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Published on October 2, 2007

Author: FunSchool


Slide1:  CATALOGUE NEWSFEED Q3 2007 Slide2:   Jokes  Quotations  Knowledge  Weird Knowledge  Design & Trends  Fashion & Beauty  Weird  Horoscope  Eroscope  Web & IT  Gadgets  Future Sciences  Video Games  Stars  Music  Cinema  CD  DVD TECHNOLOGY LIFESTYLE EASY «STARTER» CULTURE SUMMARY PRACTICAL  Feel Good  Cooking  Gardening  Places of the week Slide3:  CULTURE Slide4:  Content: All the news about stars of music, cinema and other celebrities (from the world of sports, fashion, TV and politics…). Link to videos: Frequency: 1 to 2 times per day Type of informations: Love, money, real estate, justice, health… Personnalities: Britney Spears, Prince Harry, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson… Countries: Australia, England, USA, France, Belgium, China, Italy… When one sees Kiefer Sutherland chase the baddies in “24 hours later”, one has trouble imagining that he was once disgraced and forgotten about. Propelled to the summit of fame by the famous televised series, the actor had previously survived on meagre pickings, having been considered one of the rising Hollywood stars in the 90’s. This was a sombre period during which Julia Roberts abandoned him at the altar, and which he admits to having overcome solely thanks to his passion for horses. Dropped by the big studios and profoundly depressed, the actor had decided to charge up his batteries by exiling himself on a ranch, where he took up rodeo. This retreat was evidently successful, as he became the US lasso throwing champion twice over before returning to us bursting with more talent than ever. We are all familiar with David Beckham’s incredible ease on a football pitch, but we didn’t expect him to be an equally accomplished equestrian. Recently hired by media giant Disney for his next advertising campaign, the King of the beautiful game agreed to incarnate Prince Charming in "Sleeping Beauty", during a shoot directed by photographer Annie Leibovitz. Straddling a fiery white stallion, he is metamorphosed into a valiant knight for the advertisement. The final shot, which is to be published in magazines such as "Vanity Fair" and "Vogue", depicts David astride an proud steed, armed with a long sword, confronting lethal flames emanating from gigantic invisible dragon... Enough to make all unconditional admirers of this football God swoon as he commences his Hollywood quest. Has Madonna become more British than Her Majesty’s subjects? Since her marriage to Guy Richie, the star spends most of her time in the UK, casually transforming herself into the perfect gentleman farmer’s wife. She has hence discovered a passion for horses, which she currently breeds on her Wiltshire property. This equine craze began following her husband’s gift of an impetuous horse, who had her out of her stirrups and on the ground in no time. This beautiful animal possesses a strong spirit stemming from a purebred British bloodline. Born and bred on a breeding farm in Wales, the stallion’s origins make him magnificent show horse; qualities that Madonna admires, as every self-respecting British equestrian should. 19/02/2007 SR/ © DR Vodafone Live-Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, Natel Futé,,,, Equestrio, GHI, Se Marier… REFERENCES David Beckham: saddling up for the love of the Sleeping Beauty Keifer Sutherland: Saved from despair by his love of horses Madonna : A 100% British thoroughbred for the queen of pop © ATC-Wenn 02/04/2007 SR/ 05/12/2006 SR/ STARS DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES © ATC - Wenn Slide5:  Content: News about music and artists of every style. Frequency: 1 to 2 times per week Style: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R'n'B, Reggae, Electro… Artists: Britney Spears, Daft Punk, Eminem, Mariah Carey, U2… Labels: Sony-BMG, EMI, Universal, Warner… Origin: England, France, USA… If there was a song from their latest album which the Black Eyed Peas didn't imagine making a video for, its "My Humps". Not that they see it as less good than the other, but rather because its melody doesn't constitute an ideal tune for release as a single in their eyes. A serious error, in view that the public who made this song popular through its playing over radio. This unexpected success, which surprised Will.I.Am and his colleagues, weren't disconcerted for too long: jumping on the opportunity, they were pressed to record a video to show this surprise hit. And as they were in good humour, they decided to make a video with an air of ‘old skool' hip hop, drawing on videos from artists such as Salt'n'Pepa, Gucci Crew and JJ Fad as their inspiration. That's how to add a little touch of extra madness to their crazy universe... Justin Timberlake literally broke into tears on the 22nd of October in Memphis, his home city, when a committee of America's Recording Academy paid him homage for the total of his brilliant career. The young singer received his prize from the hands of the actor Morgan Freeman, who appeared with him in the movie "Edison". Moved, the actor accompanied the gift with a vibrant speech, saying that he was there to honour Justin as an artist as well as a friend. This soliloquy was warmly applauded by an audience full to the brim with stars, amongst whom the girlfriend of Timberlake, the bubbly Cameron Diaz, and the beautiful Lisa Mari Presley, the daughter of The King were counted present. Britney Spears reportedly wants to rush a new album into shops, because she's running out of money since becoming pregnant. The pop star and husband Kevin Federline are struggling to fund their celebrity lifestyle and the recent $7 million purchase of and renovations on a new Malibu, California house, because neither are working - Spears rested her mic after conceiving the couple's first child, and dancer Federline hasn't worked for over a year. According to New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, the panicking pop princess wants to release another moneyspinning disc. Adams reports, "Mrs Federline recently made a quiet call to her record label. The gist of the discussion: We've got to get money in the house. Cash flow is going down. How about we cut another album?" 