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Published on November 14, 2018

Author: adaptivetech


slide 1: Speech Therapy Products for Children Available at Adaptive Tech Solutions Have you ever wondered what a speech therapist would do for your child with communication impairment Then be assured that in order to reach some conclusion as to the nature extent and cause of the childs speech problem the speech therapist will need to know about the child and the home in which he lives. Having this information aids a therapist in choosing devices the devices that are often of great importance for children with communication disabilities. Adaptive Tech Solutions offers a variety of communication devices to augment and replace speech switch adapted toys to teach precursory skills for language development and more. While buying speech therapy devices or equipment keep in mind that   Speech therapy devices should be chosen for the individual child by a therapist with expertise.   Speech therapy should begin early in a childs life and be frequent.   Therapy should be rooted in practical experience in the childs life.   Therapy should encourage spontaneous communication.   Any communication skills learned during speech therapy should be generalizable to multiple situations. Speech therapy requires parental investment of time. To be most effective parents should be fully integrated into the therapy program and should seek out opportunities to practice communication throughout the daily routine. With time it will become a new way of life. Augmentative communication methods supplement or enhance speech including electronic devices picture boards and sign language. Adaptive Tech Solutions offers huge assortments of innovative augmentative and alternative communication AAC solutions and toys available for handicapped and disabled children at highly affordable rates. The huge range of AAC devices or assistive technology devices available on this online store include but are not limited to battery interrupters caregiver alerts computer interfaces and switches to control switch adapted toys special needs toys and assortment of other products. Handicapped assistive devices and products are available on this site at highly affordable prices for children with disabilities. slide 2: About Adaptive Tech Solutions Adaptive Tech Solutions is a therapist owned and operated company that strives to provide adapted equipment for individuals with disabilities at affordable prices. For more details visit website

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