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Published on November 19, 2007

Author: Heng


Evolving the Learning and Research Experience in Human Computer Interaction:  Evolving the Learning and Research Experience in Human Computer Interaction Daniel Woo University of New South Wales Goal:  Goal Raise the profile of human computer interaction in both teaching and research Goal - Student Learning:  Goal - Student Learning Prepare students for user-centred design in software development projects Consider the needs of users and stakeholders Hands on experience Small group teaching Paper designs first Goal - Research:  Goal - Research Develop new techniques to better understand what people actually do Feed information back to all aspects of the design process Novel interaction methods Slide5:  Teaching Laboratory Research Laboratory Communicate the vision:  Communicate the vision In your department Mac-oriented Support Staff Building Facilities Architects Purchasing / Stores Apple Education Representative Apple Supplier Predicting the Future:  Predicting the Future Prior experience WWDC Crystal ball Aware of local conditions July 2000:  July 2000 3 hour lecture only No tutorials No laboratories No postgraduate students No teaching assistants No honours projects No Macs for CompSci Students Mac OS X Proposition - Jul 2000:  Mac OS X Proposition - Jul 2000 Macintosh user interface well known for its “user friendliness” and design Role in education UNIX - terminal window/X Windows Create a practical learning space Augmenting Learning:  Augmenting Learning 20+1 G4 PowerMacs with 17” Class room style layout Considerations:  Considerations Group discussion vs. class room Students can hide behind 17” monitors Noise from fans Remote Desktop can be used for locking, sleeping and screen sharing Tutor-Student Ratio:  Tutor-Student Ratio 300-400 students 20 students maximum Fortnightly laboratories spread the load over 2 weeks Each student - 6 x 2 hour classes 5 x 2 hour (tutorial + lab) 1 x 2 hour - assignment presentations Laboratory Topics:  Laboratory Topics Mac OS 9 Evaluation Mac OS X Evaluation Heuristic Evaluation Observation Laboratory Topics:  Laboratory Topics Computer Supported Collaborative Work Universal Access Interface Builder Computer Supported Cooperative Work:  Computer Supported Cooperative Work Carracho iChat / Rendezvous Hydra Universal Access:  Universal Access Interface Builder:  Interface Builder Paper based Approach:  Paper based Approach Design diaries for Computer Science students Laboratory Management:  Laboratory Management Rode the wave of releases of Mac OS X Server Integration with our existing (custom) UNIX management system non-trivial prior to 10.2 Started with stand alone machines Tools:  Tools Workgroup Manager Apple Remote Desktop/ANA Netboot Experiments with 10.2 Imaging Apple Software Restore FireWire Hard disk UDB Integration - June 2003:  UDB Integration - June 2003 Same username/password for all machines (UNIX, Windows, Mac) Home directories mounted/backed up Disk imaging (conform) Group, IP, Print quota management Eventually, booking system Independent of Workgroup Mgr Present:  Present 3 hour lecture only Tutorials - Yes Laboratories - Yes Postgraduate students - Yes - 2 Teaching assistants - Yes - ~4/year Thesis/4th year projects - Yes Teaching Laboratory Login Integration Other Uses:  Other Uses Office staff training AUC Other UNSW Staff Training Thesis students Primary School iMovie Workshops XCode HCI Research Laboratory:  HCI Research Laboratory Data:  Data What did they do/think/say… When did they click/error/… Where did they click/press/… Why did they make error/choose… How did they complete the task… Who interacted with who… Infrastructure:  Infrastructure Multi-camera Scan converter Video and audio editing Video matrix control DV recording equipment Usability Data Collection:  Usability Data Collection Investigating automated ways to collect usability data - COAR Synchronisation with other video material via QuickTime Analysis and reporting Applications:  Applications Interviews/focus groups Speech dictation Speech preferences TTS Discover X UserScan chemistry software School Web Site Novel user interfaces Mac OS X:  Mac OS X iMovie, Final Cut Pro iDVD, DVD Pro Cubase Custom software development Matrix Usability Observer COAR suite Other Uses:  Other Uses Audio applications Subjective testing Video material development DVD production It about the people…:  It about the people… Teaching Staff Postgraduate students Students who understand the needs of users Students who can develop software systems for people Conclusion:  Conclusion Raised profile, student numbers, awareness Created two facilities based on Mac OS X Tool development phase Need to train more students in user centred software development aspects Q&A:  Q&A

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