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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: judyibel


Assignment 27: Timeline Judy Ibelgauptiene Katia Martins Leticia Silva Noor Naoum

Story In 14 Bullet Points 1. (Non-linear montage). Close ups/Extreme close ups of diary. (Pan across top/bottom on specific words or phrases). Use dissolve/overlap transitions. 2. Close ups, mid and long shots of the person writing in her diary with low and high angles of good kat. 3. Transition to bad kat (Kats voice). 4. Shots (shot reverse shot/eyeline-matching) of good kat/bad kat Bad kat there one second and not there the next (vanishing). 5. Good kat opens eyes on bus (POV). 6. Stranger taps good kat on shoulder and asks ‘’Excuse me, are you alright?’’. She turns to look at strangers and says yes. (shot reverse shot). 7. Stranger taps good kat again and asks ‘’Are you sure?’’. Then stranger turns into bad kat (shot reverse shot). Blue text - Flashback

Continued.. 8. Good kat runs off bus. 9. Stranger looking down at good kat from window, (Showing its in her imagination). 10. Good kat running down street bumping into people (Fast pace parallel to music). 11. Every person she bumps into looks like bad kat, but then turns normal. (Shot reverse shot of and match on action of running). 12. Runs into final person and they fall down. Goes to check if shes ok. (Shot reverse shot of bad kat and good kat, reveals stranger has bad kats face). 13. Eyeline match of good kat. 14. Good kat screams. Screen blacks out and screaming continues.

Timeline Of Idea Close ups/Extreme close ups of words, phrases and pictures in diary. T Non-linear (Flashback) Linear Camera shots/angles Titles/Credits 0 secs Pan across words/phrases within diary. Close ups, Mid and Long Shots of Good Kat writing in diary with voiceover. Bad Kat appears behind Good Kat for split second. Mid shot of camera facing Good Kat showing Bad Kat behind her. High and Low Angles of Good Kat. 30 secs

Good Kat turns around. Mid Shot of her from front. Bad Kat appears behind Good Kat again sitting on desk for brief second. Long Shot of nobody behind her. Camera facing Good Kat showing her facial expression and body language with a mid shot. Bad Kat appears behind Good Kat. Good Kat stops writing and puts pen down. Close up of diary. High angle of Good Kat writing. Bad Kat appears in corner of room for split second. Good Kat turns around, no one there.

Two shot of Good Kat and Bad Kat. Close up of Good Kat’s face. Mid Shot of Good Kat alone from different angle. Mid Shot of Good Kat alone. Bad Kat appears behind her and whispers in her ear. Disappears. Close Up of Good Kat opening eyes.

POV of Good Kat. POV of Good Kat. Close up of strangers hand tapping Good Kat. Mid shot of Good Kat and stranger. Over the shoulder shot of the stranger on the bus.

POV of stranger watching Good Kat run. Good Kat runs off bus. Mid Shot of stranger from outside of bus. POV of Good Kat looks at stranger 1, sees Bad Kat. Keeps running. Close up of stranger 1. Mid Shot of Good Kat running towards camera. Looks across road . Close up of stranger 2 in front of her. Long shot of Good Kat running from bus stop. Long shot from front of Good Kat running.

Long Shot of Good Kat running. Good Kat turns around to look behind her. Long shot of stranger 3 in front of her. POV of stranger 2, watching Good Kat run. Mid shot of stranger 2 to show normal face. Good Kat runs into stranger 2, turns around to see bad Kat. Keeps running. POV of Good Kat. Good Kat runs into stranger 3 causing them to fall down. Match on action of collision.

Stranger 3 reaches out their hand towards Good Kat. Stranger 3’s face becomes Bad Kat’s face. Shot reverse shot of Good Kat and Bad Kat looking at eachother. POV of Good Kat looking at stranger 3. Good Kat tapping stranger, apologizing. Two shot of Good Kat and Bad Kat. High angle of the two characters. Good Kat screams. Screen cuts to black but screaming continues. 150 secs

Changes From Timelines This was the original timeline, however we changed it as it wasn’t detailed enough. As the summary of each scene was vague and there was no mention of shots or angles used. This was our second timeline with a bit more detail however we altered our idea so we had to change our timeline to match it. Also like before it was still quite vague.

This is the third timeline which was planned out on paper. We then decided to type it up and write a bit more detail about what’s happening in every scene to make it more clear.

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