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Published on October 13, 2014

Author: Globalmindmastery



As they say...teamwork makes the dream work! Cheesy it may be, it is also a valid and vital element of sports performance. Be it team sports or the team of coaches, physio’s, psychologists that assist you in your individual sport, a team that doesn’t work together doesn’t succeed altogether!

1. MAKE THE FIRST STEP 1 Athletes Team Work As they say...teamwork makes the dream work! Cheesy it may be, it is also a valid and vital element of sports performance. Be it team sports or the team of coaches, physio’s, psychologists that assist you in your individual sport, a team that doesn’t work together doesn’t succeed altogether! Understanding that cooperation and cohesion with others aiming for a common goal in sports is what builds character, creates friendships and teaches you valuable skills is a key element in a successful sporting life. The camaraderie built within a team can last a lifetime and highs and lows of a season/competition lived together will be the most memorable. Remember that happiness is contagious so when you are sharing the happiness of winning with your team, it gets amplified and the effects are stronger and longer lasting. Of course you can have situations where new unknown members join the team or you could even find yourself playing on the same side with someone you may not like. It is essential that in situations like these, the common goal of the team and the desire to win for the team cancel our any anxiety or animosity you may be experiencing. Some coaches will say that the name on the front is more important than the name on the back! No one player is greater than the whole of the team. Think of Real Madrid, the famous football club who went through a stage of accumulating all the best players but ended up having mediocre results. Why? Because each player, with their multi million dollar price tags, thought theywere better than the others. Better than the coaches, better than the staff. Cooperation was non-existent. Forget about team spirit, it was all about ego. And it didn’t work. Sports like football, rugby, volleyball, hockey are very physical sports and require a lot of dedicating nd commitment to achieving results. By the end of a season or a competition, players who have been bruised and battered, been side by side by the grind of the season and all the key matches, will tend to feel a strong bond with each other. Several initiatives active around the world focus on team sports as a way of providing kids and young adults with an alternative to a sedentary lifestyle or criminal activities. It provides a chance for them to socialise and meet new people with the same goals and aspirations. The teamwork involved in sport allows them to feel part of something of value and teaches the importance of helping others, offering and

2. MAKE THE FIRST STEP 2 receiving encouragement and helps them set goals for themselves. Being part of a team will also breed respects and build friendships that may last a lifetime. Teamwork offers a way for people to compete for and complete something together. In sports like ice hockey for instance, the captain can set themselves the goal of motivating every single member of the team to give everything during the season in order to win the championship. Even though winning is not everything in sports and you must know this, healthy competition is a positive and energising ingredient. Working towards a goal will teach you the value of hard work, commitment and dedication. Team sports are a great way to learn these values and many other lessons easily adapted to life in general. Working as part of a team will help develop stronger communication skills and improve interactions with others. Many activities in day to day life require a group to work together or will require you to relate to others. Every member of the group must be pulling in the same direction to complete the task successfully. Additional advantages to teamwork in sports include learning to deal with conflict and exposure to a variety of different ideas and techniques! Finally, teamwork increases strength through numbers and minimizes weaknesses. Team members work together in order to win. Any individual weaknesses can be minimized through the overall effort of the team. Weaknesses can be diminished by concentrating on their individual strength contributing to the overall benefit of the team. When each individual member of the team brings trust, enthusiasm,ambition and motivation... the team as a whole will be successful! These attributes, aside spelling TEAM, will make a Trusting and depending on each other, being enthusiastic about your sport and being able to practice it with like minded people having the ambition that gives the team as a whole direction and finally having the motivation to drive you to the highest highs - they are all part of the wonderful world of teamwork! "The strength of the team is each individual member... the strength of each member is the team!" - Phil Jackson, Coach, Chicago Bulls The Chicago bulls also had another secret behind their success… yes even the best team in the world used Hypnosis and NLP as a part of their success. How would your team be if everyone in the team was ‘in the zone’ at the same time… Imagine no longer.

3. MAKE THE FIRST STEP 3 About Stuart | Australia's #1 for Sport Hypnosis “You are what you choose to believe you can be” • Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist • Australia’s No. 1 for Sports Hypnotherapy • Published author of ‘The Dear Diary Process’ book • Creator of the ‘Meta 4 Kids’ program • Co-creator of the FitMind program • Presenter and speaker As a professionally trained hypnotherapist, I specialise in elite athletes and sporting teams. Incredibly the same way athletes work allows me to integrate my abilities and awesome processes into business performance, working with people to maximise performance and attitude. My sporting clients include Olympians, National, Commonwealth and 25 World Champions and… add to this a collection of professional golfers, footballers from every code, surfers, netballers and motorsport drivers and teams. Within the walls of my professional offices in Brisbane, Australia many lives have been transformed forever by releasing their potential. Once we remove blockages, doubts, fears, beliefs and old habits that are restricting them, life becomes awesome. Sign Up For Your Free Success Pack Enter your email address and receive a free listening experience and the “3 Secrets to Mastering your Mind in Sport” Report in our Free Success Pack. Please visit

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