26/10/2005 CW/ © ATC-Wenn Le Matin, Vodaphone Live-Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, Natel Futé,,,… REFERENCES Justin Timberlake: Honors and Tears Black Eyed Peas: disjointed video to celebrate surprise hit Britney Spears wants new album 18/10/2005 CW/ 06/07/2005 ABo/ MUSIC DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXEMPLES © ATC-Wenn © DR Slide6:  Content: All the news from the movie world: releases, reports from the set, reviews, ratings, festivals... Frequency: 1 to 2 time per day Genre: Comedy, documentary, thriller, drama, science fiction… Director: Pedro Almodovar, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg… Actors: George Clooney, Antonio Banderas, Halle Berry, Juliette Binoche… Countries: Spain, USA, France, England… George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, inaugurated a digital animation studio in Singapore on the 27th of October. Entirely dedicated to productions for television and the cinema, this society baptized Lucasfilm Animation Singapore will be along the same lines as Industrial Light and Magic and Lucasarts, but with the desire to innovate the digital industry. Cliff Plummer, its technical director explained that they are calling not only on technology but also on the experience and techniques developed by Industrial Light and Magic and Lucasarts to train a new generation of artists at the Singapore studio. Currently, the team is working on its first series for television titled “Clone Wars”. This animated project will be based on the events which follow Episodes I, II and III in the popular “Star Wars” saga, and will be broadcast over the course of 2007. It's hard to imagine Orlando Bloom as a shy person, but he is! The actor confessed that a number of situations related to his job put him particularly ill at ease, such as when he had to dance in front of a beaming crowd for his latest film, "Elizabethtown". Main actor in this comedy, the young seducer is effectively at the centre of a sequence which sees him letting loose to music in a dream landscape. However, the place where this scene was being shot is frequented every day but several hundreds of tourists. Add to this the innumerable fans and other paparazzi that came to admire the star in action and you will have an idea of the crowds that gathered there. The situation didn't fail to embarrass the actor, who willingly admits that he is not the king of the dance. Fortunately, he managed to reach the end of his number... without feeling too ridiculous. Apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow has a predilection for family work. After answering to her mother Blythe Danner in "Sylvia", then playing the heroine of "Duets" under the direction of her deceased father Bruce, the beauty is next to benefit her brother Jake with her immense talent as a comedienne. The actress has just accepted to play a romantic in "The Good Night" a romantic comedy entirely written and produced by her younger brother. She will appear alongside Morgan Freeman, who she starred with in "Seven", and Simon Pegg, the inerrable Mr Nice in "Guest House Paradiso". The plot, which tells the adventures of a man in search of perfection, unfolds in the heart of New York, a fact which will not stop the majority of the film from being shot in studios in Ealing in London from the 7th of November. Go on Gwyneth, to work! The family is counting on you... 26/10/2005 CW/ © DR Vodafone Live-Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, Natel Futé, Vox Mobile,,,… REFERENCES Orlando Bloom, timid dancer An animation studio in Singapore from the father of Star Wars Gwyneth Paltrow: Familial love meets passion for cinema © ATC - Wenn © ATC - Wenn 03/11/2005 CW/ 12/10/2005 CW/ CINEMA DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Slide7:  Content: News about CD releases of major and independent labels… Frequency: At least 4 times per week Style: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R'n'B, Reggae, Electro… Artist: Céline Dion, Daft Punk, Mariah Carey, U2… Label: Sony-BMG, EMI, Sony, Universal, Warner, Ninja Tune, Zomba… Origin: England, France, USA, Norway… If Franz Ferdinand say they are incapable of explaining the cause of their phenomenal success, they have nevertheless given birth to a hedonistic type rock with a cutting edge sound and rhythm from hell, which is expressed in a childish and contagious way. After having revolutionized the music scene in 2004 with their self-titled album, these former masters are back with “You Could Have It So Much Better”, a production that is certainly tasty, but doesn't offer anything particularly new. What's wrong with that, if it's good? Nothing, explains the leader of the group, Alex Kapranos. He believes that they are who they are and have no need to change for the sake of it. This is a pertinent comment which shows the desire for the young rockers to allow their music the time to evolve naturally. “Always be yourself“: this is the motto of the hip hop star and actor Bow Wow for his new album, his fourth, entitled „Wanted“. At 18 years old, this album shows Bow Wow on top form and aware that he has grown up. The first song, “Do You”, shows real character. On “Caviar”, Bow Wow can be heard together with Snoop Dogg, whilst “Like You” with Ciara brings something for the ladies. Then the crunk song “Go” once again shows Bow Wow step up the tempo. Seven of the twelve tracks were written by the star himself. In the songs he writes about his personal experiences, leaving a piece of himself with his fans. Jermaine Dupri is still on the production of the album, who worked with Bow Wow on the success that was his first album. "Wanted", album by Bow Wow, Distr. SonyBMG, available now. Important for the Dutch rock'n'roll stage, Kane is finally back with one 3rd album plainly called "Fearless". After "As Long As You Want This" and "So Glad You Made It", this new opus offers a good compromise between the multiple possibilities of the trio. This balance receipt has in addition made miracles in the Netherlands, where more than 90' 000 copies of this superb combination were already sold, giving him a platinum album. Heterogeneous as well as enigmatic, this beautiful repertory evokes the last two years experienced by the training, a period marked by the loss of a dear being, the sadness and hope, which gave rise to a strongly contradictory music. But in spite of this very emotional side, the symmetry of the various compositions holds a beautiful brightness… "Fearless", an album by Kane. Sony-BMG Distribution. Release 05.09.05 17/10/2005 CW/ © Musikvertieb REFERENCES "Wanted" - the new CD by Bow Wow "You Could Have It So Much Better": the return of Franz Ferdinand "Fearless": Kane wins due to talent as well as due to maturity! © DR © DR 17/11/2006 YB/ 13/09/2005 EK/ CD DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Orange World, Le Matin, Vodafone Live-Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, Natel Futé,,,… Slide8:  Content: Commented selection of DVD releases combining a film review and qualified commentaries about the special features. Frequency: At least 4 times per week Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction, Horror, Documentary, Manga… Director: Pedro Almodovar, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg… Actor: George Clooney, Antonio Banderas, Halle Berry, Johnny Depp… Zone: 1 to 8 Origin: Australia, Korea, Spain, Irland, Japan, Switzerland… The body of Melquiades Estrada, a Mexican ranch boy, is found in the Texan desert where it has been buried after been murdered. His best friend, extremely moved by this miserable ending, decides to investigate in order to find the murderer. He