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Published on March 6, 2014

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Assignment 24: Synopsis Planning Gelsomina De Lucia Kelly Morales Chelsea Hopkins Tayla Humphris

Story in 10 bullet points • • • • • • • • • • Sick girl runs and escapes from Hospital/Laboratory Covers her eyes from light of the outside world She is stumbling- cannot walk She rips off needles from her arms and her identity tag *She starts to have flashbacks between each frame She begins to cough blood and it is splattered on her white hospital cloak *Another flashback She realises she is infected and can effect humanity End (extreme close up) which her eyes changing She is infected

Inspiration from real films Film What was inspiring? Resident Evil Plot of Opening Sequence 28 Days/ Weeks Later The cure for the virus Dawn of the Dead Blood and Gore World War Z Science/Government I am Legend Setting How we applied this ‘Inspiratory’ to our opening sequence When she realises she is turning into a Zombie Keeping the infected in quarantine away from humanity and is used as an experiment for the cure of the virus Coughing of blood and needles How the minority turns into a majority Use of Isolation

Consideration of narrative structure, style & theory Structure Style Theory 1)Unrestricted Todorov Propp Barthes Strauss Cameron Non-Linear 2)Subjective and Objective How/Why: Our opening sequence is nonlinear because we only see the events that unfold after she becomes ill. We do not see into her life before she is in hospital *flashbacks 1)How/Why: We see clips of scenes within the film Yes / Partial / No Yes / Partial / No Yes / Partial / No Yes / Partial / No Yes / Partial / No Todorov – Mainly disruption of equilibrium. Propp – Victim yet bad character. 2)How/Why: Subjective because it is a long shot of her walking Objective because the flashbacks are in her POV Barthes – Uses some of the codes such as enigma, sematic and symbolic. Strauss – Good and Evil however same person Cameron – Non Linear narrative structure.

Conventions Conventions Extreme close ups Blood Montage editing Use Develop Challenge Was there an inspiration/similarity from real films? How? Dawn of the Dead inspired us because it created tension and audience are restricted Saw inspired us because it builds a feeling of disgust Dawn of the Dead- Builds tension Darkness We did not want our opening sequence to be cliché so we decided to challenge it like in Shaun of the Dead Abandoned location Cabin in the woods- it developed a similar idea to ours Linear narrative Music Memento inspired us because of its use of manipulating the order of sequential time The scene in Twilight where the character is transformed the music builds up tension and fear amongst the audience even though it is not in our subgenre it is still relative and effective

Enigma • The Enigma(s) in our opening sequence are: 1) We wonder who else is infected and whether she infects anyone 2)Why did they choose her? 3)Was she previously infected and had the potential to harm

Timeline idea First flash back to tell audience why she is the way she is. Girl runs put of somewhere in hospital costume. She seems sick. She is running away. = Flashbacks = Camera Angles = Editing Has more flashbacks. Involving government information. Gets more sick. She stops running and starts to limp. Pace slows down. She has become extremely pale. Coughs up blood and wipes on costume. Close up of eyes. Turns into zombie.

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