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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: Trish0304


Assignment 25:Narrative Structure/ Style/ Theory Patrycia Butrym Esere Simei-Akajagbo Shivonne Weekes Courtney Buabeng

Consideration Of Narrative Structure Structure Non- Linear Its non- linear because: •There are flashbacks- help create enigmas •Which shows a different time period of events- leads up to her current actions •However, the flashbacks are in chronological order

Consideration Of Narrative Style STYLE 1. Restricted 2. Mostly objective but one part being subjective 1. Being an opening sequence, it is restricted as it doesn’t reveal the reason for the girls revenge and it creates a lot of enigmas. 2. The audience see the girl on the outside of her journey, however, when ready to get rid of the evidence, we are able to see in her point of view. Changes from the last one: In the last one we stated that the opening sequence was unrestricted and didn’t identify that one part of it was subjective.

Consideration Of Narrative Theory THEORY TODOROV: YES PROPP: NO BARTHES:PARTIAL STRAUSS: NO CAMERON: NO TODOROV:It contains the equilibrium & disequilibrium. The equilibrium is the normality at the beginnning and the disequilibrium is the flashbacks. PROPP: In our opening sequence there are no character identifications, therefore Propp’s theory isn’t applied. STRAUSS: As our opening sequence is restricted, there are no identifications of binary opposites. CAMERON: It is an Anachronic narrative structure because it contains flashbacks and the scene keeps relating to one thing.

Barthes’s Theory Enigma Code Action Code Semantic Code Symbolic Code •What caused the girl to behave this suspicious way? Action: Colour: •The main character puts away a sharp object which is dripping in blood. •The grey and black/white colours connote mystery, fear and death in the open sequence. Darkness(flashbacks) Assumptions: Experience: • Its possible that she might have killed someone . •Main character is innocent looking however she has problems which the audience later find out. Iconography: • We have sharp objects (dripping in blood) featured therefore this enhances the Thriller genre. •The predominant use of black and shadows an unnatural atmosphere. Lightness: (Day) •The use of bright lightening and white hints a sense of hope and direction. Cultural Code Sharpe objects, blood, dramatic music all intrepet the themes of violence and crime.

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