manages to trick the criminal and offers to his mate its ultimate present: a honorable burial in his hometown. Many actors after an acting career move behind the camera. It is the case of Tommy Lee Jones, who offers us, with “The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada”, a first surprising atypical movie. Awarded in Cannes and in Toronto in 2005, this humanistic western movie deserves a place next to the best films of this never ageing genre. Nevertheless we are disappointed with the lack of bonuses in the DVD, which have been included only in the collector's edition. A deliciously wild child of 16 years old, Katy McLaughlin dreams of following in her father’s steps and succeed him at the head of the family ranch. However, their relationship deteriorates when the adolescent develops a passion for a totally untameable black mare. A true equestrian literary masterpiece, “My Friend Flicka” is unveiled as a superb adaptation on the big screen, sublime with beauty and emotion. Set in the splendid scenery of Montana, this magnificent love story between a young girl and a wild mustang will touch the hearts of all friends of man’s greatest conquest thanks to Alice Lohman’s presentation. The only let down are the bonuses, which include only a couple of unedited scenes, a collection of uninteresting howlers and the video clip of the theme tune. At 17, Marie-Antoinette seals the Franco-Austrian alliance through her marriage to the future king, Louis XVI. Installed at Versailles, she discovers the rigid and libertine protocol dominating this isolated society. Sofia Coppola takes a radically original approach to tracing her heroine’s destiny. "Marie Antoinette" is staged in period decors and costumes, embellished by a contemporary film score and brought together through innovative film direction. This atypical combination is enhanced by realistic historical reconstructions bustling with frivolous courtesans, magnificent knights and stunning horse carriages. Unlike the director’s previous films, this one incorporates an interesting collection of bonuses, including an attractive making-of, interviews with the actors and a fascinating segment about the film soundtrack. 16/02/2007 SR/ © DR Vodafone Live-Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, MNC-Alcatel, Radio Fribourg, Equestrio,, Les Nouvelles de Quartier… REFERENCES Flicka: A cinematic gem taken from an equestrian literary masterpiece “The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada”, a Tommy Lee Jones film "Marie Antoinette": the story of a rebel queen © DR © DR 29/06/2006 SR/ 09/04/2007 SR/ DVD DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Slide9:  TECHNOLOGY Slide10:  Content: All the latest on the web and the net, carefully sifted so you can get to know and understand this booming industry. Link to videos: Frequency: 2 to 3 times per week Type of information: News, Project, Review, Survey… Company: Apple, Logitech, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube, MSN… Domain: Online sale, Download, Web 2.0, Blog, Software… Country: USA, Brazil, Norway, Japan… As Christmas quickly approaches, Western civilization prepares itself to experience its traditional suffering in the month of December: the terrible hunt for presents, accompanied by inevitable migraines and perilous expeditions in stuffed shops. Fortunately, Amazon, the biggest cyber-shop on the Internet has already come to our rescue. On its website, a new section called the "gift guide" not only allows you to buy the presents directly online, but more importantly to find original ideas in a few mouse clicks thanks to a list of presents drawn up by shopping specialists. From there, the visitor only has to select from a number of categories such as "grand parents", "teen-boy" or "less than 25 dollars" and then make a choice from fifty proposed objects. As a last resort, the ultimate list is called "the one who has everything". 08/11/2005 CW/ REFERENCES Amazon to the rescue of Father Christmas! © DR WEB & IT DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Blogging on the move through your mobile phone? This is possible thanks to Opera, a new version of the web portal "My Opera Community", specially created to display both on a computer and a mobile phone. Released quietly a month ago, this little gem met an immediate success via word-of-mouth, attaining some 1000 adept additions per day. Behind this lightning success you'll find a large variety of completely free services, accessible through one page. From joining, members receive 300 Mb of space with which they can, according to their choice, create a blog, create a message board, upload images or many other things besides, all without worrying about where they are what activity they're up to... including jogging! 29/11/2005 CW/ "Blog while you jog": Opera launch mobile phone blogging © Apple Verging on ruin not long a go, Apple will be able to boast being one of the most flourishing businesses of the high tech world. The company from the Big Apple has just revealed its accounts for the 4th trimester of 2005, unveiling an amount of trading and profits that had never before been recorded in its history. Behind this great achievement you'll find the notable success of iTunes, the online music shop that has sold more than half a billion songs, but also the that of the iPod, the star MP3 player that is constantly being reinvented and each time more powerful. Added to the sales of multiple computer types from Steve Jobs's company, these two triumphs have allowed the company to reap takings of some 3.68 billion dollar and a profit of 430 million dollars. The future is looking promising! © DR Apple on top! 12/10/2005 CW/ Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, Vox Mobile,,, Exel, Tendance Déco, Bilan, IB Com, Les Nouvelles de Quartier… Slide11:  Content: First with the funniest, weirdest, most innovative gadgets. Link to videos: Frequency: 2 to 3 times per week Sector: Multimedia, Telecoms, IT, Design… Country: South Korea, Taiwan, France, United Kingdom… Japan is going to test the prototype of the new supersonic airplane intended to be part of the commercial aviation sector. The trials are going to take place beginning September above the Australian desert and it is planned that the tested device which will fly without crew for the occasion, reaches a speed of Mach 2, meaning twice the speed of sound. The news comes from a spokesperson of the Japanese Aeronautical Agency JAXA, which could be the one that leads to the construction of the successor of the Concord, the unique commercial supersonic to have been used up to now. In addition to this, Japan and France have already signed an agreement for a common development of this new sky emperor, meaning a plane capable of connecting New York and Tokyo in a time limit of 6 hours with about 300 passengers on board. In 1980, a whole generation discovers in amazement an extraordinary device which enables them, for the first time, to listen to music while walking: the Walkman. 