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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: taylaaaxx


Assignment 31: Locations Gelsomina De Lucia Kelly Morales Chelsea Hopkins Tayla Humphris

Gelsomina Location

This is an urban setting that with the use of blocked windows shows that the area is no longer in use of humans and is the perfect place for Zombies to habitat Abandoned houses

There is a balance in the sky and land. With the Zombie walking from the horizon towards to positioning of the camera gives it great effect. The buildings and houses in the horizon suggests that there was once the life of humans. Rule of thirds and Establishing shot

Tayla Locations


A slope. The Zombie can be introduced by coming over the slope and slowly walking forward towards the camera

This picture is the same as the previous picture but I wanted to capture the level of ground and whether it was suitable.

The field is a quiet area and would be suitable for filming as it is long enough for the 2 minutes the Zombie to be walking. The area is also isolated which the fits the theme of our opening sequence The blue boxes indicate the footsteps of the Zombie. They are slightly scattered in order to show to slumberous walk of the Zombie Rule of Thirds, Establishing shot

Chelsea Locations


There is also littered scattered on the floor and dead trees. It has the potential to portray the isolation of the area and Zombie

Bare trees creates the sense of abandonment

The uncompleted pathway creates the sense of the area being abandoned The other side of the bridge is located hereEstablishing shot

Locations List Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Description of Scene Long field Kitchen and Sliding door to lead outside Back to field Follows character outside and gets bitten Continues walking through field Location Fryent Country Park In a house Fryent Country Park In a house Fryent Country Park Important Details Outside Inside Outdoor Inside/Outsi de Outside

Travel Details Gelsomina Tayla Chelsea Location 1: Fryent Country Park Car Location 2: Local Park Walk Location 3: Brentfield Powerplant Walk *As a group we decided that Location 3 was not needed.

Health and Safety Health & Safety Risks Precautions Travel Risks Make sure location is not too far for everyone to film Location Risks Make sure it is not restricted areas and you are allowed to film Quiet and free of public Equipment Risks If raining make sure equipment is protected Personal Health & Safety Risks If cold make sure you wrap you and if you are filming on soft ground make sure you were wellies

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