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Information about ATG Product Modules [INTERESTING VIEW]

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: softwareklinic



I found this file somewhere on the web and saved it for my own reference.. Thought better to share with the world of ATG community. Hope you will find it useful.


Commerce Service Center Product Modules Commerce Suite Optimization Solutions Platform multi-site aware Campaign Optimizer Lead Performance BCC Enabled - Page, - Page Fragment - Slot Content - Product template - Category template - Promotions Call Tracking Test Duration Mgt Automated reports Segment Filtering - Manual start/end - Automatic start/end - Forced disabled multi-site aware - Voice over IP infrastructure Dynamic number replacement Dynamic call routing Call Recording Rich Lead Analytics Volume discounts Form to Call Personalized Email Price Lists Qualification Rules Save & Send Landing Page Management & Deployment Opt-in/optout segments Discount calculators Click to Call Recommendations User Segments Content Groups Internal & external Profiles Content Targeters Merchandising Standard and Custom Workflows Catalog Management Media Item Mgt Price list mgmt Price entry Import | Export Conflict Resolution Asset Merge Custom editors Asset linking Search Merchandising - Item ranking - Facet Management - Query rules & Configuration - Redirection, Prioritization - Exclusion, Positioning ** Testing Facility multi-site aware Customer edit Custom Catalogs multi-site aware Abandonment Detection Item, Order, Shipping, Discounts Lost Detection Abandonment Reports Recovery Emails Configurable SKUs Faceted Navigation Gift List Product cross-sells Gift Certificates Product up-sells Saved Orders Web Services Complete order | Transactional order | Inventory | Pricing | Promotion | Security | Catalog | Profile Commerce Repositories Product Catalog - Availability dates - Caching - Re-order threshold - Inventory change events Multi-site BCC Enabled Social media Extendible for business users Promotional Examples Multi-language Shipping methods multi-site aware Versioned SQL Repository JSP File Assets Data and Project Purge File Content Meta Data Repository Extract Routing Reporting Versioned File System - File content meta tags - Target type, content labels - Linked projects - Size Estimator - Index Partitioning | Deploy - Parallel | concurrent indexing - Workbench - Question - Results - Topics Workflow System Asset Editor Asset Manager Indexer Event Listeners - Record Audit Trail - Send Notification - Login/Logout - Session start/end - Clicks a Link - Between Dates - Page View - At Time - User Registers - Wait Time Slots User Repository Personalized Email Profile Management Content System Role Community User Profile Security Content Repository Requisitions - Content View - On Date - Email Received - Form Submit - Server Start - Profile Change - Targeting Droplets Site Preview Invoices Content Loader Service Distributed Lock Mgr Distributed Cache Mgr Query Caching ResultSet Caching Partial Item Cache General SQL Adaptor DAA Caching Session Back-up Module Mgmt Content Groups Content Targeters Datawarehouse - Default star schema - Core Dimensions - Site visit - User (External, Internal) Restricted Payment Methods Search Engine Scheduler Rules Engine - Customizable Pipelines - Distributed - Schedulable - Repository Extractors - Summarization Restricted Shipping Topic Browse Component Security Segments Contract Support Nucleus IoC Container Siebel SAP SAP WebService Web Service Custom... LDAP Repository Secured Repository Security - Access Mgt Nucleus Component Access Dynamo Message Senders Repository Access Composite Repository Logging Services - SQL Logger - Rotating File Logger - Email Logger - Console Logger - Log Data Sampler - Summarizer Droplets JSP taglibs Pipeline Manager SEO Services - URL templates - Jump Servlet - Canonical URLS - Site maps – SEO Tagging – Item links Form Services - Form Security - File Upload - Data-type Converters - Form validators Dynamo Messaging - SQL JMS Provider - Local JMS Provider - Plug&Play Message Routing Tickets Manual & Automated Creation Associating & Escalation - ATG search integration Advanced search set criteria Topic and decision trees Auto-categorization Automatic Indexing Assignment Assign, Claim, Release Reassign, Defer, Reopen CRM Integrations Task Mgt - Claim - Assignment - Notification multi-site aware - Complex report authoring - Multi-page, multi-query reports Query Studio - Adhoc queries & simple reports - View data, add filters - Change appearance Report Center - Security - Automated generation - Formats: PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV - Multi-Server Support - Database configuration - Datasource creation - Sample data loading - Server Creation - EAR file deployment - Across all applications - Batch mode scripts IdGeneration Services Auto-tagging Generic Caching Sampler Services Generic Queues Registry Services - Bounce handler - SMTP Email Sender - Batch Email Queue - JSP-to-email - POP service - Distributed mailer - 250,000 emails/hr/svr Auto-deploy to Self-Service - Agent Favorites - Top questions - Hot solutions - Current results - Solution history - Recent searches - Recommended reading Ticketing Repository Email Services Ticketing integration Usability Tools Configuration Installation Mgr Ticketing WebServices Integration Repository Integration Framework REST Services Offer Management Search Report Studio Data Loader Contract based pricing Order Approvals Facets Config Layering Catalog Purchase Lists Transactional Support Link Validation for Solutions Customer Intelligence Cost center billing Purchase Limits Results filtering News Inventory multi-site aware Delegated admin Search Assistance Dictionary Inspection Index Audit Content Inspection Article Delegated Admin B2B Repository API Process Engine Scenario Editor Mgmt BCC Enabled Dynamo Application Framework Data Anywhere Architecture - Conditions Reports - Solution usage - Agent activity Catalyst Asset Program Commerce | Site Administration | Content Admin | Merchandising | Search | Personalization - Topic Sets - Dictionaries - Term Weights - Query Rules - Multi-Language - Text Processing - Ranking Config - Site Admin integration Multi-site Support Multi-channel Escalation multi-site aware - KCS authoring flow - Custom solution types - Easy solution creation & mgt - Pre-defined solution types - Solution approval workflow - Full solution versioning - Statement level security - Targeted statements - Multi-language solutions - Solution change proposals - Owning Groups - File attachments - Inline images - Owning Group Management Rapid implementation Search Admin Multi-language Hot Answers Advanced Search Knowledge Mgt Streamlined search results Account workflow Catalog Site Membership Top Questions Transactional Services Interaction Tracking Accelerated Knowledge UI Scenario Manager - Record Event - Send email Ticket History multi-site aware Topic Tree Knowledgebase Multi-channel Search Search History De-escalation - Order fragments - Status updates - Multiple fulfillers - Configurable pipelines - Hard and soft good fulfillment Common Use Cases BCC Enabled Self Service Knowledge Shared site elements multi-site aware Winback Orders Front Line Agent SQL Repository - Redirect User - Remove Content Inventory Claimables Fulfillment Framework Multiple inventory sources Real-time/batch update Pre-order stock Back-order stock Unlimited stock multi-site aware Checkout workflow Asset Preview Actions Price - Advanced mail routing rules - Automated queue distribution - Chat escalation - Usage reporting - Unique tabbed interface - Live customer Web content - Response Library - Integration Panels Payment Group (Gift Certificate) Personalization Examples Tools - importRepository, exportRepository,validation - Outcomes Tax Payment Group (Credit Card) Email Response Single Agent UI for Click to Call, Click to Chat and Email Response CommerceItem Gift Registry Type Ahead Search Deployment Manager - Deploy assets: One Off Deployments, Locked Asset Visibility - Cache pre-populate - Smart cache invalidation - Switched deployment CommerceItem Customer Experience Focus Content Administration BCC Enabled -Actions Organization Wish Lists ATG Best Practices Edit Live Adaptive Scenario Engine Workflow Engine User Authority CommerceItem Shipping Group SEO Tags Site Management - Create & Maintain site groups - Create & Maintain sites - Manage site categories - Manage site assets - Change Profile - Show Content - Set variable Shipping Group Purchase Lists - CSV Import /Export Site Administration -Tasks Order Inventory Framework BCC Enabled - Rules-based dynamic engagement - Dynamic, contextual routing - Screen share and page push - Click