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Published on February 4, 2014

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Aster Solutions Ltd brings real engineering capability and experience in the construction industry. Our flexible and highly versatile combination of skills provides tailored solutions to any type of structure. Our mixed skills team can supply from the most specialised consultancy in the seismic engineering field, to specialised detailing of steel structures to finally integrated design including stuctures and electromechanical plants.
Our aim for innovation and for integration in the environment lead us to develop unique skills in timber structures design and we cooperate with specialised architects to develop final solutions more and more sustainable. Our experience in residential straw bale houses made us understand that a new generation of construction techniques can implement the comfort of a building by reducing its costs and energy efficiency.

Aster Solutions Limited Consultancy and Engineering Services


Aster Solutions Limited Aster Solutions Limited is an independent engineering consultancy that has been created to provide clients and partners the added value, which stems from the quality of specialized and experienced know-how that can really make the difference between a standard project and a truly engineered solution. This is why Aster Solutions Limited is formed by partners with very selected and competent skills, with the right tools at their disposal to deliver a high quality service and a network of specialized companies to rely upon to cooperate for larger and multidisciplinary projects. The Mission of Aster Solutions Limited is to enhance projects through effective Engineering, to prevent, mitigate and solve problems arising from the Management of the project, to add value and to give skilled and specialized professionals and companies the opportunity to apply their skills and capabilities where they are really valuable and valued. The mission of Aster Solutions Limited is to deliver excellence in the field of activity through a comprehensive consultancy service that ranges from business consultancy to conceptual and integrated design, specialized design consultancy, design reviews, implementation of innovative construction materials and methods, energy efficiency analysis and design, legal advisory, project management and asset management. This is where the future of consultancy meets the new challenges of our daily lives.

Technical Services • Structural Design • Seismic Assessment • Steelwork detailing • Reinforcement detailing • Bio Architecture • Electrical System design • Mechanical Systems design • Acoustic design • Site Supervision


Aster Solutions Ltd - Highlights •International UK-based boutique consultancy for Specialized Technical Services to the Construction Industry •Seismic Consultancy, from assessment to rehabilitation through judged analysis; •Structural assessment; •Holistic approach to structures across all design stages and throughout the design life with deep knowledge of material properties; •High competency and expertise in handling advanced software packages for analysis, design and management; •Effective consultancy for risk assessment and management of any type of structural asset

Structural and Seismic Design Our skills in structural and seismic design cover all structural systems: •Timber frames (good energy absorption, light weight, framing connections are critical). •Reinforced masonry structures (good energy absorption if walls and floors are suitably tied; proportion of spandrels and piers are critical to avoid cracking) •Reinforced concrete frame (good energy absorption if walls and floors suitably tied) •Steel frames (good energy absorption if bay sizes are small and building plan is uniform) •Carbon Fiber structures and reinforcement of new and existing buildings, for traditional and non-conventional structures.

Structural Design Softwares Drawing Analysis and design Steel & RC structural detailing Project Management Desktop Software development 5 Autocad LT 2013 2 ProSAP FEM 4 Graitec Advance Steel 10 Microsoft Project 2013 10 Office 2013 Microsoft VB.NET 2013 10 GstarCAD Pro 2 STS – FEM 4 ACECAD Strucad 10 Suite Studio – in-house software 10 Office 2010 Microsoft Access 2013 ALGOR - FEM 4 Graitec Advance Concrete 10 Microsoft VISIO 2013 PHP CDM DOLMEN – FEM 4 AutoCA Adobe Fireworks CS5 JAVA 10 4M Intellicad PRO In-house softwares

Steel Structural Detailing Software

Steel Structural Detailing Software Aster Solutions is specialized in Steel structural detailing Software used: 4 licenses of Graitec Advance Steel

RC Structural Detailing Software


Steel structural detailing & design Client: FIAT AUTOMOTIVE – Termini Imerese Industrial Plant- 2008 Service Seismic design of new 50.000 sqm steel structure for FIAT Industrial Estate

Steel structural detailing & design

Steel structural detailing & design

Steel structural detailing & design


RC structural design New Hotel In Sestriere, Western Italian Alps (Turin, Italy) Location: Sestriere (Italy) Client: arch. Elio Luzi – 7 Nani s.a.s. Years: 2004 Services: Concept and Structural Design

RC structural design Centre Hospitalier des Escartons de Briancon - Extension Batiment EST - France Location: Briancon, France Client: Borini Costruzioni S.p.A. Years: 2004 Services: Seismic Design

RC structural design Landmark Expertise in RC Structural Design The associates of Aster Solutions Ltd have previous professional experience working on large scale reinforced concrete frame developments in the UK and abroad. Stone Towers (Cairo, Egypt), Architect Zaha Hadid; Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Architect Fosters and Partners; Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (Athens, Greece).

