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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: Trish0304


Assignment 22: Development Of Ideas Patrycia Butrym Esere Simei-Akajagbo Shivonne Weekes Courtney Buabeng

Opening sequence we have watched Opening Sequence Genre Seven Psychological Crime Thriller The Mothman Prophecies Psychological Thriller Evil Dead Horror Gattaca Drama Sci-Fi Blue Valentine Romantic Drama Red Lights Drama Mystery Thriller Alien Sci-Fi Horror Bunny Lakes is Missing Psychological Thriller Napoteon Dynamite Comedy Falling Down Crime Drama Thriller Donnie Brasco Crime Drama

We were really inspired by Name Opening Sequence What inspired us/ why? Patrycia •Donnie Brasco • Unique idea and some of the editng can be used. It also creates a strong emigma and makes it mysterious. • Transporter 2 •It was so interesting because there was so many things were happening even though it was only a open sequence. •It was clear/explicit . Nothing complicated and a great combination of horror and thriller. • The Orhan •Gattaca •Micro photography- creates enigmas: allowed me to put the puzzles together •Lord Of War •Bullets POV- made me feel apart of the sequence •Red Lights •The extreme close up shot of the iris: low key lighting, created the enigmas Shivonne 1)Red lights 2)Blue valentine 3)Gattaca 1)I liked the objects and pictures in the background because it wasn’t giving to much away. 2) I liked the still images that were kind of blurred in the background. 3) I liked the way the highlighted the letters to spell out the title. Courtney • Red Lights • Puzzle type of narrative structure. (Hints of pieces, the extreme close ups and low key lighting.) • Se7en • Investigation type narrative structure and hiding the identity of character. • Mine Games • The disequilibrium is the equilibrium and is revealed at the end. (Nonchronological narrative structure and the movie is in the movement of a cycle.) Esere

The main idea was: • • • • • Sees the characters face A girl hiding something in a bag She is walking near a canal She throws the bag in the canal Walks away from the canal

Some new ideas we have New Ideas Inspired Ideas • Puzzle/investigation narrative (Shows a girl planning the plot for revenge) • Se7en • The Negotiator Extreme close up shot of iris- shows the vulnerability if characters • Red Lights • Donnie Brasco Flashback- wrapping evidence • Se7en No acting but photographs of the characters every move • Donnie Brasco

Our 4 main new ideas for an opening sequence: Patrycia Esere Shivonne Courtney •No acting but photographs of the characters every move • Extreme close up shot- iris, facial expression, close up shot of her face wiping the spec of blood • Flashback- wrapping evidence • Puzzle/investigation narrative. (Shows a girl planning the plot for revenge) Flashbacks- split screen to show how her past leading up to her throwing evidence away • Flashback is blurry effect •Match on action to make it clearer for the audience. • • •Use different angles and shots in fast pace to increase tension • She’s a very edgy and vulnerable character Shows the girl a quite psychotic and in danger.

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