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Published on September 23, 2014

Author: phoenixiw



Lesson Plan

]mTmkq-{XW tcJ þ1 A[-ym-]n-I-bpsS t]cv : AXp-e-ym-tamÄ F.-BÀ hnZ-ym-e-b-¯nsâ t]cv : Hm-e-¯m¶n hnjbw : ae-bmfw GIIw : ImsW-¡msW D]-G-IIw : At§ ho«n-te¡v ¢mkv : IX Unhn-j³ : B Ip«n-I-fpsS F®w : XobXn : 25-þ06-þ2014 kabw : 45 ann«v BapJw hcpw-Im-e¯v tIc-fob kaqlw tcn-tS-−n-h-cp¶ Gähpw henb shÃp-hnfn hr² kwc-£-W-am-bn-cn¡pw F¶ ktμiw DÄs¡m-f-fp¶ D]-G-I-I-§-fmWv At§- ho-«n-tebv¡v Fgp-]-Xp-Im-cpsS tbmKw, Zi-c-Y-hn- em-]w, Hcp sNdp]p-©ncn F¶nh. CS-tÈ-cn-bpsS At§ ho«n-tebv¡v F¶ Ihn-X-bmWv CXn-eqsS hnn-abw sN¿p-¶-Xv. Af-Im-h-en, Imhnse ]m«v, ]p¯³I-ehpw Acn-hmfpw Iq«p-Ir-jn, qem-ame XpS-§n-b-h- bmWv CS-tÈ-cn-bpsS aäp IrXn-IÄ. ]T e£-y-§Ä  Ihn-Xbv¡v CuWw ÂIp-¶-Xnv  Ihn-X-bpsS Bi-bw Is−-¯p-¶-Xnv ]mTm-]-{K-Yw Zpc-`n-amw aqew Zcn-{Z-mb hr²-]n-Xm-hns Xncn-¨-dn-bm-¯-h-cmbn Sn¨ ]pXp-X-e-apd Ahsc thZ-n-¸n-t¡-s−¶p IcpXn hgn-sXän h¶-Xm-sW¶p ]dªv aIÄ Ã ne-bn Pohn-¡p-¶tÃm F¶v Bi-z-kn¨v Xncn-¨p-t]m-Ip¶ Aѳ. c−p Xe-ap-d-I-fpsS atm-`mhw lrZ-b-kv]Àin-bmbn At§- ho-«n-te¡v F¶ Ihn-X-bn-eqsS CS-tÈcn Ah-X-cn-¸n-¡p-¶p.

]Z-]-cn-Nbw  hnZ-yp-±o]w  Pmam-Xmhv  lmÀ±w  an{Xw  ImÀn-g ]qÀÆmÀPnX tijn-IÄ  IhnX Bk-z-Zn-¡m-p-ff tijn Ip«n-IÄ¡p-−v. Bibw Is−-¯m--dnbmw ]T-tm-]-I-c-W-§Ä  CS-tÈ-cn-bpsS Nn{Xw  Ihn ]cn-Nbw NmÀ«v kqNm NmÀ«v {]iv-ta-Je ]mÀi-z-h¡-cn-s¸-«-h-tcm-Sp-ff ]cn-K-W--bn-Ãmbva ]T--{]-hÀ¯--§Ä {]Xn-I-cWw aps¶m-cp¡w A[-ym-]nI kulr-Z-kw-`m-j-W-¯n-teÀs¸-Sp-Ibpw Ip«n-I-fpsS ap¶-dnhv ]cn-tim-[n-¡m-mbn eLp-hmb Nne tNmZ-y-§Ä tNmZn- ¡p-Ibpw sN¿p-¶p.  CS-tÈcn F¶ Ihn-sb-¡p-dn-¨-dn-bm-tam?  At±-l-¯nsâ Ihn-X-IÄ Adn-bm-tam?  C¶v hr²À¡v kaq-l-¯nep-ff Ømw F´mWv XpSÀ¶v A[-ym-]nI ]mT-`m-K-¯n-te¡p IS-¡p¶p

At§ ho«n-te¡v CS-tÈcn CS-tÈ-cn-bpsS NndXw Ihn-]-cn-Nbw NmÀ«v F¶nh {]ZÀin-¸n- ¡p¶p CS-tÈcn tKmhn-μ³ mbÀ Pw : 1906 Øew : CS-tÈcn IrXn-IÄ : Af-Im-h-en, ]p¯³I-e-hpw, Acn-hmfpw Imhnse ]m«v tI{μ þ tIcf kmln-Xy A¡m-Zan AhmÀUp-IÄ e`n¨p acWw : 1974 {]hÀ¯w :1 Ihn-X-bv¡v CuWw ÂI At§ ho«n-te¡v F¶ Ihn-Xbv¡v Ap-tbm-P-y-amb CuWw ÂIpI ® {Kq¸m-¡p¶p ® CuWw ÂIp¶p ®A`n--μn-¡p¶p {]hÀ¯w : 2  iàn-bpsS Ihn-bmWv CS-tÈcn  `qX-Im-e-s¯bpw hÀ¯-am Ime-s¯bpw `mhn-Im-e-s ¯bpw Htc kabw tm¡n-¡−v cN S-¯p-¶p.  Zcn-{Z-Kr-l-§-fnse Ic-¨nepw IpSpw_ _Ô-§-fnse De-¨nepw Imh-y-§-fnse {]tabw XpSÀ {]hÀ¯w At§ ho«n-te¡v F¶ Ihn-X-bpsS Bibw Hcp Ipdn-¸m-sb-gp-Xp-I?

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