to call escalation - Post chat surveys - Conversion and usage reporting CommerceItem Product Bundles - PayPal Integration - Google Checkout integration - CyberSource Integration - PayloPro Integration - Taxware Integration - Order restrictions - Managing relationships - Address verification - Credit card auth - Managing state - Check out Rules based dynamic engagement Dynamic, contextual call routing Screen sharing and page push Escalation from Chat Post call surveys Conversion and usage reporting Click to Chat Agent Console multi-site aware Payment Framework Pipeline processors Creating commerce objects Assign items to shipping groups Assign costs to payment groups Set handling instructions Merging orders Personalization Preview Promotions Management - Promotional templates - Foldering - OOB tiered promotions - Multi-offer Coupons - Import | Export | Custom Price display Shipping Group - Promotional up-sell | cross sell - Closeness qualifiers Order and Customer Search Enhanced scalability Incremental indexing Indexing Service New UI for search results Cross-sells Multiple catalogs - Relationships Reactivation Detection - Buy x get y - BOGO - Tiered quantity, cost - Time period Usability Design - scalable browsing - split-pane - drag & drop Fine-grain Security Inventory status Customer Activity Research - Ticket history - Order history Product Comparisons - BCC Enabled Product detail view with images Scheduled Orders Cart Abandonment Commerce Reference Store Asset Search Project Mgmt Customer creation Agent notes Click to Call Integrated session passing for unified multi-channel experience Quick find by sku id, product id, price or description Address Management Password reset Order Process Framework - Predictive blended relevancy - Real time relevant suggestions - Exposure of full catalog - Merchant refinement & control - web, email, mobile, contact center reach - Automated merchandising Personalization Credit Card Management Live Help multi-site aware Browse by category tree Refund | Exchange | Appeasement Promotions Browser and Mgt Multi-Site Commerce - Scheduled orders - Product comparison - Shopping carts - Gift | Wish lists Video Connect Timers & wait states - Stepwise Guides - Call tracking and notes - CRM integration framework - Agent preferences Gift and Wish List Management Find users by attribute - first name - last name - login - phone number - email - postal code Anonymous cart retrieval Create new order - Add products from tree - Quick add by id - Tab and Panel layout - Ajax communication - Keyboard shortcuts - Security Management UI Management UI Customization Custom Branding Layout Management User Management Order Cancellation Promotions Pricing Engines BCC Enabled Commerce Integration Bounce Mgt - Campaign revenue tracking Edit Live - Commerce event triggers Email Templates, Dynamic Email Editor - Commerce Pricing Multi Stage Event Based Campaign Mgt Manage Scheduled Orders Check-out - complete order - Add and remove items - Check-out walk-through - Automatically applies promotions - Agent price adjustments - Order comments Catalog browse Agent Application Framework Returns and Exchange processing - Order re-price - Promotion validate - Credit issuance, RMA creation - Return codes and reason - Price adjustments Find orders by attribute - order id - status - login - date range - email - order contents - first name - last name - complete shipping info - complete billing info Version: 13_DEC 2010 Test Elements Outreach Order Management Resource Pools XML Combination XML Services Repository to XML OOB Reports - Role Dashboards - Commerce - Search - Knowledge - Self Service - Outreach - CSC Site Determination Site Context Multi-site sharables Multi-site page coding Site aware personalization Multi-site repository membership Portal WSRP Support Community Mgmt Alert Mgmt Admin UI & Framework Portal Apps Ed it C ommunit y Page s Edit Ed it C ommu t y ni P age s E it d JSR-168 Portlet Mgt Portal Framework Eclipse Tools J2EE Project Configuration Nucleus Editor App Server Deploy Tools Repository Definition Editor ATG Control Center

Printing Instructions This document is best printed on a laser printer with the resolution set to “Best”. The smallest fonts will show up at 600dpi, but are more legible at 1200dpi or higher. The images and text will scale to 17"x11" or larger.

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