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Published on September 23, 2014

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INTRODUCTION ASSIGNMENT Topic: SCIENCE EXHIBITION Exhibitions are effective modes of mass communication and instruction. If it is organised by the pupils themselves they get opportunity for self-activity. Special talents of the pupils get revealed and creativity can be fostered. The exhibitions arranged in schools are usually planned to communicate novel ideas to children, their parents, and the general public alike. Mathematics exhibition, science exhibition, etc., are at present organised effectively. Observing excursions organised elsewhere also is of educational value.

CONTENT The purpose of science exhibition is to develop scientific attitude in the young minds of our country to make them realize the interdependence of science, technology and socio-economic development. The Organisation of science, exhibitions also provide opportunities to all participating students, teachers and visitors to get acquainted with different kind of equipment, devices and techniques. The exercise enables the students and teachers to generate scientific ideas for addressing various problems of the society and environment. Objectives of the Exhibition.  To provide a forum for children to pursue their natural curiosity and inventiveness to quench their thirst for creativity.  To develop critical thinking about global issues to maintain healthy and sustainable societies in today`s environment.  To apply mathematics and information technology to visualise and solve problems pertaining to everyday life.  To make children feel that science is all around us and we can gain knowledge as well as solve many problems

also by relating the learning process to the physical and social environment.  To lay emphasis on the development of science and technology as a major instrument for achieving goals of self-reliance and socio-economic and socio-ecological development.  To highlight the role of science and teaching for producing good quality and environment friendly materials for the use of society.  To create awareness about environmental issues and concerns and inspiring children to devise innovative ideas towards their mitigation.  To encourage children to visualise future of the nation and help them become sensitive and responsible citizens.  environment to analyse how science has developed and is affected by many diverse individuals, cultures, societies and.

These objectives may be achieved by presenting the exhibits through improvisations of science kits and various devices. It will be an exciting experience of creativity and innovations for children and teachers. The models created and presented will provide solutions to many present and future socio-economic problems particularly those confronted in the rural areas, using available materials and local resources. The exhibitions will help children and teachers to learn from each other experiences and motivate them to design and develop something new and novel. It will also provide a medium for popularizing science and increasing awareness among the public towards it. Expected outcome of the science exhibition:  It will stimulate interest in science and technology among students.  It will inculcate scientific spirit in younger generations;  It will also help to explore and encourage scientific and technological talent among children;

 The event will provide a sense of pride in their talent;  Such event will encourage a problem solving approach by developing the appropriate technologies, especially for rural areas ;  It will also help to integrating scientific ideas with daily life situations;  Science exhibition will provide exploratory experiences and promote creative thinking and manipulative skills among children through self devised exhibits or models or simple apparatus;  It will also help to popularize science among masses and create an awareness regarding the role of science and technology in socio-economic and sustainable growth of the country;

Key aspects of the exhibition The following key aspects of the exhibition may be kept in mind for participation: (i) The participating school/team will have to bear all expenses related to participation in the event. (ii) The participating school can put up a maximum of two exhibits/projects/models (iii) A school team may be represented by a maximum of two students per exhibit and one escort Science Teacher. (iv) The participating teams will have to make their own lodging/boarding arrangements at the venue city of exhibition (v) The request for participation along with the enclosed registration form and fee is to be sent directly to the Respective Regional Officer. (vi) The exhibit/model may be either (a) A working model (b) An investigation-based project (vii) The exhibit/project may include

• working model to explain a concept, principle or a process • An indigenous design of a machine/device • An innovative/inexpensive design or technique • Application of basic principles of Science/Technology • Scheme/design of a device or machine to reduce production cost • Investigation based study. CONCLUSION The Organisation of the exhibitions envisages that children and teachers would try to analyse all aspects of human endeavour with a view to identify where and how the new researches and developments in science and technology can bring and sustain progress of society leading to improvement for the challenges of life. Science

exhibition help to develop critical thinking about global issues to maintain healthy and sustainable societies in today`s environment. Exhibition to create awareness about environmental issues and concerns and inspiring children to devise innovative ideas towards their mitigation. REFERENCE  Science Education Dr.K.Sivarajan Pro.A.Fazaludin 

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