ASTAP03 FR07 EG IMT 07 ITU R WP8F Progress

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Information about ASTAP03 FR07 EG IMT 07 ITU R WP8F Progress

Published on October 17, 2007

Author: Natalia


ITU-R WP8F Status Report:  ITU-R WP8F Status Report ASTAP EG-IMT Co-Rapporteur Juyeon Song Index:  Index Introduction ITU-R Questions assigned to WP 8F Working Structure Accomplishments Meeting History Approved Deliverables Work Plan WP8F Timeline Relationship and Sequencing of Work in WP 8F Key Issues ITU-R Vision Service WG Next Meeting ITU-R Questions assigned to WP 8F:  ITU-R Questions assigned to WP 8F Question ITU-R 229/8: Future development of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000 Question ITU-R 77-4/8: Adaptation of mobile radiocommunication technology to the needs of developing countries Question ITU-R 223/8: Internet applications over mobile systems (with WP8A) Question ITU-R 224/8: Adaptive antennas (with WP8A) Question ITU-R 230/8: Software-defined radio (with WP 8A). Working Structure:  Working Structure ITU-R Working Party 8F WP8F Plenary WRC SPEC SERV Dev TECH SAT Coord Ad-Hoc Migrate Ad-Hoc Vocab Ad-Hoc ITU-T Ad-Hoc Workplan Working Groups Ad-Hoc and Co-ordination Groups Co-ordination with external forums (research, standards, other ITU groups, etc) ITU-R WP8F Meeting History:  ITU-R WP8F Meeting History WP8F documents approved in RA (June 2003):  WP8F documents approved in RA (June 2003) WP8F Timeline:  WP8F Timeline Slide8:  Relationship and Sequencing of Work in WP 8F ITU-R Vision:  ITU-R Vision * ITU-R M.[IMT-VIS] [DOC.8/110] ITU-R Vision:  ITU-R Vision High level Vision 30Mbps for mobile applications Future Development of IMT-2000 Around Yr. 2005 Steady and continuous evolution and enhancement of IMT-2000 Regarded as an evolution of 3GPP, 3PP2 radio technologies Annual update of M.1457 100Mbps for full mobility applications 1Gbps for nomadic applications New Capabilities of systems Beyond IMT-2000 Around Yr. 2010 ~2015 More advanced services and applications than enhancements of IMT-2000 New radio interface is required New spectrum may be allocated in WRC-07 Standards of new radio interface may start from 2007, be completed by 2010 Period Characteri-stics Data Rate Remarks * ITU-R M.[IMT-VIS] [DOC.8/110] Service WG Workflow:  Vision Recommendation Service SWG Market SWG Methodology SWG Initial Work Initial Work Outside ITU (regional Coordinators) (13th) (14th) (16th) (17th) (16th) (22nd ?) (14th) (16th) ITU (11th) (13th) Mkt/Service View (13th) 2003: 10, 11 2004: 12, 13, 14 2005: 15, 16, 17 2006: 18, 19, 20 2007: 21, 22 10th,11th, 12th 10th, 11th, 12th 10th, 11th, 12th (16th) Service WG Workflow Deliverables of Service WG:  Deliverables of Service WG Future Plan of WP8F:  Future Plan of WP8F Next meeting 8.Oct. – 16.Oct. 2003, Edinburgh Key Issues WRC-03 results Spectrum consideration of Beyond IMT-2000 Future Service Workshop Planning to hold half day WS during WP8F meeting How to coordinate with several regions and several bodies for Service deliverables ASTAP EG-IMT needs to provide Asia pacific countries’ requirements

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