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Published on March 8, 2016

Author: DeviCinthujaLeon


1. Why Engage the Marginalized population in development projects Devi Cinthuja Leon University of Guelph, EDRD 6000

2. Goal and Objectives Goals To engage marginalized population in the implementation of development projects to achieve sustainability. Objectives • To identify and list the marginalized population in a community • Identify opportunities to engage them in the community development projects

3. Why involve the marginalized population • To achieve the full extent of community participation • To eliminate unjust hierarchies of knowledge, power, and economic distribution. • Empowerment through engagement and participation • Better at addressing local needs • Efficient and equitable solutions • Improve the quality of project planning, implementation and its success

4. Marginalized population Definition: A marginalized population is a group of people that is excluded from full participation in society. Marginalization includes the withholding of political rights, economic opportunity and social integration. Examples: Racial/ethnic groups; immigrants and refugees; individuals with mental or physical disabilities; older individuals; and those of lower socioeconomic status, marginalized gender and youth.

5. Racial and Ethnic Groups Who: Indigenous, natives, tribes, adivasi, etc. Why: - Rich culture and traditions passed for several generations - Indigenous health/medical/spiritual knowledge - Harmony with environment

6. Immigrants and Refugees Who: Immigrants/refugees moving out of their land for a better life for themselves and their children Why: - Global business perspectives - Bring international expertise - High adaptability and risk managers - Mosaic culture bringing the best from each culture - Diversity in developing a new harmonious world

7. Older citizens Who: Elderly persons retired or above the age of 60 years, commonly referred to as the senior citizens. Why: • Share life experiences, skills, knowledge and wisdom with the community. • They have the time and wisdom to contribute to the health of their communities • Knowledge of the past is what helps shape the future.

8. Individuals with Disability Who People with impairment that maybe physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination of these - that result in restrictions on an individual’s ability to participate in what is considered “normal” in their everyday activity. Why • Their experiences and suggestions can help the future generation • No one can express their issues better • No one has the capability to plan on their behalf • They are part of a community /family.

9. Individuals of lower socioeconomic status Who Economically disadvantaged population; lower class/caste Why - They are part of the community we co-exist - Only they have the actual understanding of grassroot issues; provide insights to bottom-up approach - Engage them to empower them - True empowerment of a community → reduced disparity - Achieve true democracy and sustain a healthy community

10. Gender inequality Who: Unequal treatment or perception of individuals based on their gender. It arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles. Why: • UN ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, which seeks to create equality between men & women • Embracing the Female and Male energy (expressed as male, female or transgender) and working together is the only true way for us to achieve the required goal.

11. What steps can be taken to include marginalized population • Understand the context and power dynamics • Identify/understand the issues • Identify entry points • Build capacity to address issues • Identify stakeholders / partners • Work with the group to identify steps to move forward

12. Literature references • Marginalized minorities in development programming, A UNDP Resource Guide and Toolkit. governance/human_rights/marginalised-minorities-in-development-programming-a-resource- guide-and-toolkit.html. Accessed Mar 4, 2016. • Working with people who are marginalized by the social system, Carolyn Kagan, Diane Burns, Mark Burton, Isabel Crespo , Rob Evans , Kath Knowles , José Luis Lalueza and Judith Sixsmith. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, 2010. • Honoring the voices of marginalized communities, A participatory research experience, Community Development Halton, Ontario, Canada, 2011. FINAL.pdf. Accessed Mar 4, 2016. • Immigrant Workers empowerment and community building: Chris Benner, Tony LoPresti, Martha Matsuoka, Manuel Pastor and Rachel Rosner. Center for Justice, Tolerance & Community, California, USA. April 2005. Accessed Mar 4, 2016. • Indigenous Peoples and sustainable development, IFAD Discussion paper, Feb 2003. Rome, Italy. Accessed Mar 4, 2016. • Cultural Survival . Cambridge, USA. Accessed March 6, 2016. • Older people in Emergencies: Considerations for action and policy development; David Hutton, World Health Organization, 2008. Geneva, Switzerland. ISBN-13 9789241547390.

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