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Published on February 22, 2018

Author: BJAsterita


Epocrates: Epocrates An A thenahealth service Presentation by Brianne Asterita Why use Epocrates?: Why use Epocrates ? Epocrates is a medical reference app available on smart phones and devices Epocrates was voted the #1 medical reference app More than 1 million health care providers trust and use Epocrates Supports clinical decisions Saves valuable time Keeps the focus on the patients Epocrates usability: Epocrates usability The app is available for download for Android and Apple devices (iPhone, and iPad ) The layout of the application is easy to see and understand, and is user friendly. The information is organized, up to date, specific, and reliable. Image: B . Asterita, screen capture, February 20, 2018. Epocrates Usefulness in nursing practice: Epocrates Usefulness in nursing practice Epocrates is best known for its extensive drug database There is an Interaction Checker The Guidelines section allows nurses to browse for specific diagnoses Preform many calculations to verify doses Image: Epocrates, 2018 Legal issues surrounding epocrates: Legal issues surrounding epocrates Epocrates Privacy Policy addresses questions regarding the collection of the users information Epocrates requests the users name, gender, profession, specialty, email address, and credit card information during purchase. Epocrates protects your information by encrypting the transmission of sensitive information Any questions you may contact the Epocrates Support Overall analysis of epocrates: Overall analysis of epocrates Benefits Relevant, up to date information backed by research Fast, easy to use, and readily available Educational materials such as picture quizzes and case studies Multi-use tools such as diagnoses, medications, labs etc . Limitations Not all of the features are available in the Free version Epocrates Plus Costs $174.99 /year Highly recommended! conclusion: conclusion Awarded “Most Important Medical Application” by the Annual Modern Healthcare reader survey in 2012, 2013, and 2014 Voted #1 Medical Reference App among U.S. Physicians by the Manhattan Research’s Taking the Pulse from 2010- 2016 Overall, Epocrates is extremely beneficial to nurses and other healthcare providers. It is continually updated, reliable, and comprehensive information in both the free app and Epocrates Plus. Image: Epocrates , 2018 How to download epocrates: How to download epocrates Apple Devices App Store Search EPOCRATES Tap “Get” Android Devices Google Play Search EPOCRATES Tap “Install” Image: B . Asterita, screen capture, February 20, 2018. reference: reference Asterita, B. (February 20, 2018). Epocrates [image, screen capture]. Epocrates . (2018). http:// Murfin , M. (2016, April 26). From the PDA to the iPhone 6s: review of the latest Epocrates drug reference app. iMedicalApps . Retrieved from - reference -app-review / S. Baker, personal communication, February 17, 2018.

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