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Published on January 15, 2009

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Strategic Planning for Information Technology in Higher Education : 1 Strategic Planning for Information Technology in Higher Education Michael A. McRobbie, PhD Vice President for Information Technology and CIO Professor of Computer Science & Professor of Philosophy Laurie G. Antolovic’ Chief Financial Officer Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO Strategic Importance of IT : 2 Strategic Importance of IT Fundamental to the teaching, learning and research missions of modern universities Transforming the way universities do business Major changes in research, creative activity, and scholarly communication Promises to radically alter the entire teaching and learning process Essential tool for all faculty, students, staff: to organize ideas, seek information, communicate A major tool of institutional competitiveness Leveraging IT : 3 Leveraging IT IT investments in large US research universities can approach 10% of the budget fully costed – around half being administered centrally No longer any need to convince universities of the importance of IT Challenge is instead to most effectively leverage a university’s total IT investment: For maximum return on investment For competitive advantage In support of a university’s research mission The Emergence of Standards : 4 The Emergence of Standards Leveraging a university’s total IT investment runs counter to years of distributed IT investments supported by a culture of devalued governance A principal cause of this was historically a lack of standards Standards, or a least a small number of compatible alternatives, have emerged across the board This makes possible realistic and credible strategic planning for IT in universities that leverage their IT investment Normally overseen by the CIO who is now a key member of a the senior management team of amodern university Presentation Overview : 5 Presentation Overview Describes IU’s “standards- based” IT Strategic Plan This Plan has lead to savings or new funding approaching $200M over 3 years It has been widely praised and copied It is generic and can serve as a model for other research universities About Indiana University : 6 About Indiana University Seven campuses State-wide (two largest and research intensive campuses in Bloomington and Indianapolis) $1.9B budget (99-00) with 27% from the State of Indiana 9,844 appointed staff 4,276 faculty 97,150 students 42,000+ course sections 1,000,000+ credit hour enrollment $1B endowment Indiana University Campuses : 7 Indiana University Campuses Goal for IT at Indiana University : 8 Goal for IT at Indiana University "To be a leader in absolute terms in information technology." - IU President Myles Brand, 1996 Preparing for the Goal : 9 Preparing for the Goal Consolidated responsibility for IT at IU in one Office Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Commenced 1997 - additions since Provides leverage and critical mass Standard model in industry due to standards, convergence, and cost control needs Formed one University IT organization University Information Technology Services - 1997 Technology services offered University wide 1200 IT staff Approximately $70M annual base budget Preparing for the Goal : 10 Preparing for the Goal IT organization (cont.) Four primary funding sources: Central University funds, Bloomington campus, Indianapolis campus, Regional campuses Additional direct State funding for IT: ~$21M State funding for high-speed networking: $7M External/grant funding of over $10M annually Total budget of over $100M annually IT Strategic Plan : 12 IT Strategic Plan Indiana University Information Technology Strategic Plan: Architecture for the 21st Century Most comprehensive IT plan ever at IU University-wide in scope Comprehensive six-year blueprint: 1998-2004 10 major recommendations, 68 detailed actions Commenced implementation in FY98-99 IT's Priority Among Other University Goals : 13 IT's Priority Among Other University Goals IT strategy must fit institutional strategy IU operates under a University-wide strategic plan Strategic Directions Charter: 1994-1999 30 recommendations, 3 broad themes: communities of learning, excellence, accountability & best practices Incentive funding: $25M seed fund Institutional vision for Indiana University American public research university Leadership in creative use and application of IT Developing the IT Plan : 14 Developing the IT Plan Five-month timeline: Jan-May, 1998 University Information Technology Committee Taskforces: TLIT, RAC, UIS, Telecom Campus Computing Directors IUB and IUPUI Campus IT Councils Broad input (e-mail, Web) from faculty, staff, students across all eight campuses IT Plan: Communication : 15 IT Plan: Communication Consultation within the University after presentation to the President More than 150 briefings (Faculty councils, Advisory committees, Campus chancellors, etc.) Comments and input requested Advice as to priorities particularly sought Recommendations and priorities of IT Plan were endorsed Promote awareness of the IT Plan Identify areas of collaboration or partnership Encourage local IT planning IT Plan: Major Recommendations : 16 IT Plan: Major Recommendations 1. Sound Fiscal Planning 2. Access to Network Resources 3. Faculty & Staff Engagement 4. Teaching & Learning 5. Research 6. University Information Systems 7. Telecommunications: Convergence 8. Student Computing 9. Digital Libraries 10. Security Recommendation 1 : 17 Recommendation 1 The University should build a solid foundation of IT infrastructure that will help and enable IU to achieve a position of leadership, and to assure that sound fiscal planning permits the maintenance of this