25 years later, the gadget of Sony did not lose its young and trendy style, thanks to a young touch offered by Ericsson. Not only the object adapted perfectly to the digital format, but its designer transformed it into true multi-media station, with all the necessary functions of our time! Thus, it also functions as a portable telephone, camera, mp3 reader and video. An original 2nd generation Walkman, it is divided in 2 versions: the "W800i" and the very new "W900", which benefits from the UMTS, a technology making it possible to download musical files quickly and directly from the device. Sony has not yet finished progressing! We've been waiting for it impatiently and here it is! Announced this autumn during the latest E3 exposition, the Game Boy Micro has just been released in Europe, with its super small size, its sparkling colours and its whole range of games that area already available on its big brother, the Game Boy Advance. About the size of a small mobile phone, the latest of Nintendo's consoles is good enough for even the most grumpy. Equipped with the same processor as the GBA SP, it distinguishes itself through its incredible durability, excellent ergonomics and the presence on its side of an audio slot for a regular pair of headphones to plug in to. Equipped with a battery life of 12 hours, it is also endowed with a back-lit screen of excellent clarity and an adjustable brightness, which will guarantee clear and brilliantly colourful gaming. 17/10/2005 EK/ © JAXA REFERENCES "W900": Walkman always ahead Japan tests the successor of the Concord Put the Game Boy Micro in your pocket © DR © DR 01/09/2005 EK/ 08/11/2005 CW/ GADGETS DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, Vox Mobile,,, Exel, Tendance Déco, Bilan, IB Com, Les Nouvelles de Quartier… Slide12:  Content: Details of future technological developments and how research is progressing. Link to videos: Frequency: 2 to 3 times per week Sector: Bio-tech, Communication, Environment… Country: South Korea, Canada, Russia… As fossil fuels on which we have become so dependent start to become rarer, and with the challenge of saving the planet becoming increasingly more urgent, scientists all around the world are actively working on new ecological and inexpensive ways of producing energy.   Dr Hideki Koyonaka and his team are rising to this challenge by developing matter capable of reproducing the phenomenon of photosynthesis.  This revolutionary material, made up of microscopic particles of manganese, enables ethanol and sugars to be manufactured from elements as common as air and light, just as plants do. It also has the added advantage of reducing the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere 300 times more efficiently than any plant.  And for an unbeatable price, too! For most of us mortals, bacteria are basically bad germs whose only purpose is to make us sick.  But from the scientists’ point of view, these charming little beasts offer unlimited promise in the field of new technology.  To this end and having successfully programmed microscopic organisms to generate images, the top researchers are now attempting to use them as live smart cards by imprinting digital data onto their DNA.  Even better, a team from the Japanese University of Kelo has already developed a system whereby information may be stored on the genes of a bacterium called “Bacillus Subtilis” and then read at will, thus transforming certain chemical elements of its genetic code into alphanumeric data! The speed of our computers constitutes a never-ending challenge for the giants of the IT world. Up until now, they have managed to do miracles by multiplying processors, but that method has its limits.  In fact, the copper wires that enable the transmission of data into the said processors tend to overload beyond a certain capacity. To counter this weakness, the company Intel is leaning towards the ability of silicium to transport light with, ultimately, a prototype based on a network of optical connections and a modulator to transform the electrical signal, information vector into light waves.  A system which already allows them to transfer many millions of photons per second and which could boost our PCs in an impressive way.  Only downside - we will have to wait a dozen years to benefit from this revolution. 26/02/2007 AB/ © DR REFERENCES Bacteria to be used as digital smart cards? Photosynthesis - Japan reinvents green energy Photons to boost our computers © DR © DR 16/03/2007 AB/ 26/01/2007 AB/ FUTURE SCIENCES DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, Vox Mobile,,, Exel, Tendance Déco, Bilan, IB Com, Les Nouvelles de Quartier… Slide13:  Content: Daily news about the best videogames. Latest rumours, releases, new hardware and game reviews. Link to videos: Frequency: 1 to 2 times per day Type of game: Adventure, roleplaying, shooter, sports, strategy, multiplayer… Platform: GameCube, PlayStation, Xbox, PC… Publisher: Activision, Atari, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Ubisoft… Geographic zone: Asia, USA, Europe… Nintendo DS owners have been waiting for a "Sonic" game to hit their portable console for a while, so does it live up to expectations? The game represents a return to roots for Sega and for this reason the essentials that made the original so good are here in abundance: Sonic Rush is fast and slick. The graphics are the same as the original classics and while this may put off some gamers more accustomed to current 3d polygonal games, fans nostalgic for the Megadrive platformer will be pleasantly surprised. The game makes good use of the NDS' dual screens: often you'll find yourself launched from the bottom screen to top, or fall from the top to the bottom and a two player race mode can be played over Wifi using one copy of the game. All in all, Sonic delivers exactly what fans hoped for; what it may lack in originality it more than makes up for with classic game play. What would America look like today if the British colonies had been wiped out by the French at the time of the conquest of the New World? How would international relations have turned out if the Russians had travelled across the Atlantic before everyone else? Who would have massacred the Incas, if the conquistadors were sent away by the Dutch? What taste would coca-cola have, if Christopher Colombus had been German? Microsoft replies to most of these questions with their latest “Age of Empires”, a strategy game which allows you to remake the New World in your image, with the colonial power of your choice. The sharing of the future land of Mr Bush is done as it was at the time: through violence and pain. A little wargame, just as we like it, “Age of Empires III” offers to explode onto your computer, revising history as it goes. "Soul Calibur III" sees the return of Namco's award-winning fighting game for the PlayStation2. Like the previous incarnations of the game, it features a variety of lush environments, ranging from a castle in Germany to a shrine in Greece, and a total of nearly 30 highly-detailed characters, each equipped with his or her special weapon. It is unsurprising to find that the same fast action game play and exciting "combo" moves that characterised the first two games are also available here en masse. Veterans will enjoy taking their time to unlock new features and hidden characters, whilst new-comers to the genre can immerse themselves in two new story modes, both of which add light relief to the arcade action of the fight sequences. Although to a certain extent "Soul Calibur III" simply builds on the aspects of its predecessors, the game is unparalleled in its field. 