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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: Katiebannermedia




Katie Banner AS Media

Question 1 I chose to give my questionnaire to 4 females and 6 males because even though I had initially said my magazine was for both genders, which it still is, I felt that it may be swayed more towards the male audience because my research suggested that the male population were more inclined to read a rock magazine. The answers I have received from my questionnaire are useful because I have a variety of answers from both genders; which is reflective of my target audience. Are you male or female?

Question 2 My target age group is 16-25 year olds so I chose to give my questionnaires to people of that age range. I also gave my questionnaire to people under 16 and people aged between 26-30.This is because I wanted to see if my magazine appealed to people of a wider audience. Having answers from a variety of age groups helps me to narrow down any particular areas in my magazine that appealed more to a younger/ older age group and didn't appeal to those of my target age group. It also helps me to positively see the areas that appeal more to my target audience than other age groups; showing that I have constructed my magazine around a specific age group and have thought through the designs of my media product thoroughly. How old are you?

Question 3 and 4 I set this question as a simple yes or no question because I wanted a quick and easy set of results to work with; it gives me all of the necessary data needed to set my price. 7 people said that £2.60 is an acceptable price to set my magazine which shows that I have taken my audience research in to consideration and set my price at an appropriate rate for my target audience. 1 of the people that said ‘no’ to £2.60 being an acceptable price, was under 16 which shows that I have picked features that appeal mainly to my target age group; if I were to make it more appealing to a younger audience, I would have to lower the price. Do you think the stated price (£2.60) is an acceptable price for a rock magazine? I set my price according to my target age group and the research I conducted prior to the production of my music magazine so having a response of mainly ‘yes’ to a question on appropriate pricing, shows that I my research was successful.

Question 5 and 6 For this question, 7 people said yes and 3 people said almost which suggests my attempt to keep my overall house style consistent and professional has proved successful. Not one of my audience members said that my overall house style was not consistent, suggesting that my magazine pages all look like they are from the same music magazine. The reasons people gave for ticking the ‘almost’ box were things such as: “There was too much variety in fonts” And “The front cover used too many fonts for different pieces of texts” This clearly shows that my choice of fonts and their placing, is definitely an area that needs improving if I want it to appeal to my target audience. However, this also shows that everything else that fits within the house style bracket, was not an issue and worked well within my media product. • Do you think the overall house style is consistent within the three music magazine pages? • If you ticked No or Almost for Question 5, please explain why. (please indicate below)

Question 7 and 8 I split this question into two sections because I wanted extra information to help with my feedback. Having the second part of the question set out in an ‘open question’ format, it helps the audience express their own personal views rather than a set of ready made answers; it helps give me specific feedback from my target audience. Having an equal amount of yes and almost answers (5 and 5) helps me to see that my cover is not swayed exactly perfect nor is it completely unfinished and unprofessional. It tells me that if I wanted to perfect it, I have the necessary feedback to make this happen. • Some of the answers given in the second part of this question were things such as: “Different fonts”, “More rock music terms” and “Different colour scheme” • Do you think the front cover of this music magazine implies that it is from the rock genre? (please tick) • Is there anything you think could be improved on the front cover to make it fit in with the rock genre more? (please state below) • These answers reflect the opinions of those from my target audience which means that these are the areas that I need to improve if I want to attract that specific group of people. Even though they have said in the previous question that my house style is consistent within the pages, the colour scheme needs to be changed.This means that I would still have to incorporate the new colour scheme in to all 3 pages.

Questions 9 and 10 There were more people who ticked the ‘almost’ box, than there was people who ticked the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ boxes (6 people ticked almost, 3 people said yes and 1 person said no). This implies that there is room for improvement within my contents page production and design. I left the second part of this question, question 10, as an open question so my audience could feedback their own personal views on how I could improve my contents page. Things such as: “less writing”, “Stronger images” and “Different colour scheme” Were answers given by my audience on question 10. Two people said that there is too much writing on my contents page which shows that this is an area that I need to either improve on or change completely. • Do you think the contents page of this music magazine fits in with the rock music theme? (please tick) • Do you think there is anything that could be improved on this content page to make it fit within the rock music genre more? (please state below) To do this, I would need to change my entire layout of my page because I cannot remove any information or features that are, at present, on my content page because they are a necessity if I want to comply with the codes and conventions of a music magazine.

Questions 11 and 12 My Double Page Spread was the most positively received page of my media product which meant that there was not as much feedback on question 12 as there has been on the past few questions. Only 1 person said that my DPS does not look like it has come from a rock music magazine and this was a female aged 26-30.This clarifies that I have constructed my Double Page Spread so that it appeals to people aged 16-25 (my target audience) Improvement that were suggested were: “More design features where possible” And “More rock music terms” The ‘rock music terms’, response shows that I did not use specific buzz words within my interviews and in my stand-first that would reflect the rock music genre. • Do you think the Double Page Spread of this music magazine looks as if it has come from a rock music magazine? (please tick) • Is there anything that could be improved on this Double Page Spread to make it fit in with the rock music genre more? (please state below) If I had used these buzz words, the article may have been more interesting and relatable to read, especially because it would show clearly that the article was from a rock music magazine. I also needed to add more of a variety of design features according to my audience feedback which suggests little things like shapes and reoccurring design features help insinuate the genre of music for my target age group.

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