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Published on November 19, 2019

Author: AmandaWhite138


1. UTS CRICOS 00099F Gaming academic integrity - Addressing integrity challenges in an authentic assessment task in Accounting Dr Amanda White UTS Business School #aibg #academicintegrity #ATNAuthenticAssess Presentation at the ATN Authentic Assessment Symposium November 2019 @AmandasAudit

2. The Academic Integrity Board Game @AmandasAudit • Open access and creative commons resources •

3. 2. Why play a game? • My personal experience in 2017 - 16% of an undergraduate accounting cohort cheated on an assessment task • Worked together in groups of 4-8 students to write answers to questions based on a previous semester’s assessment – then recited them in a video interview • Content worth only 15% of the marks, communication skills & dressing professionally 85% • When asked to explain their actions I didn’t know the academic integrity rules applied to speeches My private tutor said that it would be ok I didn’t think the rules applied to assessments worth less than 30% The assignment guide didn’t explicitly say that you should not cheat @AmandasAudit

4. The fraud triangle (Cressey 1973) • Incentives/pressure • Opportunity • Rationalisation There are no easy solutions to combat build a culture of academic integrity. Image source: Pope, K.R. (2015) “How people rationalize fraud”, @AmandasAudit

5. How we currently inform students about academic integrity • Difficult to find • Students clicked away after less than 1 minute! @AmandasAudit

6. UTS CRICOS 00099F Let’s play! 6

7. 4. Implementation in 2019 • At UTS Over 2000 students in 4 different subjects (Business, Graduate Health, Nursing, Communications) at UTS played the game in Week 1 or 2 I work with coordinators to design & print custom game sets for subjects and their unique mix of assessments • At other institutions – University of Melbourne, University of South Australia • The game comes with a set of instruction slides and “how to play” video @AmandasAudit

8. The game is really a trojan horse for conversations about academic integrity • Student queries about academic integrity and the rules • Analysis of the subject assessments and where students can get assistance • Prelude to a learning contract discussion • Group/team work formation and responsibilities @AmandasAudit

9. UTS CRICOS 00099F Questions? @AmandasAudit Open access and creative commons resources

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