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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: liamboogar


1. Brandon Keenen Brand Partnerships

2. 2 Being Natively Native?

3. 3 9 out of 10 marketing tactics deemed most effective comprised of sponsored social messages Source: eMarketer, November 2015

4. BuzzFeed Is A Key Source Of Millennial Content

5. 1 in 5 of ALL articles shared by millennials originate from BuzzFeed Source:Fizzology Report 2015

6. Social Landscape Overview

7. 7 Mobil e Socia l Video

8. 8

9. 9 49% of millennials check their phones within just 5 minutes of waking up. Source: Deloitte, June 2015

10. 10

11. The Landscape Of Media Is Changing Portal s Searc h Social

12. 12 Home Pages Don’t Matter So Much 2011 2012 2013 160M 140M 120M 100M 80M NYT Home Page Visitors

13. The Number Of Ways That Millennials Engage With & Share Content Has Multiplied

14. 14

15. 15 42% favour short form video over TV programs and films Source: eMarketer June 2015. 18+; Ofcom 2015 18-24 year olds watch the most online videos of any demographi c On average in a month they’ll watch 358 videos totalling 27 hours

16. 16 Convenience Is Driving Video Growth

17. How about Native Video?

18. 18

19. Jan13 Mar13 May13 Jul13 Sep13 Nov13 Jan14 Mar14 May14 Jul14 Sep14 Nov14 Jan15 Mar15 May15 Jul15 Sept15 Growth in BuzzFeed Motion Pictures 2.9B+ 163M Source: Google Analytics/Adobe Omniture.

20. We Learn From Editorial Success SAD CAT DIARY & Apply This To Brands “Sad Cat Diary” 23M 99% 25M 99% “Dear Kitten” Series

21. 21

22. Millennial Sharing Behaviour Isn’t Limited To One Platform

23. Platform

24. We Adapt Our Creative To Match How Millennials Consume It

25. 25 Control Exposed 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% +57.8%
 Brand Lift How likely are you to consider buying wet food for your cat? Brand Impact

26. 26 Leaning Into Platform Nuances & Consumption Habits

27. 69% 4% 27% Millennials Discover BuzzFeed Life Content On Facebook

28. 69% 4% 27% 13% 1% 86% Then They Share And Reference It On Pinterest

29. Good social advertising starts with thinking about how that content will spread.

30. We Know Why Our Millennials Share Identity Emotiona l Gift Social Information

31. 31 Identity “This is so me. It expresses my identity better than I can.” “This explains part of your identity that I don’t really understand.”

32. We Take Our Editorial Learnings & Apply It To Branded Activity

33. Emotion Jake @mrjakeyjake 1 Just got ALL OF THE FEELS. http:// 3 Theme

34. Taking Editorial Learnings To Branded Activity

35. 35 Social Information “I learned something! I want you to know it too.” “I would like you to know that this information is important to me.”

36. Taking Editorial Learnings To Branded Activity

37. 37 What’s new?

38. 641 Million Total Video Views 10.4 Million Total Shares 13.1 Million Average Views Per Video 5.1 Million Total Fans 111 Thousand New Fans Per Day (Avg)

39. So What Does This All Mean? Content Format Millennial s

40. 40 Mobile, social & video aren’t slowing down anytime soon Content should meet millennials wherever they already are Millennials share things to look smart, feel an emotion or to tell others something about themselves Sharing behaviour varies from platform to platform Get a head start by taking an iterative approach to your marketing strategy Summary: The Best Bits

41. Thanks AUDIENCE!

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