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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: 13ams2013



AUDIENCE RESEARCH METHODS:  Questionnaire  Interview  Meeting with target audience These have great individual aspects, however a vox pop combines them all and is a super visual way of presenting audience feedback therefore I produced a vox pop.

TARGET AUDIENCE The house music video’s target audience is who the video is going to be aimed at. The target audience will be males/females who are within the age bracket of 16-24 however will have exceptions, they will be students studying Art based subjects particularly Media, Film and Music. They will be massive fans of house music and will attend raves and festivals quite frequently, the music they will listen to will usually have quite a minute audience due to they think they are different from the main hegemonic group, they want to show to everybody they are different, they pursue this by listening to house music and attending events related to the genre. They will stay informed with music and illustrate to everyone they are inspired and love house music by regularly attending house music events.

WHAT I HAVE LEARNT: I’ve learnt from conducting audience research that all interviewees believe the music video suits the genre of house music. The video achieves this through having a strange, chilled aesthetic, the dancing and chilled vibes reflects the lyrics as chilled and happy, and the monochrome effect, cutaways short intriguing clips. Also all of the interviewees like the mise en scene used, specific elements include; the costumes the artist wears throughout the video due to them being original and diverse, this reflects a convention of the house music genre of artists being different. The studio scenes are minimalistic which reflects professionalism of performance.

IMPROVEMENTS TO THE VIDEO: Improvements to the video include from one interviewee is more cutaways, especially scenes of the performer living their everyday busy lifestyle in urban areas, example given “walking around London” and to reduce the length of dancing performances. Also to pay more attention to the dark room scenes due to some shots being unclear, and hard to understand and to reduce the length of studio performance shots (cross-cutting between locations). One particular element of feedback which has been noted to me on a number of occasions from a wide range of viewers is to the narrative/meaning/concept more apparent.

AFTER AUDIENCE FEEDBACK: After studying various responses from a wide audience our group came to a conclusion of improvements that need to be made; editing more proficient to dark scenes, concept more apparent, reduce length of dancing performance and more cut-aways. We acted upon these by filming more shots, at Brixton market for example the apple scene this is to help reinforce a concept/meaning to the video, we have also shortened the long dance scene which was uncut and had an after affect of inversion, we have shortened a lot of the dark scenes and studio shots to allow for the cut-aways which we filmed. Through filming more shots it has allowed us to make more of an urban feel and due to the song having a large amount of instrumental it allows for us to show to the audience the lifestyle of our artist we have achieved this through the variety of angles/shot types in the urban locations. For example the picture to the right is new footage we filmed and is a high angle to show the variety of shot angles.

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