RC structural design Aosta Fire Department - Seismic Analysis of the existing building - Italy Location: Aosta Client: ing. Luca Rodolfo Years: 2004-05 Services: Seismic Analysis of existing structure


Timber Structures & Straw Bale Houses Since 2002 Aster works with the most important italian architects in the fileds of sustainable architecture and bio-architecture experimenting new materials and new structural shapes. We have capabilities in: • Platform frame timber structures • Timber Frame structures • X-LAM wood Structures • Massive Holze Structures • Straw Bale Houses • Steko wood brick structures

Timber structures New Hotel in Perosa (Italy) – XLAM Timber Structure New Hotel in Perosa (Italy) FFWD Architecture Services: Structural Design & Site Supervision XLAM STRUCTURE Years: 2012-2013

Timber structures Octagonal timber structure with brettstapel system & stone walls Parco d’arte vivente Location: Turin, Italy Client: arch. Alessandro Fassi Years: 2003

Timber structures New experimental timber structure with Platform frame system, Brettstapel system, Massive wood wall panels, Steko wood bricks Environment Park of Turin Services Centre Location: Turin, Italy Client: Environment Park Years: 2004

Timber structures New Photovoltaics Timber Structure Totem fotovoltaico Location: Turin (Italy) Client: Environment Park Years: 2004

Timber structures New experimental building with cellular concrete masonry & wood platform frame system

Timber structures Elementary school in Piossasco (Italy) – MHM Timber Structure MHM timber structure, brettstapel floors Location: Piossasco, Italy Years: 2007-2009

Straw bale Houses Straw bale house in Giaveno (Italy) Architect Filippo Caggiano Location: Giaveno (Italy) Year: 2013

Straw bale Houses Straw bale house in Sciolze (Italy) Architect: Alessandro Fassi Location: Sciolze(Italy) Year: 2009

Straw bale Houses Straw bale house in Saluggia (Italy) Arch. Maurizio Macrì & Mancuso Location: Saluggia(VC) Year: 2012


Non Conventional Structures Renewable Energy Photovoltaic and & Hydro PLANTS Client: Solesa s.r.l. Roof PV plants for Mondo S.p.A.– Alba, Italy Surf. 35.000 m² Services: Seismic analysys of existing structures Year: 2010

Non Conventional Structures Renewable Energy Environment Park di Torino New HYDRO PLANT Structural design and project management of new Hydro plant in Turin, Italy Years: 2007-2010

Non-Conventional Structures New Gervasutti Chalet - Monte Bianco, Italy Cliostraat arch. Stefano Testa, arch. Luca Gentilcore Preliminary structural design of alveolar structure Year: 2010


Site supervision of heritage buildings Client: ATC Torino Location: Susa (Italy) Restoration of heritage Building in Susa Services: •Site Supervision •Project Management

Site supervision of heritage buildings Client: ATC Torino Location: Avigliana (Italy) Restoration of Heritage Building Services: •Site Supervision •Project Management

Site supervision of new buildings


Bridge Management Systems Bridges cannot last forever. Whatever form of construction is used and whatever materials are adopted, sooner or later the effects of degradation begin to appear. The main factors influencing the nature and degree of degradation are: the structural framework; quality and type of materials; quality of construction; design and detailing; environment; scour; fire; fatigue; earthquakes; floods; weather and traffic loading. The six critical stages in the life of a bridge Bridge management system (BMS) is the tool to optimize the utilization of Bridge Structures under a Whole Life approach and shall be implemented from the conception to the construction of the structure


Bridge Management System Our Experience PROVINCIA DI TORINO Structural Monitoring of 90 bridges Location: Province of Turin Client: Province of Turin Years: 2003-2004-2009 Services: Bridge Management


