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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: lgreenwood



Central nervous System: An overview of Neurological Disorders: Central nervous System: An overview of Neurological Disorders Central Nervous System: Central Nervous System Brain and spinal cord Regulates body functions Receives messages from peripheral nervous system Sends messages to the peripheral nervous system CNS Medical Conditions: CNS Medical Conditions Anxiety Sedation Hypnosis Drugs used Benzodiazepines Barbiturates CNS Medical Conditions: CNS Medical Conditions Depression Very common disorder Feeling of sadness, despair, hopelessness and disorganization Symptoms: little energy, sleep disturbances, lack of appetite decreased libido, inability to perform ADLs, Antidepressant Drugs Tricyclic antidepressants Monoamine oxidase inhibitors Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors CNS Medical Conditions: CNS Medical Conditions Psychosis Causes gross distortion or disorganization of mental capacity, affective response, communication, ability to relate to others and recognize reality Interferes with a person’s capacity to cope with ordinary demands of everyday life. Schizophrenia Usually occurs in adolescence or early adulthood Major category of psychosis many symptoms of psychosis are manifested Epilepsy: Epilepsy Seizure disorder Abnormal electric discharges from cerebral neurons Characteristics Loss of consciousness Convulsive movements Cause Unknown Secondary to trauma, anoxia, infection, stroke Isolated seizures due to fever, electrolyte, or acid-base imbalance Types of Seizures: Types of Seizures Many types of seizure classifications Partial Generalized Drug therapy depend on the type of seizure

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