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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: taylaaaxx


Assignment 26: Enigma In Our Opening Sequence

Real Life Examples FILM WHAT WAS THE ENIGMA IS THIS INSPIRATIONAL TO YOU? Dawn Of The Dead How did the virus spread? What is happening with the people alive? Yes, as we give the enigma of how the virus spread Resident Evil Who is she ? What is she doing to do next? Yes, we used the same idea of the flashbacks on how she got bitten The Walking Dead How will they survive? How will she overcome the bite? If she ever does

What will happen to humanity? We wonder who else is infected and whether she infects anyone else ? How did the Zombie get into her garden? Is she half human and zombie? Now that she's infected what is she going to do? Audiences will suspend as to whether it will turn from a minority to a majority It gives the enigma of who else is infected and how was the virus caused, is there other zombies? It will make people wonder if there is more Zombies. People will wonder if she’s half human and zombie as she's able to get flashbacks of what happened to her in the equilibrium. It will give the enigma of what she’s going to doing after she turns into a Zombie? Will she infect others? The Enigma

Enigma and Genre Our enigmas are suitable to our genre because it will make the audience scared of what’s going to happen next and what they girl is going to do. The convention of having zombies will make the audience know is going to be a gore film.

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