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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: cloestead


Theory: Reception Theory Theorists: Stuart Hall What is the theory? Reception Theory is split into two parts. The first part is about Encoding and Decoding. Encoding is where the media producer puts a message in their product. For example newspapers use anchoring to put a message across to their audience about how they should feel about the story. Decoding is where the audience understands the message in the product. The second part is about how the audience interprets the message in the media product. First is preferred, where the reader understands and agrees with the message. Second is negotiated, where the readers largely understands, but modifies it to reflect themselves. Third is oppositional, where the reader has an opposite view to the message given to them.

Does this theory see the audience as active or passive? Why do you think this? I think that this Theory suggests that people are largely active. This is because they can make decisions for themselves about whether or not they agree with the messages the media present to them. What are the criticisms of this theory? Audience may not understand the message at all.

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