infrastructure at state-of-the-art levels. Key Initiatives : 18 Key Initiatives Implemented a base funding model for life cycle replacement of IT resources on all campuses One time funds allocated to modernize existing desktop computers, increasing base funds equally from Schools and OVPIT over 5 years to reach full life cycle funding; Over 110 Schools and service units 15,000 machines; $20M full replacement value $6M annual life cycle cost 10,000 machines modernized at cost of $11M More details available at Poster Presentation Key Initiatives : 19 Key Initiatives Providing all members of the University with access to a modern IT environment with commonly used software Continuing to increase enterprise-wide software license agreements Microsoft ELA extremely successful: 240,000+ copies $44M+ value Agreement extends through mid-2003 Other licensing agreements include among others Corel, Oracle, SPSS, Symantec Key Initiatives : 20 Key Initiatives Expanded the award-winning Knowledge Base System Recruitment and retention of key IT leadership and technical staff Ongoing efforts to make compensation competitive: nearly $1M in base salary increases for IT staff Increased focus on training and development for IT staff Planning well under way for two new buildings to house IT at IU Communications Technology Complex on the Indianapolis Campus Computation Information Building on theBloomington Campus Recommendation 2 : 21 Recommendation 2 The University should provide students, faculty and staff with reliable access to computing and network services, on the campuses and off. Key Initiatives : 22 Key Initiatives Increased modem capacity to solve congestion problems; more than 2,600 modems on the two main campuses Issued a major RFI for comprehensive levels of remote access technology and possible outsourcing Continuing to upgrade campuses’ networks Switched 10Mbps now University-wide standard for desktop connectivity and aggregating onto 100Mbps network segments joined to a Gigabit Ethernet backbone 250+ buildings connected 55,000+ ports Recommendation 3 : 23 Recommendation 3 Appropriate incentives and support should be established so that faculty and staff are encouraged in the creative use and application of information technology for teaching, research, and service. Key Initiatives : 24 Key Initiatives Awarded $1M by the Ameritech Foundation to establish the Ameritech Fellows Program Grants to some 60 faculty over 5 years Encourages best practices in the use of IT in teaching/learning Technology Classes and Training Enterprise License Agreement for 600 NetG CBT modules STEPS and PROSTEPS: 1,600 computer education classes given to 27,000 participants yearly Certification Classes A High Performance Network Applications Program provides funding to assist faculty in developing innovative applications in research and teaching that require high performance local, regional, or nationalresearch networks Recommendation 4 : 25 Recommendation 4 Indiana University should assume a position of worldwide leadership in the use of information technology to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning. Key Initiatives : 26 Key Initiatives Classroom technologies Implementing five-year plan for upgrading and providing new technology for all 600+ general inventory classrooms on all campuses across the University Student Technology Center upgrades and enhancements on all computers 4,000+ computers Supporting classroom instruction Oncourse as a production service on all campuses Establishing or significantly expanding the Teaching and Learning Centers on all campuses Faculty development seminars Local Support Model for faculty using technology in the classroom Distributed Education - Releasing a draft Distributed Education Strategic Plan for IU Recommendation 5 : 27 Recommendation 5 In support of research, UITS should provide broad support for basic collaboration technologies and begin implementing more advanced technologies. UITS should provide advanced data storage and management services to researchers. IU should continue its commitment to high performance computing and computation, so as to contribute to and benefit from initiatives to develop a national computational grid. Key Initiatives : 28 Key Initiatives Supercomputers 184-processor IBM RS/6000 SP 124GB of memory All Power3+ processors Peak performance of 275GFLOPS Going to 1TFLOPS within 9 months 64-processor Sun Enterprise10000 64-processor cluster of Compaq PCs Key Initiatives : 29 Key Initiatives SP-2 Utilization For April utilized over 70% with 72% of programs run parallellized Main application areas and CPU Hours Chemistry 53,889 Biology 38,348 Physics 20,455 Quantum Chemistry 7,987 Mathematics 4,270 Computer Science 3,610 Psychology 1,483 Business 881 Liberal Arts 238 Engineering ~100 Key Initiatives : 30 Key Initiatives Massive Data Storage Dedicated 11-node IBM RS/6000 SP IBM 3494 robotic tape device with approx. 