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Published on March 8, 2014

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Audience Feedback Summary By Ryan Talmage

What have I learned from my audience feedback? From my target audience, the feedback that I had received shown that my Ancillary products and Film trailer were a success as they were appealing and received a positive reaction towards my target audience. This showed that my products also fit the Post-Apocalyptic Horror genre very well. From multiple members of my target audience, I have learned that: • My film trailer was very engaging to watch and had used the conventions well in trying to convey the themes of survival and hopelessness well. Form was also used very well in appealing to my target audience. • My film poster was appealing as it related back to the theme of hopelessness seen in my trailer and it related back to the genre. • The magazine cover was well received by my target audience as it was conventional of the form as it included all of the conventional element of a traditional horror magazine. The magazine also was effective in its use of layout and imagery. Overall, my production tasks were a success as its use of conventions and style were appealing to the audience of the Post-Apocalyptic Horror Genre.

What went well with my products and what were the weaknesses? The strengths of my products were: • Use of conventions were used well • Products look professional • All products fit the genre well • The layout of my magazine was effective in attracting my target audience • Imagery used in all products portrayed the themes and genre effectively • Created protagonists that you could root for in Film Trailer • All products create an effective promotional package suitable for the horror genre. The weaknesses were: • Film Poster could be clearer in terms of typography • Bigger variation of settings needed for film trailer • Film trailer needs to be more eye-catching Overall, my strengths show that I have created a successful and effective line of products through the use of conventions, form and promotional package. The weaknesses are only minor and do not overall bring down the quality of my products.

How did I receive feedback from my target audience? By receiving feedback from my target audience, I have found out different ways in which I can improve on my products and what went well. I collected this information using: • My questionnaire allowed me to easily find out what went well and what needs improving within my film trailer and ancillary products. I also found out how I appealed to my target audience. My results were extremely helpful as they were detailed and responsive which improved my work greatly. I found out that my use of conventions and the technical areas all appealed to my target audience and fit the genre well which put me on the right path into making my film trailer and ancillary products more effective and engaging. • The use of a focus group helped me as it allowed me to further conclude that my products were engaging, conventional and appealing. This therefore showed that I have effectively created appealing and successful products that are both professional and of a high quality standard.

Based on audience feedback, how might I improve on my products? Film Trailer • I would use a bigger variation of locations to further emphasise the isolation and the themes of death and hopelessness. • More alternating costumes to create a bigger sense of a journey and how time has passed. • The use of camerawork could be improved by including more variation in camera shots rather than just the conventional ones. Film Poster • I would try to have a more conventional layout to make the poster more appealing to my target audience. • I would portray the two protagonists as more vulnerable by using a low-angle camera shot. Magazine Cover • Edit the image more effectively in order for the magazine cover to look more professional and appealing to the target audience. • Include more coverlines to successfully appeal to my target audience more. • The background is too basic so I would include a location that is conventional to the genre as well as a typical horror magazine cover.

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