MEP Engineering and Consultancy Mechanical Engineering Services Electrical Engineering Services •Mechanical and plumbing design •Electrical design •Mechanical equipment condition analysis and field inspection services •Electrical equipment condition analysis and field inspection services •Chiller plant analysis and design •Electrical load analysis •Air flow study - Water flow study •Fire alarm design •Air distribution and building pressurization studies •Lighting study and design •Kitchen hood air flow studies •Intercom system design and retrofit •Fire protection systems analysis and design Fire sprinkler design •Thermal imaging analysis or electrical equipment •Heat gain calculations •Electrical vault upgrade and switchgear design •Building code construction and life safety compliance inspections •Value engineering •Mechanical plan review •Emergency generator design •Electrical plan review •Electrical load reduction

MEP Engineering and Consultancy Hospital Buildings Office and Commercial Buildings 1998/08 - New healthcare center in Biella (Italy) 1993/95 -Lingotto complex in Torino (Italy) 2001/05 - Expansion of “Santa Croce” hospital in Moncalieri (Italy) 2002/04 – New healthcare center in Rapallo (Italy) 2008/2009 - New “Sant’Anna” hospital in Como (Italy) 2008/2009 - New hospital in Vimercate (Italy) 2008 - New “Vallebelbo” healthcare center in Asti (Italy) 2009 - New pavillion at “Istituto Giannina Gaslini” in Genoa (Italy) 1995/99 -New Wholesale food market in Torino (Italy) 2004/06 - Palasport speed skating “Oval” for Turin 2006, Winter Olympic Games (Italy) 2003/06 Athletes Village and Central Services area ex ‘GENERAL MARKET“ in Turin (Italy) 2005/06 Conversion of the Olympic Village for the construction of offices to be allocated to “ARPA Piemonte” in Turin (Italy) 2005/06 New headquarters for Bank Institute Intesa-San Paolo in Piazza Cordusio in Milan (Italy). 2005/08 Fencing stadium and sport museum in Vercelli (Italy)

MEP Engineering and Consultancy Artistic and cultural buildings 1998/00 - Renovation of Issogne medieval castle (Italy) 1998/02 - Megalithic archaeological park of Saint Martin de Corleans (Italy) 1999/00 - Renovation of “Villa della Regina” in Turin (Italy) 2006/11 - New “Santa Chiara” museum in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) 2011 - Renovation of Egyptian Museum in Turin (Italy) 2007 - New headquarters for Bank Institute Intesa-San Paolo in Turin (Italy) 2007/11 - Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra (Ghana) 2007/11 - New factory “Cartotecnica Chierese” in Chieri (Italy) 2008 - “Porta Europa” building complex in Turin (Italy) 2009/10 - Building A2 / 3 at the "Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park" in Bergamo (Italy) 2011 - New exhibition hall in Lingotto Fiere center in Turin (Italy) 2011 - “La Beach” complex in Accra (Ghana) 2011 - “Gran Hotel Billia” and “Casinò della Valleè” in Saint Vincent (Italy) 2012 - Cooling plant for MITICA and SPIDER experiments for the ITER Project in Padua (Italy)

MEP Engineering and Consultancy Lingotto Complex – Turin, Italy Architecture by: Services: MEP Design and Site Supervision

MEP Engineering and Consultancy Palasport Speed-skating “Oval” for Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games - Turin, Italy Services: MEP Design and Site Supervision Architecture by:

MEP Engineering and Consultancy Headquarters for Intesa-San Paolo Bank (under construction) - Turin, Italy Services: MEP Project and Construction Management Architecture by:

MEP Engineering and Consultancy “Porta Europa” towers (under construction)- Turin, Italy Architecture by: Services: MEP Design

MEP Engineering and Consultancy “La Beach” complex in Accra (Ghana) - under construction Services: MEP Design Architecture by:

MEP Engineering and Consultancy Turin 2006 Winter Olympic games Athletes Village and Central Services area – Turin, Italy Architecture by: Services: MEP Design and Construction Management and others

MEP Engineering and Consultancy Ambassador Hotel – Accra, Ghana Architecture by: Services: Mechanical plants consultancy during execution

MEP Engineering and Consultancy New “Santa Chiara” museum in Bassano del Grappa - Vicenza, Italy Architecture Aymonino by: Carlo Services: MEP Design

MEP Engineering and Consultancy New Healthcare centre in Biella - Italy Services: MEP Design. Project Management HSE Management

MEP Engineering and Consultancy New hospital in Vimercate – Milan, Italy Services: MEP Design for Variation order

MEP Engineering and Consultancy New Healthcare centre in Rapallo, Italy Services: MEP Design

Contact us ASTER Solutions LTD 9 Seagrave Road - London SW6 1RP email: W

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