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Published on March 5, 2014

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Assignment 23: Target Audience Patrycia Butrym Esere Simei-Akajagbo Shivonne Weekes Courtney Buabeng

Audience is ... • Audience is a gathering of spectators or listeners at the cinema or a public event.

Audience Expectations of Genre Generally, the audience expect the following from our chosen genre:  A clear narrative but don’t give to much away or make it cliche!  Dark and myterious settings something like a low-key lighting or a greyscale colouring .  They want to see blood and hear screaming so our open sequence should include a gothic theme.  Orchestral music throughout the whole open sequence because it would reinforce the setting.

Audience Expectations of Opening Sequence and Genre Generally, the audience expect the following in Crime Thriller opening sequence:  They would want to meet the characters however do it in a way which establishes the genre.  In the first few minuts the audience would want to see some sort of action happening EG Someone breaking the law as it is a crime thriller.  They expect some clues about the film so that they wouldnt be confused but at the same time it would leave a strong enigma.  Other audience would prefer a touch of horror as horror builds tension ready to shock the audience in a highly similar way to what a thriller does.

Institution: Blockbuster or Independent We are mostly inspired by blockbuster films such as: • • • • Jack Reacher Awake Enough Kill Bill Vol.1 Our opening sequence would be a blockbuster film because: • • We mostly watch blockbuster films and we got our ideas from blockbusters We feel that our opening sequence would be attracted to a wider audience Release: • • Global This is because our targeted audience located in America and UK Exhibition- the film would be a blockbuster film, therefore it should be exhibited in the following ways: • • • • Cinema DVD’s Posters Adverts- above the line and below the line

Mass or Niche? It is targeted at a mass audience: • • • Blockbuster films have a larger budget than independent films We feel that our conventions/ enigmas would be attracted to a wider audience Blockbusters are mainstream films- associated with America

What is a target and secondary audience ? TARGET AUDIENCE SECONDARY AUDINECE Our target audience for are opening sequence would be (15-25) years of age. The gender would be Females. Our secondary audience for are opening sequence would be Males and Females. The age would be (15-35).

Target Audience Details Description Explanation (why) Gender Female Protagonist: vulnerable female audience can relate to the character. Age (15-25) The conventions of our film would be a rating between those ages. Location America and UK It’s a blockbuster film and most blockbuster films come from America. Ethnicity N/A There is no ethnicity because it will be global. Social Class Working Class The working class has disposable income to spend on leisure activities. Interest/ Hobbies Going to the cinema Its there social activity . Social Group N/A There is no social groups because its not targeted at any subculture Profession/ Role Students Workers This is because they are more likely to watch films and go to the cinema. Sexuality N/A Its not applicable targeted and one sexuality.

Secondary Audience Details Description Explanation (why) Gender Male and Female The crime part would interest the male gender. The vulnerable character would relate to the female gender. Age (15-21) They audience would be able to relate to the character because they are around the same age. Location UK The film is based in the UK so people would relate to it. Ethnicity N/A Its not targeted at any specific culture. Social Class Unemployed They have less responsibilities so they more likely to spend money on things they like to do. Interest/ Hobbies They like crime and mysterious films The like to try and solve the puzzle and the enigma ‘s . Social Group N/A Its not applicable because there are no subcultures within the open sequence. Profession/ Role Students The main character is a student herself so the audience would be able to relate to her. Sexuality N/A Its not targeted at any specific sexuality .

How does your opening sequence appeal to your audience? Story/Plot/Theme • • • • • It is a young susceptible girl It’s situated in an urban area The hero (female) is isolated and an outside. She is also the one who is creating the height of tension and enigma Low key lighting, especially in flashbacks Forms • • • • • • Dense, mysterious score music (It can be slow and sinister, or rapid and full of tension. Sound effects with flashbacks Special effects for flashbacks Predominately high angle shots to illustrate the vulnerability of the female character Volume control in pivotal points Slow pace to add enigma Conventions • • • • • • • • It will be shot in a urban street area with open space The narrative will involve a puzzle or investigation. (Revenge plot) It centres around the injustice of society Mysterious score music and sound effects The use of flashbacks Fast pace tracking and panning Close ups and extreme close ups in order to hide identities or objects Low key lighting in order to form multiple shadows and dark areas to create an eerie atmosphere

BBFC Ratings Choice of Rating for our opening sequence Comments from guidelines (What you can/can’t show) U It should include a wide range of themes and send positive messages such as: friendship, family and loyalty. Themes like drugs, violence and bad language will not be expectable for this rating. PG It can explore challenging issues such as bullying, bereavement or racism. There can be very little sex references or innuendos and themes of violence must be mild. 12A This rating is the same of ‘12’, however a film rated ‘12A’ must be accompanied with an adult with a 12 year old. 12 Some strong language may pass for this rating and have some moderate sex references or innuendos. Moderate violence is allowed. 15 X We chose the rating ‘15’ because our sequence contains quite obvious themes of violence and murders. Also, we found that the enigmas made will appeal more to this age range. 18 This rating can consist of strong violence as well as the use of frequent strong language. It includes the portrayals of sexual activity and some sexual nudity. It can also include some discriminatory language/behaviour and drug taking. Contains issues of society. For example, teenage depression, self-harm or rape. 18 are for adults and can contain strong issues such as: very strong violence frequent strong language, strong portrayals of sexual activity and scenes of sexual violence. It can also contain strong horror, strong blood/gore and in some circumstances, real sex, as long as it is not pornography. This rating also consists of a frequent use of discriminatory language/behaviour.

Applying Audience Theory Altman ‘A Set Of Pleasures’ •The audience gain the pleasure of being thrilled and excited whilst watching the opening sequence. •The conventions of this genre are particularly evident, therefore the audience have the pleasure of understanding what they are to expect. McQuail ‘Uses & Gratification Theory: Reasons why people seek the media’ Information Personal Identity Integration & Social Interaction Entertainment •To find out about relevant conditions of their society or the world. •In need of realistic advice or be able to discuss matters. •A way fulfilling common interests or inquisitiveness. •Self-education. •Gaining a sense of creativity. •Finding examples for certain behaviours. •Identifying personal opinions or states as others. •Gaining an insight of themselves. •Having an insight into the circumstances of others in order to relate or empathise. •Gaining a sense of belonging. •Enabling some to connect with their social groups. (Family, colleagues/friends) •Being able to divert themselves from their problems •Filling time •Emotional discharge •Relaxing •For background comfort

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