02/11/2005 CW/ © DR Vodafone Live-Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise Live, Vox Mobile… REFERENCES "Age of Empires III": Imperialism, Microsoft style "Sonic Rush" review for Nintendo DS Preview of "Soul Calibur III" for PlayStation 2 © DR 18/11/2005 CW/ 28/10/2005 CW/ VIDEO GAMES DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES © DR Slide14:  PRACTICAL Slide15:  Content: Hints, tips and tricks to ease stress, stay in shape, feel good and nourish well. Combined with Animated Gif exercise… Frequency: 1 time per day Domain: Anti stress, Fitness, Health, Yoga… Problems: Back ache, Stiffness… Body parts: Abdomen, Legs, Arms, Shoulders… Gender: Female or Male Even if they have to support the weight of our body daily, the feet are seldom the center of our attention. In order to relax them and make them lighter than air, massage them a little. Start by bringing your left foot on your right knee and take your ankle with your left hand. Then put your fist, closed, against the sole of the foot, in the hollow located between the heel and the fleshy part, which is at the base of the toes. Press strongly and carry out a small massage while moving your fist forwards and starting with the point of the heel and finishing with the base of your toes. Continue for one to two minutes, and start again with the other foot. Drink appreciated in the four corners of the world, the qualities of the tea are often ignored. Particularly refreshing even when it is hot, it is extremely rich in vitamins and mineral salt, therefore it is a very good ally for your health. The green tea, for example, gives you energy. In addition to this, it is excellent for the skin, because it purifies it thanks to its high content of vitamin E and antioxydants. The black tea reinforces the cardiovascular system, without forgetting its diuretic qualities. In order to avoid its strong effect, due to the caffeine that it contains, you should let it infuse separately for ten seconds before pouring it in the teapot. If this isa miracle exercise, which will enable you to tighten your thighs, to stretch and reinforce your abs and to harden your arms, while at the same time giving you a wonderful posture, then this is the exercise for you! However a minimum of flexibility is needed, so go ahead gradually and avoid forcing yourself. Lay down with your belly flat on the ground and take your feet with your two hands. Breathe slowly and straighten your legs to the maximum while raising your head and your bust, without releasing your feet. Return to the initial position and breathe deeply. Start again the exercise several times. 06/09/2006 EK/ © TLC REFERENCES Drink tea! Light feet… Iron abdominals, tight bottom and thighs © DR © TLC 11/10/2006 EK/ 02/08/2006 EK/ FEEL GOOD DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Orange World, Vodafone Live-Swisscom Mobile, Vox Mobile, Se Marier, Les Nouvelles de Quartier… Slide16:  Content: The "Cooking" channel is for lovers (especially of the female variety) of good food :  healthy, tasty, quick to prepare and inexpensive.  Over two hundred recipes available. Frequency: 1 time per day Type of ingredients: Meat, Vegetable, Fish, Dairy products... Main ingredients: Beef, Broccoli, Lemon… Price: < 5 €, < 10 €, < 15 €… Energy value: < 500 kcal, < 1000 kcal, < 1500 kcal… Preparation time: < 5 min, < 10 min, < 15 min… Ingredients: - 500g of pork fillet or 4 medallions 2 kiwis 165ml cream of coconut 1 dessertspoon of oil - 1 dessertspoon Thai curry paste - 1 tsp lemon-grass or lemon-balm - ½ tsp cardamom seeds - ½ tsp fresh ginger white rice Method: 1. Rub the pork with the cardamom seeds, ginger and lemon-grass (or lemon-balm); marinate for one hour at room temperature. 2. Brown pork on both sides in an  oiled frying-pan over a high heat ; lower the heat and continue to cook for about 10 mins or until the meat is thoroughly cooked right through; remove from heat and keep warm. 3. Heat the curry paste for a few seconds in the frying-pan to allow the flavours to develop; add the cream of coconut and bring to a simmer  - if the sauce is too thick, thin with a little milk. 4. Reheat the pork in the sauce; serve with rice, decorated with the slices of kiwi. Orange World, Les Nouvelles de Quartier… REFERENCES Chicory stuffed with pears and roquefort cheese Pork with Kiwis COOKING DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Ingredients: - 4 chicory heads 2 pears - 100G roquefort cheese - 25cl cream - chives - pepper Method: 1. Separate chicory leaves, wash, dry and arrange on a plate. 2. Sprinkle with crumbled roquefort 3. Whip the cream and season with the chopped chives and ground pepper 4. Peel and slice the pears. 5. Arrange the pears on top of the prepared chicory leaves, pour cream over and put the dish in a cool place for 30 mins before serving. © DR © DR 26/03/2007 AB/ 20/02/2007 AB/ Slide17:  Content: The "Gardening" channel offers tips and advice to the green-fingered on how best to look after indoor and outdoor plants all year round. Frequency: 2 times per week Month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September… Work: Plants, Rose-trees, Flowers, Vegetables, Lawns… For good maintenance, now is the time to start thinning out your fruit, i.e. removing any surplus fruits. This  may seem a “heart-breaking” operation, but remember that a tree which is not strong enough to carry a plentiful harvest may well die in the attempt. What is more, the fruit remaining on the tree will be of a much better size. You will need to see if the procedure is necessary by taking a look once the tree’s natural thinning process, whereby excess fruit falls naturally, has taken place. If your trees have developed a lot of side-shoots, which might wear the tree out, do not hesitate to carry out ‘tipping’. This operation consists of pruning the side-shoots back to 5 or 6 leaves, so as to send the sap back down the tree. Protect the fruit harvest by setting traps for flying pests. You should now be harvesting early apricots, cherries, raspberries and strawberries still.  