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Published on December 15, 2017

Author: gcmohanta29


slide 1: OSMANIA UNIVERSITY MBA – I YEAR MB101: MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR – ASSIGNMENTS - By Dr. G C Mohanta PhDMgt. Unit I 1. a What is management b Discuss the process and functions of management. 2. Discuss Scientific Modern Management. 3. Discuss: a 3D model of management behavior b MBO and c MBWA. 4. Discuss: a Peter’s Principle b Parkinson’s Law c Hawthorne’s Experiments d Human Engineering and e Difference between line and staff. 5. Discuss Main Approaches to Organisation Structure Management: a Classical b Human Relations c Systems and d Contingency. Unit II 1. a Define Decision Making b Discuss Importance Characteristics and Process of Decision Making c Define Negotiation and discuss the various approaches to Negotiation. 2. Discuss the approaches to Decision Making: a Rational b Behavioral c Practical and d Personal. 3. Discuss Open and Closed Models of Decision Making. 4. a What is Planning b Discuss: i Different Types of Plans and ii Steps in Planning. 5. Write short notes on: a Bureaucracy b Authority c Responsibility d Centralisation e Decentralisation and f Recentralisation. Unit III 1.a What is Psychological Contract b Explain different Types of Psychological Contracts and c Discuss Personal Construct Theory. 2. a What is Personality and Personality Traits b Discuss i Organisationally Relevant Personality traits ii Big 5 Personality traits and iii MBTI inventory. slide 2: 3. a What is Perception b Discuss: i Process of Perception ii Factors influencing perception iii Perceptual distortions errors and iv Attribution Theory. 4. a What is Motivation b Discuss Content Theories of Motivation: i Maslow ii Alderfer iii Herzberg iv McCleland. 5. Discuss Process Theories of Motivation: i Vroom ii Porter Lawler iii Equity Theory and iv Goal Theory. Unit IV 1. a What is Organisational Behaviour b Discuss Models of Organisational Behaviour: i Autocratic Model ii Custodial Model iii Supportive Model iv Collegial Model and v System Model. 2. a Define Leadership b Discuss: i Trait Behaviourial Approaches to Leadership ii Path Goal Theory iii Vroom’s Decision Tree Approach to Leadership and iv Hersey Blanchard Model. 3. Explain: i Transactional Analysis ii Johari Window and iii Managerial Grid. 4. a Describe various types of groups in organization and b Explain Group Dynamics. 5. i Discuss: i Nature of Conflict ii Various Types of Conflict in Groups iii Reactions to Conflict and iv Pondy’s Model of Organizational Conflict. Unit V 1. a What is Organization Design b Discuss in brief: i Various Elements of Organization Design and ii Traditional and Contemporary Organization Designs. 2. a What is Communication b Discuss: i Barriers to Effective Communication ii Communication Process and iii Strategies for Effective Communication. 3. a What you mean by: i Organizational Culture and ii Organisational Climate b What are the components of: i Organizational Culture and ii Organisational Climate. 4. a What is stress b What are the causes of stress c What are the various techniques for managing stress What are the techniques for employee counselling 5. a What is management of change and organization development b Discuss the change management process and c Discuss the emerging aspects of Organisational Behaviour.

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