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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: jsb95003



insect, california, agriculture

Insect Ecology Understanding the interrelationships of insects and their environment is crucial to devising strategies to protect crops susceptible to economic impact by pests. Movement of cotton aphids, whiteflies and plant bugs among overwintering weeds, alfalfa and cotton occurs each year. In some years, these insects are important pests of cotton and in others are not economically important. Understanding population dynamics that cause pest outbreaks can lead to predictive tools. Knowledge of pest-risk aids farm planning and specific techniques used in pest management.

Lygus bugs managment Will this be a bad year for Lygus bugs? How many Lygus are in a given field?

Lygus dispersal research • The seasonal distribution of Lygus hesperus shows distinct early generation peaks • Capture data showed dispersal differences due to sex, crop, and cardinal direction • Simulations predict Lygus distribution for any given landscape • Lygus dispersal distribution suggests movement among nearby fields and not regional migration

A typical crop pattern in the San Joaquin Valley Arthropods move among various crops in close proximity to each other. You are here ->

Monitoring arthropod community for regional population dynamics and test data for modeling

Agricultural crop mosaic Survey areas for assessing landscape dynamics of arthropods and predicting pest distribution

The mechanistic basis of population dynamics Approach : • We are acquiring arthropod abundance, remotely sensed imagery, and climatic data. • Modeling is critical successful integration of empirical results Objectives : • Improved sampling and field management • Pest population forecasting

Parasitoid stinging aphid

Sticky Cotton Whitefly photos taken Aug 19 at SREC

Lygus hesperus Over 100 host plants Development time ~month Reproductive diapause - Nov-Feb Moves from weeds into alfalfa and cotton fields

Further Research vegetation from Feb 25 (Modis)

Simulation • NDVI – Used ArcGIS properties to histogram stretch on black and white, export bitmap • In Photoshop, resample to pixel size, clip ROI, set image mode indexed, use custom palette (no dithering)

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