This is the start of the main flowering season. Thin out buds of large-flowering roses and remove any suckers growing from the base of the plant, pulling them off if they are young enough. Otherwise, prune as near to the base as possible. If you noticed signs of powdery mildew last year, make sure to treat against this with a sulphur-based product before the summer. Do not spray the flowers. Watch out for green-fly and spray at the first signs. Put straw around the base of the plants to keep weeds at bay ; grass-mowings will suffice. Finally, be sure to water generously any recently planted bushes. Plant out container-grown shrubs : the soil is  warm enough now. Give conifers a dressing of all-round fertiliser. Do not spray fruit trees whilst in full bloom : this could prevent pollinisation. Prune forsythias and other spring-flowering shrubs just as they have finished flowering  (the aim is to reduce the plant by about a third). The new growth following pruning will flower next year. When fuschia start to make their spring growth, cut back all old branches as near to the ground as possible. 05/05/2006 MB/,… REFERENCES MAY: Roses JUNE: Fruit and the orchard APRIL: Trees and shrubs © DR 15/06/2006 MB/ 27/04/2006 MB/ GARDENING DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES © DR © DR Slide18:  Content: The best local garden-centres, printed T-shirts online, trendy capital-city restaurants, electro nights you simply can’t miss. Frequency: 4 time per week Place: Zürich, Nyon, Fribourg… Thematic: Shopping, Fooding, Fashion, Cosmectics… Country: Switzerland, Portugal, Australia, Bulgaria… The owners of large gardens will find what they need to furnish their patch of land. At Enea, materials and plants for the garden and terrace are spread over nearly seven hectares. Enea St. Gallerstrasse 36 8716 Schmerikon +41 55 286 22 66 Renown for its Jazz Festival, its palace and its casino, the "Pearl of the Riviera" will delight you with its pleasant climate, its landscape between the lake and mountains and its numerous excursion possibilities. Montreux 1820 Montreux +41 848 86 84 84 The stylish Baroque caters mainly for the bankers who work in the district and come here to relax over a good drink. In the basement is the B'Club nightclub for those who want to party all night long. Le Baroque Place de la Fusterie 12 1214 Geneva +41 22 311 05 15 Mon-Sun 12am-2am 19/05/2006 JK/ © DR Swiss Watch Report, Guide4Me, Passeport Loisirs, Tendance Déco, SwixiMag… REFERENCES Montreux Enea Le Baroque © Montreux Tourisme © DR 04/07/2006 JK/ 22/03/2006 JK/ PLACES OF THE WEEK DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Slide19:  LIFESTYLE Slide20:  Content: The very best in worldwide fashion and design trends, sorted by country, by sector, or mixed according to the originality of the idea. Frequency: 2 to 3 times per week Sector: Graphics, Fashion, Industry… Country: Japan, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands… The event which is the Zurich film festival first saw the light of day in 2005 and could count on an exceptional ally to complete the visual branding of its second screening, which took place from 2nd to 8th October. Already one of last year’s sponsors, the company USM effectively took in hand the majority of the supply of furnishings associated with the event. Well known for their wacky, contemporary style and their ingenious modularity, the brand furnishings integrated the decor with this gathering dedicated to the young innovators of international cinema, and in the same way, actively contributed to the modernity and dynamism of its image and atmosphere. Famous for the refined look of its kitchens and bathrooms, the Boffi house is one of the ambassadors of the minimalist contemporary style. Appreciated all around the world, the equipment of this undisputed leader of luxury goods flourishes from now on in Japan,  where it has, lately, acquired an exhibition space. Open, in the heart of Tokyo, this showroom dedicated to western aesthetism welcomes the latest collections of this Italian company, displayed along with the work of other big names in European design. Tendance Déco, SwixiMag, Guide4me… REFERENCES The Zurich film festival revamped by USM Boffi flourishes in Tokyo 29/11/2006 AB/ 24/10/2006 AB/ DESIGN & TRENDS DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES If you like to wallow in a relaxing bath but your ecological conscience is getting the better of you, then Dutchtub was made for you. This outside Jacuzzi is simple and contemporary in design and ticks all the right boxes.   Available in green, blue and red, it is shaped like a large pan in which up to four people can lounge. Because it is made of plastic, it is very light - 75 kilos - and boasts a wooden, non-polluting self-heating system which is clever and original to say the least. The Dutchtub or how to bathe ecologically 31/08/2006 YB/ © USM © DR © DR Slide21:  Content: Original cosmetics, unusual ideas or trendy clothes: you’ll find them all on this channel. Frequency: At least 3 times per week Type: Cosmetics, Clothes, Design, High Tech, Fooding… Trademark: Atypik, Lacoste, Dinh Van, Aesop, Paul Smith, Aveda… Origin: Switzerland, Japan, USA, Australia, Italy… Lushis a small, friendly family business producing a range of ecological, unusual and frankly luscious cosmetics. Hand-made, sold by weight and wrapped only in brown paper, their bath bombs, massage bars, fragrance oils and other delights melt on the skin and not only are they sexy but they work too! Made from fresh, natural ingredients, the recipes are formulated without recourse to animal-testing and the labels feature not only their use-by date but also an exhaustive list of ingredients. Angel’s Delight, Luciole, Tisty Tosty or Kissletoes... the very names evoke out-of-the-ordinary mixtures made with honey, ginger, lotus, chocolate or bergamot. Clients in particular will find themselves persuaded... and so too are the staff, who attach their personal stickers to every product they have so lovingly produced! In its pets collection, Alessi has launched a set of ten origami bowls in waterproof paper intended to hold the food of our four-legged friends during trips and travels. After the "Lupita" bowls created by Miriam Mirri in 2002, the Japanese designer Naoko Sintani introduces "Vengo anch'io" to ensure that dogs and cats are not abandoned with the start of the summer season. Reduced to an absolute minimum, the dimensions of the set correspond to sheets of paper which can be detached and easily folded into bowls large enough to feed medium sized canines. The Italian brand has chosen to introduce its new product in Milan, on the 8th of July, during a "Pet Party" – with the money raised to be given to a charity – in order to increase public awareness whilst achieving a high-impact marketing campaign. © DR REFERENCES The wonderful world of cosmetics: Lush Vengo anch'io or animal protection according to Alessi © DR 22/03/2005 CS/ 05/02/2005 ABo/ FASHION & BEAUTY DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES To celebrate the anniversary of their "Pliage" line, leather-goods manufacturers