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Information about Athleisure-wear

Published on November 12, 2018

Author: rraveit


Slide1: ATHLEISURE WEAR World is expanding with flourishing start-ups catering service to our elementary needs and every start-up, just like us humans is grounded on values. Slide2: WHO WE ARE What comes to your mind when you think of Yoga? Boring looking Saints in long beards meditating? Women with jhola bags and pyjamas ? Some white skinned  Guru  with harem pants on a beach? Well, stereotyping has never seized to surprise us Slide3: OUR STORY Here at Rrave , we believe that fitness doesn’t conform to its stereotypes; it isn’t merely for the health maniacs or super models. Athleticism can bring happiness and longevity into anyone’s lives, from the youth to the aged. Fitness routines are a trendy mantra for well-being and fashion.  Slide4: Products Abstract Rainy H alf L eggings Back Mesh Training Tee Basic Workout Tee Boho Mesh Leggings Curvy Mid Waist Leggings Power Dressing Slide5: Thanks Visit us at

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