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Information about Audacity

Published on March 31, 2008

Author: duncanmm



A tutorial that I gave on the use of Audacity for audio editing.

Introduction to Audacity & audio editing Duncan McHugh Multimedia Developer Learning Centre, MCML 264C [email_address] AGRO 461 January 23rd, 2008

Introduction to Audacity & audio editing ・ Know your recording devices ・ Tips on getting a good recording ・ Extremely basic audio editing

What do you use for recording sound? ・ Computer’s i nternal mic ・ MP3 recorder/player

USB microphone and headset

The M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96

Introduction to Audio Editing

Tips on getting a good recording Editing can only do so much

Tips on getting a good recording ・ Know the space ・ Consider the room size, number of participants and ambient noise ・ Use the appropriate equipment ・ Check equipment beforehand ・ Test your levels ・ Bring headphones

Audio editing applications Windows: Sound Recorder Mac: Garage Band Open Source: Audacity

Using Audacity If you’re planning on exporting to mp3, make sure to download the plug-in

To the beginning Play Record Pause Stop To the end

Selection Tool: selects a segment of a track Envelope Tool: allows quick adjustments of volume Draw Tool: for very minute adjustments

Zoom Tool: allows you to shift your view Time Shift Tool: moves clips along the timeline Multi-Tool Mode: everything at once

Cut/Paste/Trim Undo/Redo Zoom

Exercise I: Basic audio editing Step 1 ・ Record 30 seconds of you speaking ・ Record only one track ・ Make sure to include a bunch of ohhs and ummms, and other things you won’t want to keep in your recording

Exercise I: Basic audio editing Step 2 ・ Use the Selection Tool to edit unwanted sounds ・ Use the Envelope Tool to adjust the volume of the recording ・ Play it back and bask in auditory joy

Beyond basic ・ Multiple tracks ・ Additional tools ・ Effects; some useful, some crazy

Exercise II: Audio storytelling ・ Write out a script for a brief story ・ Create a multi-track recording ・ Integrate vocals, music * and sound effects ・ Work on the volume and transitions between tracks ・ Try out a few effects and see what affect they have ・ Please consider: ・ Your audience: who’s listening? ・ How long does this take?(!?)

*“Podsafe”: Sounds that are safe to use ・ Wikipedia: Podsafe ・ ・ ・ ・

Post-production ・ Handling & archiving files ・ Adding metadata ・ Photos & slideshows

Online Audacity tutorials The Official Audacity tutorial: http://www. edhsonline .org/other/audacity/ Educause’s screencast tutorial: http://www. educause . edu/Screencasts/Audacity/Untitled .html Daniel James’s tutorial: http: //quicktoots . linuxaudio .org/toots/audacity/

Everything you wanted to know… The Audacity wiki:

What about this podcasting business? Other questions?

Thanks! Duncan McHugh [email_address] MCML 264C in the Learning Centre

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