32TB storage capacity StorageTek donated 9310 robotic tape device with 120TB storage capacity High Performance Storage System (HPSS) software for data management First research site to deploy a capability that links HPSS with Distributed File System (DFS) software Has enabled complete automation of all IU’s enterprise data and provides support for data-intensiveresearch computing Key Initiatives : 32 Key Initiatives Research Computing Support High Performance Computing Support Team Computational Research Support Group Center for Statistical and Mathematical Computing Unix Workstation Support Group Recommendation 6 : 33 Recommendation 6 University-wide prioritization, coordination, oversight and planning are required in the implementation of institutional information systems. In order for these systems to work together in a seamless manner and accommodate an ever-increasing number of users, UIS should implement common interfaces and a common information delivery environment that facilitate their integrated use. A new Student Information System should be a top priority. Legacy Information Systems : 34 Legacy Information Systems Legacy information systems are being replaced as they: Provide poor service to “customers” – faculty, students, and staff Sustain continuation of expensive, stove-piped business practices in administrative organizations In some cases, nearly 30 years old – brittle, breaking, and increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain Run on expensive mainframe technology Are not integrated and have no single entry point (common front end) Are not fully Web-based Use Social Security Number (SSN) identifiers New Information Systems : 35 New Information Systems New Information Systems will: Provide vastly improved services to customers Allow significant transformation of business practices and administration organization (Administrative Review Task Force) Be highly integrated at all levels with a single entry point (OneStart Web portal) Be based on state-of-the-art software and tools Run on commodity server technology and be less expensive to maintain Not use SSNs as identifiers Provide automated federal updates – financial aid and taxes At $70M, largest software engineering project in IU’s history New or Enhanced Web-based Information Systems : 36 New or Enhanced Web-based Information Systems Teaching and Learning (Oncourse) – Course management Research (ERA) – Proposals tracking Student Information System (SIS) – Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration and Records, Student Financials Human Resources (HRMS) – Records, Benefits, Payroll Library (SIRSI) – Circulation, Serials, Acquisitions, Public Catalog (OPAC), Catalog (IUCAT), and Reserves. Financial (FIS) – General Ledger, Budget, Accounts, Capital Assets, Contracts & Grants Purchasing (TOPS II) Facilities Management (FIMS) Information Environment (IUIE) Technical Architecture : 37 Browser access to all information systems through OneStart portal Oracle database IBM SP Unix hardware/OS for large database and Web servers Microsoft NT for thin client/other applications IBM Websphere Apache Web server software Compuware development, testing and system administration tools IBM Mass Store Virtual Tape System Amdahl mainframe will be retired Technical Architecture Recommendation 7 : 38 Recommendation 7 The University should accelerate planning for a converged telecommunications infrastructure. Specific attention must be given to improving the state of the inter-campus networks, planning for and deployment of adequate commodity Internet connectivity, a university-wide base level of telecommunications connectivity, advanced networking infrastructure and applications, wireless networks and support for multimedia and streaming media. Key Initiatives : 39 Key Initiatives Statewide IUNet running DS3-level service, dark fiber between main campuses Establishing a State-wide Optical Fiber network and a State GigaPoP Implemented Internet2 Abilene network now connecting more than 180 institutions NOC to Abilene NOC to International Networks TransPAC (US-Asia), funded with $10M NSF grant and an additional $40M from the Japanese Government MirNET (US-Russia) Eurolink (US-Europe) Ampath (US-South America), and to the STAR TAP Key Initiatives : 40 Negotiated a 3-year contract for long distance and international telephone services with McLeodUSA Deployed IP-based H.323-standard desktop video-conferencing in test-bed desktop and room-system applications Key Initiatives Recommendation 8 : 46 Recommendation 8 IU must provide the information technology tools, infrastructure and support services so that students may effectively engage in learning and research, appropriate to their various academic disciplines and areas of study. IT support for students should include technology support centers and a computing environment that is seamless across boundaries of campus, home, residence hall, and community. Key Initiatives : 47 Responsible for IT support in the Halls of Residence, modernizing the labs (295 seats) and network infrastructure (15,000+ ports) Improving student technology support through the expansion of call-center hours and development of specialty support/consulting centers Published an online Computer Guide Leveraging the Institution’s purchases of desktop computers by working with vendors to make workstations available for purchase by IU students, faculty, and staff Key Initiatives Recommendation 9 : 48 Recommendation 9 The University should build upon and expand its digital library program, and develop the digital library infrastructure that is needed to support research, teaching and learning. Key Initiatives : 49 Key Initiatives Major $3M NSF DLI2 award to establish a Digital Music Library (IU is lead institution, with collaborators from US, UK, and Japan) Life cycle funding established for major digital library collections of music, electronic texts, and digital images Major digital collections development in arts, humanities and sciences: Hoagy Carmichael (music, texts, multimedia), US Steel (historic photograph archive), Digital Library of the Commons (e-print archive for political science, economics and environmental science) Recommendation 10 : 50 Recommendation 10 The University, with leadership from OVPIT, must continue to develop policies and implement procedures that protect the security of IU's information technology resources and institutional data, safeguard personal privacy, and respect intellectual property rights, while at the same time promoting two traditional university values associated with academic freedom: access to information and freedom of discourse. Slide 