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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: jasminelight


Assignment 27: Timeline (Final Draft) Gelsomina De Lucia Kelly Morales Chelsea Hopkins Tayla Humphris

Story in 10 bullet points • Girl in field • Flashback of her coming back from work • Opens bag and reveals a secret file • Back in fields, closer to camera • Flashback to her hearing noise • Back in fields, closer to camera • Flashback of getting bitten • Back in fields, falls • Crawls in pain • Turns into zombie

Linear, Chronological time Non Linear (flashbacks) Titles/credits (on black) Camera Shots and effects Figure in field. Long shot, establishing, rul e of thirds. 0 secs Girl walks through door. 10 secs Scene returns to field. Closer to camera. 30 secs 40 secs Goes downstairs and hears noise. Timeline of Idea.

Timeline continued. 1:00 mins Girl in field. Closer. Struggling. Low shot 1:20 mins Open door and getting bitten. Girl in field. Closer.Mid shot. Checks phone and drops it. Screams in pain. 1:40 mins Reaches for wound. Close up of wound. Begins to crawl. 2:00 mins Speaks. Shakes then turns. 2:20 mins

Changes from timelines. • We decided to add times to show roughly how long our opening sequence would be. • Shots are included this time. • Clearer key of colours. Previous time line.

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