Longchamp have got together with English artist Tracey Emin, whose work is inspired by her personal life. Using drawings, film, installations, sculpture and even sheets, she tells us all about her hopes, fears humiliations and successes, with both humour and  tragedy. The bags will thus become  her new medium of expression. Travel, memories, personal diaries and hand-crafted patchwork are the main inspirations in this unprecedented encounter. Each suitcase, produced in  limited editions of 200, will be adorned with a fabric brooch, bearing the name of a town Tracey has visited and signed by the artist herself. Prices in the collection range from €100 for a clutch bag  to €4,800 for a suitcase. Longchamp goes arty © DR 12/12/2004 ABo/ Tendance Déco, SwixiMag, Se Marier, Taste, Les Nouvelles de Quartier… Slide22:  Content: Incredible but true: that’s the news we bring you. Frequency: 1 time per day Subjet: Work, Law, Health, Love, Sport… Country: New-Zealand, UAE, Island, Ukraine… One of the inevitable  questions superstars  always get asked is the classic "What is the strangest job you’ve ever done?" So Brad Pitt was unlikely to get out of it and his answer was one to set tongues wagging ! In fact, the hero of "Babel" was not ashamed to confess that the most unusual job he’d ever had was as a chauffeur for strippers... and that without a doubt it was thanks to one of these young ladies that he had started out on his brilliant career in the cinema. "I had to drive them from one party to another, put their music on, catch their costumes in mid-air and collect the money they earned » he explained. "When I decided to stop, one of the girls gave me the address of an acting coach called Roy London. And he’s the one who got me started on the road I’m still travelling". Sometimes chance can be a fine thing ! Stuck in the superficial world of showbiz, celebrities and stars are becoming increasingly inclined to "get back to real life". Take Janet Jackson, for example, who has decided to become a drive-in sales assistant for McDonald’s! Apparently the singer had this somewhat strange idea after telling model Tyra Banks that she was desperate to experience the daily thrill of life as lived by your average American worker. In no time at all she had suggested to  a producer of reality TV shows that it might be an idea if this extraordinary experience were to take place in front of the all-seeing eye of the camera: that way, her fans would be able to share it with her. And as she didn’t really want to put on her fast-food groupie’s apron all on her own, she dragged her friend Tyra into the adventure. It will be interesting to see how long these two young women will be able to stand the smell of chip - fat! 23/11/2006 AB/ © ATC-Wenn Orange World, Sunrise Live,… REFERENCES Janet Jackson, latest recruit to the McDonald’s workforce! Brad Pitt: He owes his career as a filmstar to a stripper! © ATC-Wenn 23/01/2007 AB/ WEIRD DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES The Japanese are without a doubt at the cutting edge as far as original and innovative technologies are concerned. The latest so far: a high-pressure capsule you can slide into when you need to recuperate after intense physical effort or a gruelling day at the office. Some may remain unconvinced, but since the winners of the national student baseball championships declared that they had used it, the appatus is setting a trend. The pressure in these circular tubes is slightly above normal atmospheric pressure. These conditions cause an increase in the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, thus increasing supplies to wounds and injuries as well as causing blood vessels to contract,  limiting swelling and pain. High-level sportsmen and women seem to rate it, in any case, as sometimes it is called "the Beckham capsule". High-pressure "anti-fatigue" capsules appear in Japan © DR 05/09/2006 YB/ Slide23:  Content: The influence of the stars over your sign will no longer have any secrets for you. Frequency: 1 time per day Sign: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus… Them: Love, Money, Work, Health… Se Marier, MNC-Alcatel… REFERENCES HOROSCOPE DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Libra: You’ve been pulling on your tether so hard you’ve now reached the end of it ! Your fatigue is also making you over-sensitive to a somewhat tense family situation./ATC Scorpio: The vexations which have been wearing you down since the start of April are now fading away. Make the most of this period of happiness, as it won’t last beyond June 6th./ATC Sagittarius: Perturbed by Mars’ passage through Pisces, your mood will improve if you take part in some kind of physical activity./ATC Taurus: Nothing seems able to harm you in your professional life. Take the opportunity to prepare for a future promotion./ATC Leo: Dominated by Venus, the current conjunction is good for communication and professional development. However, you need to make sure you don’t give in to greed./ATC Virgo: Soon the tensions which are weighing you down will only be a bad memory. Thanks to the alliance between Jupiter and Neptune, May will turn out to be a generous month for your bank-account./ATC 03/05/06 Capricorn: Spring may be good for Nature but it isn’t for you. You will feel exhausted and struggle to keep your head above water./ATC Aquarius: Your ideas may be somewhat incoherent but your stars suggest a period of joy and dynamic activity, strengthened by the influences of Jupiter and Saturn./ATC Aries: Venus is by your side again, making your lovelife harmonious, while the sun in your sign is helping you to regain confidence in yourself./ATC Slide24:  Content: Your libido is influenced by the stars : your eroscope tells you all you need to know about current pulling prospects, sexual disappointments and  chances to get a date. Frequency: 1 time per day Sign: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagitarius, Aquarius… Them: Sex Se Marier, MNC-Alcatel… REFERENCES EROSCOPE DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Libra: Your libido is not very generous at the moment. Look around, there ‘s plenty to get excited about ! So just stop holding back and go full steam ahead!/ATC Scorpio: You’re not happy with recent sexual adventures, but there’s no point getting stressed about it : the stars are coming to your aid!/ATC Sagittarius: Pleasure is something that has to be learned slowly and methodically. The next few days will be full of delightful experiences. Watch out, there are steamy surprises awaiting you./ATC Gemini: Your pulling power is shining brightly: go to the achingly hip bars and let yourself be tempted. It’ll be really hot. Just  go with the flow./ATC Cancer: The stars are indicating change. So go ahead and don’t be too calculating, a bit of something new never does any harm, particularly as far as sex is concerned./ATC Leo: You think you’re unlucky, but you’re not doing anything about it. Forget about being rational and take advantage of the pleasures that are knocking at your belt!