51: Mark Bruhn Policy Officer Contracts & Agreements Officer Jason Abels Summer Ulrich Alix Sebesta Incident Response Coordinator Technical Investigators University Information Technology Policy Office Linda McNabb (Admin Asst) Stacie Wiegand Data Administrator Info Mgt Officer Tammy Grubb Rose Ann Hasty Melissa Silvers Barbara Hanes IUPUI Accts Coord Chris Conklin IUB Accts Coord Tom Davis Security Officer Michael McRobbie VP/CIO Information Technology Security Office Allan Strieb Sasha Haywood Terry Crowe (UIS) Milan Tasic (UIS) Laura Klein Andrew Korty Ben Boruff Marge Abels* Frank Nevers Sean Krulewitch Marge Abels Disaster Recovery Program Manager Recovery Planning Team Global Directory Services Key Initiatives : 52 Key Initiatives Information Technology Policy/Security Offices Developed Security Policy, outlining department/ technician responsibilities Established full-time Incident Response Coordinator position Publish periodic articles on security issues to IU technicians and technology users Provide suite of computer vulnerabilities assessment tools Provide security advisory subscription service Developed and purchased computer security documents for download and use by all IU technicians Planning for enhancing security for Internet2 Key Initiatives : 53 Key Initiatives Information Technology Policy/Security Offices Provide security consulting to UITS and departmental technicians and projects Established lab environment for intrusion detection and firewalls Mandatory vulnerabilities scans for all organizational systems Established Global Directory Services project Establishing an enterprise technology user directory Enhancing centralized user authentication services, working toward single sign-on for institutional and participating departmental applications Establishing centralized technology accessauthorization service Realizing the Goal : 54 Realizing the Goal Implementing the IT Strategic Plan Implementation Strategy : 55 Implementation Strategy Detailed implementation and financial plan for each of the 68 actions Defined implementation “owner” for each action Engagement at the highest levels (Vice President and Associate Vice Presidents) Accountability Regular status and financial reports IT Plan basis for OVPIT Annual Reports New services to be incorporated into UITS Annual Report on Cost and Quality of Services Vendor partnerships Steps in Building the Financial Plan : 56 Steps in Building the Financial Plan 1. Determine existing expenditures 2. Estimate the cost of IT Plan 3. Determine desired funding model 4. Identify all potential funding sources 5. Establish priorities 6. Secure funding 7. Commence implementation and assess, communicate, and review 1. Determine Existing Expenditures : 57 1. Determine Existing Expenditures Activity-Based Costing as a central IT discipline since 1995; costs are well understood Costs and quality of services are managed benchmarking and user satisfaction surveys Regional campus IT budgets are under the control of various campus IT organizations 2. Estimate the Cost of IT Plan : 58 2. Estimate the Cost of IT Plan Based on stated goals and deliverables Life cycle funding an overarching principle One-time initial outlays for start-up, seed or incentives differentiated from ongoing base Categorized into staffing, training, capital (hardware and software, etc.) and operating costs Set reasonable time horizon for accomplishing major objectives Identify existing funding sources Determine incremental cost of IT plan in terms of one-time and on-going base expenditures Project annual cash layout requirements 3. Determine Desired Funding Model : 59 3. Determine Desired Funding Model Baseline central funding Baseline distributed funding Hybrid baseline central and distributed Fee for service (charge-back) Hybrid baseline and fee for service Other (e.g. grants, external partnerships) 4. Identify Funding Sources : 60 4. Identify Funding Sources Internal reallocations Current budget commitments Current level of ad hoc spending Public/governmental support Student fee income Fee for service (charge-back) Endowments, gifts, grants Partnerships: Corporations, institutions and agencies 5. Establish Priorities : 61 5. Establish Priorities Broad University community input into setting priorities IT investments balanced for service areas, campuses, etc. IT Plan actions prioritized into first and second tiers Prioritization communicated back to University community 6. Funding the IT Plan : 62 6. Funding the IT Plan Total cost over 5.5 years $207M Identified funding $86M Additional funding required $121M On-going base required after full implementation period $16M IT Investments by Area : 63 IT Investments by Area 7. Commence Implementation and Assess, Communicate, and Review : 64 7. Commence Implementation and Assess, Communicate, and Review Detailed plans and budgets approved by President and Trustees (Dec, 1998) Funds released Implementation commenced Assess (Cost, Quality, Impact) Briefings, Annual Reports Reviews, Mid-point Assessment Acknowledgment : 65 Acknowledgment The strong working relationship and close lines of communication between the offices of the VPIT/CIO and VP/CFO helped enable IU's achievements in information technology. VP/CFO Judith G. Palmer worked closely with the State Budget Commission in helping to secure funding for the IU IT Strategic Plan. Strategic Planning for Information Technology in Higher Education : 66 Strategic Planning for Information Technology in Higher Education Michael A. McRobbie, PhD Vice President for Information Technology and CIO Professor of Computer Science & Professor of Philosophy Laurie G. Antolovic’ Chief Financial Officer Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

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