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Published on January 18, 2014

Author: chloeatkinson121


Audience Research

Blender Audience The age range that this magazine aims at 16-24 year olds and the gender is mainly aimed towards girls because of the pink writing and the type of language that is used on the magazine. Its social grade is aimed at working class because the viewers could have Saturday jobs and have some money spare to spend on buying a specific magazine. The hobbies that the people that read this magazine might have could include fashion, music and also gossip. The magazine is a fairly girly coloured magazine that would attract probably more the female gender but could attract the male audience because of the picture of the woman on the front.

Billboard Audience The age that this magazine would be aimed at would probably be between 16-24 aged range. It is quite a neutral coloured magazine however it does have a money hardly wearing anything on the front and the colour of the font is mainly a deep pink colour. This contrasts with the magazine with Eminem on the front because all the colours are white or green, if they added pink to the male aimed magazine it would make it more of a girl aimed magazine because stereotypically it is a girl’s colour. The social grade of this magazine is working class, possibly 16 year olds with weekend jobs and a couple of pounds to spare every month to buy this magazine. The hobbies that they would have to have an interest in to buy this magazine would be music, gossip and possibly film, maybe even getting famous.

NME Audience There is a neutral colour on the both of these magazines, mainly the colour used is red and that isn’t addressed as a boys colour or a girls colour so the gender is both. The age range would probably be the same as the other 2 magazines, 16-24 year olds as the male aimed magazine has swearing on it that wouldn’t be suitable for a younger age range. The social grade again would be working class because they could buy it from the left overs from a job that they have. You’d have to be interested in music to buy this magazine as well as gossip and other people’s opinions because that is what the magazine is aimed at. The way the magazine is laid out is a simple yet effective way and the picture takes up most of the front cover. Both magazines have a neutral audience yet a more of a male audience is given off as the way Amy is posed in a sexual way.

Survey Monkey Analysis To make sure my magazine fit my audience needs I decided to conduct a survey that allowed my audience to have an incite into what goes on in my magazine. I asked the question “are you male or female?” and found that 9/15 people that responded were female so I have decided to aim my magazine at the female gender rather than the male, to do this I am going to use the colour purple on my magazine because it is seen as a female colour. This will allow readers to realise it is a female based magazine. I also asked “what social media platforms they used” and found that Facebook was the most popular social media platform being used. I am also going to include a Twitter icon on my magazine so my readers can get a glimpses of what is coming out in the next addition of my magazine. Using social media will help pull in my readers and make them feel as if the magazine is based around what they like because I am including something they use daily.

Survey Monkey Analysis I also asked “do you like exclusive interviews” and 12/15 people said they do like exclusive interviews, this means that in my magazine I’m going to include an exclusive interview. This will intrigue my readers and make them want to buy my magazine even more. Most of the people, when asked “how many magazines do you read on average every month?” said around 0-2 this will impact how many magazine I decide to publish every month because it means I won’t do one every week. I’ll bring out a magazine once every 2 weeks, this is a good idea because it means that the readers will be waiting for the next copy of the magazine to come out. It was close when I asked “male or female on front cover?” but the people chose a female and this means I’m going to put a picture of a female on the front because then it will interest buyers as they seem to be more interested with a woman on the front.

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