/ATC 24/08/06 Aquarius: Everyone wants you, but you owe it to yourself to make the first move. The result will be up to expectations: full of carnal delights! /ATC Pisces: Since your beloved has been paying you compliments on your performance you have never felt more confident. That’s fine, but don’t overestimate your sexual prowess./ATC Aries: You are suffering from poor self-esteem and sexual hang-ups. Try to understand what your body is telling you and be prepared for change!/ATC Slide25:  EASY STARTER Slide26:  Content: Some make you laugh, some make you think: either way, jokes have always been tremendously attractive. So why go without? Frequency: At least 1 time per day Type of information: Animals, Cars, Politics, Men, Women, Irish, Blonde… 18/09/05 I have one arm, three heads and four legs, what am I? A liar!/TLC 19/09/05 Who wears glasses but can't see? A nose!/TLC 20/09/05 What kind of ears does an engine have?  Engineers/TLC 12/09/05 So how was the exam? Asks daddy kangaroo to his daughter back from school. - No problem, it's in my pocket!/TLC 13/09/05 What is the difference between a blonde and a pokemon? The pokemon evolves!/TLC 14/09/05 What is the difference between a dollar an a rouble? A dollar./TLC REFERENCES JOKES DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES 15/09/05 How do you recognise an Irishman in a submarine? He's the only one wearing a parachute./TLC 16/09/05 Why do men die before women? To leave a little paradise on Earth!/TLC 17/09/05 " Juliette, help me change your little brother." " Why, is he used up ? " (Juliette 3 years old)./TLC, Vox Mobile, MNC-Alcatel… Slide27:  Content: Show others how clever you are! Every day a quote from a someone with a  famous name or of anonymous fame  will brighten up your daily routine. Frequency: At least 1 time per day Type of information: Love, Proverb, Sport, Technology, Space, Lifestyle, Cars, Religion, Health… 26/09/05 Leonardo Da Vinci: Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory./TLC 27/09/05 Johnny Depp: Anything I've done up till May 27th 1999 was kind of an illusion, existing without living. My daughter, the birth of my daughter, gave me life./TLC 28/09/05 David Beckham: Alex Ferguson is the best manager I've ever had at this level. Well, he's the only manager I've actually had at this level. But he's the best manager I've ever had./TLC 23/09 /05 Paris Hilton: Every woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything./TLC 24/09/05 Ronald Reagan: But there are advantages to being elected President. The day after I was elected, I had my high school grades classified Top Secret./TLC 25/09/05 Marat Safin: I play tennis not only because it pays good money but because I enjoy it. The more I like it, the better I play./TLC 20/09/05 Britney Spears: I always call my cousin because we're so close. We're almost like sisters, and we're also close because our moms are sisters./TLC 21/09/05 Leonardo DiCaprio: Everywhere I go, somebody is staring at me, I don't know if people are staring because they recognize me or because they think I'm a weirdo./TLC 22/09/05 Jennifer Love Hewitt: I don't want to ever, ever do something in life that isn't fun. Ever./TLC, Vox Mobile, MNC-Alcatel… REFERENCES QUOTATIONS DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXEMPLES Slide28:  Content: Intriguing, interesting, reliable and captivating, "Knowledge" is the rendez-vous for all kinds of exciting and totally verifiable news and information. Frequency: At least 1 time per day 26/09/05 The colour of our skin can be influenced by what we eat, particularly carotene and lycopene, which turn the skin red. They can be found in carrots, tomatoes and orange-coloured fruit./ATC 27/09/05 "Smarties" were invented in England in 1937./ATC 28/09/05 Madonna’s real name is Maria-Louise Ciccone. In fact over the years her real surname has become one of the star’s nicknames./ATC 23/09/05 Ben Affleck and Matt Damon first became friends while studying at Harvard: both of them gave up their studies in favour of acting at the same time./ATC 24/09/05 The Oscar for the best foreign film has been won by Italy more often than by any other country, having received a total of 12 awards  altogether./ATC 25/09/05 The creation of the Nobel prize resulted from a request in the last will and testament of Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite./ATC 20/09/05 "GameBoys" are the most popular games consoles in the world: nearly 120 million have been sold since they were first introduced in 1989!/ATC 21/09/05 The first film ever made was in 1870. Filmed by the Lumière brothers, it shows workers leaving their factories in Lyon, France./ATC 22/09/05 Before becoming an actor, George Clooney tried journalism, TV presenting and professional baseball. He turned to acting as a career when he was 21./ATC Vox Mobile,, MNC-Alcatel… REFERENCES KNOWLEDGE DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Type of information: History, Sport, Politics, Health, Media, Nature, Games… Country: Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, France, USA… Slide29:  Content: Selected, verified and always unusual :our news and info. on a whole range of topics make learning fun! Frequency: At least 1 time per day 26/11/05 Charlize Theron, born August 7th 1975 in South Africa, was first spotted as a likely film-actress when arguing with her bank-manager./ATC 27/11/05 The computer mouse, invented in 1968 by Douglas C. Engelbart, was originally called an "X-Y position indicator for a display system"./ATC 28/11/05 Tom Cruise wanted to be a Catholic priest before he became an actor. He has since chosen the path of the Church of Scientology... ATC 23/11/05 The highest ever high-jump on a skateboard was made by the professional skater Danny Way (USA), who achieved a height of 5.56 metres in California on April 17th 2002./ATC 24/11/05 Until 1979, the decor for video games consisted of a system of transfers laid over the screen./ATC 25/11/05 Former dyslexic Orlando Bloom narrowly escaped permanent paralysis when he fell from the third floor of a building./ATC 20/11/05 "Tarte Tatin" was accidentally invented in 1898 when one of the Tatin sisters knocked a tart over in her haste and served it upside down./ATC 21/11/05 The longest known beard was 5.33 metres long when its owner, the Norweigian Hans Langseth, died in 1927./ATC 22/11/05 Nintendo’s little cuboid games console, now called the "GameCube", was originally known by a name that had very little to do with its shape: the "Dolphin"./ATC Vox Mobile,, MNC-Alcatel… REFERENCES WEIRD KNOWLEDGE DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS EXAMPLES Type of information: History, Sport, Politics, Health, Media, Nature, Games… Country: Australia, Belgium, Great-Britain, Italy, France, USA… Slide30:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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