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Information about Atkins BIM journey

Published on September 29, 2016

Author: LauraSmagin


1. w w w. AT K I N S G L O B A L . c o m

2. Laura Smagin Beginning my professional career in 1988, as an Architectural technician in New Zealand. I migrated to Australia in 1989 & gained experience contracting for several Sydney Architectural & interior design practices. I worked on a broad range of projects, Retail, Transport, Military, Commercial &Residential. She was involved at all stages; from concept design, to defects & on-site supervision. 1993, I transitioned from Manual Drafting to Digital drafting in AutoCAD through an Autodesk Authorized training center, they recognized me as a strong leader and invited me to join them the day I completed the course. I have built an established reputation as industry educator, mentor & leader lecturing and speaking at industry events. 2004, a new transformation from2D into 3D modelling and BIM began. I was invited to educate, mentor & lead Woodhead PTY Ltd through their BIM journey travelling through-out Australia, India, & Singapore, supporting business transformation and change management. 2011, relocate permanently to Singapore, where I continued my reputation as an industry leader in BIM speaking to local organizations, authorities, industry events, seminars, education facilities & International conferences. 2012, I joined DPA & was instrumental in establishing corporate BIM protocol, process & procedures, educating their staff in all aspects of BIM. Working with BIM Contracts, legal, commercial aspects. 2014, Recently I was invited to join Atkins in Doha, Qatar to lead the DMGL, and continue my journey in BIM now from Dubai.

3. ATKINS BIM Journey Agenda Beginnings Communication Roles and Responsibilities Manpower / Womanpower Expectations Integrated Project Delivery Accuracy Digital Clash / Interference Checking Coordination Challenges

4. ATKINS BIM Journey • Humble beginnings • Handful of BIM projects in 2006 • No real BIM only 3D models • By 2008 we began Multi-Discipline BIM • Now fully BIM all Disciplines all projects • Projects using BIM data for Schedules • Local Authority Submissions • All project portfolios using BIM

5. ATKINS BIM Journey Communication • Client expectations • Procedures • Protocols • Deliverables • 4D Programme

6. Roles and Responsibilities • BIM Execution Plan • Understanding the Roles • Assigning roles and responsibilities • Reviewing and Checking ATKINS BIM Journey

7. Manpower • Skill levels • Benchmarking • Acquisition of knowledge • Know the numbers • Understanding ‘BIM WASH’ ATKINS BIM Journey

8. Expectations • Client expectations • Management • Staff • Consultants • Expectation / Check against Reality ATKINS BIM Journey

9. Integrated Project Delivery • One Central Point of Truth • Federated Model • Know your Deliverables • Understand BIM limitations ATKINS BIM Journey

10. Accuracy • 3D Visualization Checks • Digital documentation Checks • Alignment • Don’t fudge it! ATKINS BIM Journey

11. Digital Clash / Interference Checking • Hard & Soft Checks • Know who’s checking • Know what’s been checked • Reporting and tracking Checks ATKINS BIM Journey

12. Coordination • Who owns which elements • Issuing ‘WIP’ models • Tracking Model Changes • Deliverables • Program ATKINS BIM Journey

13. Challenges • Hardware • Software – R2013, R2014? • Workflow Process • Deliverable & Delivery process • Knowledge • Communication ATKINS BIM Journey

14. Conclusion • Communication • Expectations • Education • Deliverables • Understanding ATKINS BIM Journey

15. THANK YOU ATKINS BIM Journey Questions? Laura Smagin Digital Information Manager – BIM Specialist P.O. Box 5620, Dubai, UAE | Mobile: +971 525 422 890 Email:

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