1. In the first, needs analysis step, you identify the specific knowledge and skills the job requires, and compare these with the prospective trainees’ knowledge and skills. 2. In the second, instructional design step, you formulate specific, measurable knowledge and performance training objectives, review possible training program content (including workbooks, exercises, and activities), and estimate a budget for the training program. 3. The third step is to implement the program, by actually training the targeted employee group using methods such as on-the-job or online training. 4. Finally, in an evaluation step, you assess the program’s success (or failures). SKS7000 Management VitalSource eBook for Northcentral University Pg.282

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Organizational Structure Xyz Construction Inc. will use a Functional Organizational Structure


XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Financial and Accounting Management 2015-2020 XYZ Construction Inc.

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Compliance and Legal Considerations

XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • Information Technology • 1. Planning for Technology • 2. Implementing a Technology System or Change • 3. Technology Evaluation and Control • Quantitative Techniques Web 1.0 Search Engines Banner ads Uploading media to a Web site .com crash Downloading Mp3 File sharing Print encyclopedias Personal Web sites Domain name squatting Buying books online Bookmarks Outsourcing Buying Software Programs Web 2.0 Social Media Keyword ads Uploading and tagging media Renting movies Wikipedia Personal blogs Search engine optimization (SEO) Writing and publishing online Really simple syndication (RSS) Crowdsourcing Cloud Storage



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XYZ CONSTRUCTION INC. STRATEGIC PLAN FOR IPO • References: • Pearson Learning Solutions. (Ed.). (2011). Executive concepts in Business Srategies (1st ed.). Retrieved from Web site: • PRWEB. (Ed.). (2013). OxBlue and Computer Guidance Collaborate on Integrated Product Offering; Comprehensive Dashboard Provides Live View of Projects Alongside Financial Summary. Retrieved from Web site: • Qureshi, A. (2007). Improving global business economics by seamless business integration framework. Human Systems Management, 26(4), 247-255. Retrieved from NCU, Classroom Reference Web site: 8&learner_course_id=333305 • Song, M. (2011). Does Strategic Planning Enhance or Impede Innovation and Firm Performance? Journal of Product Innovation Management, 28(4), 503-520. doi:10.1111/j.1540-5885.2011.00822.x • Suttle, R. (2014). Types of Organizational Structure in Management. Chron, 1. Retrieved from Web site: management-2790.html

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