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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Stentore


Attitude Formation and Change:  Attitude Formation and Change Consumer Behavior Spring 2000 © Dave Prensky Agenda:  Agenda definition of an attitude functions of attitudes attitude models measuring attitudes changing attitudes Attitudes:  Attitudes a learned predisposition to act in a consistent way toward an object based on feelings and opinions that result from an evaluation of knowledge about the object Components of attitudes:  Components of attitudes three key components: learned knowledge evaluation predisposition to act attitudes affect purchase behavior Functions of attitudes:  Functions of attitudes summarize knowledge, evaluation, and intended action in one “place” make consumers more efficient and effective functions utilitarian value-expressive ego-defensive Attitude models :  Attitude models different perspectives and insights . . . . . . not competitive types of models tricomponent multiattribute attitude-toward-the-ad Tricomponent models:  Tricomponent models knowledge, evaluation, predisposition to act cognition, affect, conation three components influence each other and can occur in any order Multiattribute models:  Multiattribute models attitude toward an object reflects many attributes attitude is a function of belief about object on each attribute importance of each attribute specific situation subjective social norms Attitude-toward-the-ad models:  Attitude-toward-the-ad models focus on advertising’s influence on attitude toward a product attitude is a function of attitude-toward-the-ad attitude toward the product’s attributes Measuring attitudes:  Measuring attitudes observation qualitative methods attitude scales Attitude change:  Attitude change key assumptions attitude consistency attributions of causality marketers and public policy actors try to influence consumers’ attitudes knowledge evaluation behavior Changing attitudes:  Changing attitudes knowledge and evaluation change the evaluation add benefits change the product change criteria for evaluation link products to other attitudes “force” action to affect linked knowledge and evaluation

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