Atherimis - September 25

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Published on October 2, 2008

Author: Miirta


Slide 1: Message from ATHERIMIS, a member of the Galactic Council regarding the rumors of a visit of a extraterrestrial spacecraft to planet Earth on October 14, 2008 September 25, 2008 Slide 2: This message is broadcasted to communicate that no intervention of beings from other dimensional levels are allowed on planet Earth Slide 3: "In our history, the time that we know as August 1950, both the Planetary and the Earth Councils agreed to protect the Earth from any exogenous intervention that could determine the fate of the Human species. Slide 4: By that time, the Human species already had enough conscience and autonomy to make their own decisions on the physical plane. Any intervention on the Planet would limit the exercise of free will of the species. Slide 5: To build or destroy their present and future would be decisions that the entire Universe would have to respect. In this sense, the Universe does not judge. Everyone manages his or her resources the best they can. This is something that has been allowed in the Terrestrial Collective. Slide 6: Before 1950, during 40 years, other species were observing and studying the Human species. When the borders can be crossed there are no limits for those who can pass. Slide 7: Others did the same thing as You are doing now by extending out of your own borders and studying everything you find as you proceed. Slide 8: The external intervention at that time was transforming the future of the species and violating its free will. The Galactic Council placed a halt to that intervention. This is a Galactic decision that is still currently in place. Slide 9: Though during the last 50 years there have been unauthorized interventions, members of the Galactic Service permanently enforce the Law. Slide 10: The Council is vigilant. In the universe, each time there is a visit from one species to another, there is an ethics protocol that must be respected. Slide 11: Those visits are not offensive and never violate the Law. Do not produce fear, bewilderment, or trepidation. Councils are always watching. If these visits occur, these must first be approved by those involved. Slide 12: No one has to receive an unwanted visit to his home. In the case of our visits as your guides, in your hearts you know, even if you do not see us, that we are present in your lives because those visits were requested and authorized by yourselves. Slide 13: There is an agreement of the Galactic Council that if the extinction of Earth is imminent an evacuation and relocation of the survival human beings will take place, in the same manner that you assist an endangered subspecies. Slide 14: This agreement has not materialized yet because the extinction of the planet is not imminent. The destruction is an option in the future. Slide 15: On the Planet, human beings are in charge of their own destiny. The most advanced group on Earth have observed and studied animals without disrupting their existences. Even when they see animals hunting, killing, and eating other animals, the observers do not intervene. They respectfully observe and study other species to know them. Slide 16: Similarly, observers of the Human species come to see you to understand you yet they do not intervene. Observers do not like being seen because this will modify the behavior of the observed species. Slide 17: They use available resources to maintain the most natural conditions of the species and their spontaneous behavior. They never allow the observed species to be cognizant of their presence or cause them fear. They observe with love. Slide 18: Nothing that produces fear is Love. Fear, chaos, or confusion, are not love. When messages produce fear, fear and discord are broadcasted, this is not love. That is real terrorism: To produce fear. Only when the fear is broadcasted, the purpose of fear is disclosed. Slide 19: Brothers and Sisters, I invite you to spread only Love. Peace and Love to all Brothers and Sisters on Earth. Atherimis” Slide 20: Message from KIZLODOM, a member of the Planetary Council September 25, 2008 Slide 21: "Greetings to those who receive this written message” You are not alone. Divine forces have always been vigilant in protecting and mapping the Path. The Planetary Council's role has been like an elder brother who tenderly sees the wrong steps of humans while they learn how to walk. Slide 22: Sometimes, in similarly as to when an adult observes a child, it is enjoyable to see the falls because they are done from their innocence. On those moments, we always give our hand to people who have fallen to help lift them up. You do not need to see us or receive extraordinary visits to know that we are close. In your hearts there is the truth. Slide 23: Death and birth are natural ends of the chain of life. Changes are part of growing up. There is nothing to fear. The form is continually changing. Waters ebb and flow. Winds gust and calm. Borders are transformed. All of this is natural. It has happened and it will continue to happen. In this way the Earth is transformed and the species adapts. Slide 24: Everyone has his or her time of expression. The task is to enjoy it. That is to live in the now. Take the time that is allocated to you. Enjoy the space that has been given to you. Slide 25: I greet each one of you in your heart, so your heart will reveal the truth that lies in each one of you; the truth according to your time and space. Kizlodon” Slide 26: Message from AVAR, a member of the Terrestrial Council September 25, 2008 Slide 27: "Everyone will see what they want to see. Love never produces fear. In this way you can recognize what does or does not come from the Light. Avar” Slide 28: Music by[]=Mystical

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