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Published on March 14, 2014

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Assignment 31: Location Patrycia Butrym Esere Simei-Akajagbo Shivonne Weekes Courtney Buabeng

Scouting Photos Abandoned area- creates mystery and fits the conventions of the thriller genre.

Scouting Photos

Scouting Photos Location- Gibbson Recreational Ground

Scouting Photos Pathway- We could use this for the pathways •While the main character walks down the alleyway/canal Location- Barretts Green Road However •Health and safety issues- the pathway is narrow •Its close to the canal Forestry Green- •Isolated, abandoned area, creates an eerie environment •Fits the thriller genre- urban environment

Scouting PhotosLocation- My Bathroom This could be used for the bathroom scene- •However, the bright background connotes with joyful and cheerful periods This could be used for the bathroom scene- •The sink: where there is blood dripping from the object

Scouting Photos

Location One The canal is at the centre of the street and is right beside ‘Location Two’ and ‘Three.’

Location One Unkempt sidewalk- A secret place for ‘Kayla’ to hide black bin bag. Trees create a eerie atmosphere and an urban setting.

Location Two

Location Two No barriers which makes it easy to remove black bin bag from canal, when scene is done. Wide sidewalk in a quiet area for ‘Kayla’ to lead up to canal.

Location Three ‘Location One’, ‘Two’ and ‘Three’ are walking distant from one another.

Location Three Bathroom for ‘Kayla’ washing blood of her body. Bathroom for the scene where ‘Kayla’ is cleaning blood on floor.

Locations List Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Description Of Scene Girl walking on pavement Shows her POV walking through canal/alleyway Putting object down- dripping in blood Shows more walking of character by canal Cleaning blood on bathroom floor Location Important Details The pathway curves Pub- across the road, may be a bit noisy Pavement is narrow Cyclers- around 4pm Crack in the wooden floor

Locations List Scene 6 Scene 7 Scene 8 Scene 9 Description Of Scene Girl washing of blood in shower Wrapping up evidence Walking out house with black bag Throws bag into canal Location Important Details Step before entrance into house Pavement is narrow Cyclers- around 4pm

Travel Details Patrycia Esere Shivonne Courtney Location One Walk Walk Bus Walk Location Two Bus Bus Bus Bus Location Three Bus Bus Walk Walk Location Four Walk Walk Bus Walk

Health And Safety Health & Safety Risks Precautions Travel Risks Ensure locations aren’t too far to travel Location Risks Location should be in a quiet area. Away from many people. Somewhere that is not restricted to film. Ensure grounds for filming are levelled. Equipment Risks Camera and tripod should be protected from rain. Equipment is close to canal Personal Health & Safety Risks Pavement is close to the canal- need to be careful whilst walking

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