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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: judyibel


Assignment 19: Production & Distribution Research Judy Ibelgauptiene Katia Martins Noor Naoum Leticia Silva

Independent Film Film 1: ‘The Chaos Experiment’ (2009) Production Companies: Genius Productions Cinepro Pictures Indalo Productions (In association with) SteelBridge Finance (In association with) Cinepro Pictures International West Bay One Distribution Companies: Gravitas Ventures The Weinstein Company Be Best in DVD Eagle Films Fine Films Genius Products IPA Asia Pacific PlayArte Filmes Budgets/costs of film: $7,000,000 Release/exhibition details: 1st March 2009 it premiered in the Gasparilla International Film Festival.

Independent Film Film 2: ‘The Killing Room’ (2009) Production Companies: Winchester Capital Partners Management 360 Eleven Eleven Films Distribution Companies: Gulf Film Momentum Pictures Phase 4 Films Kadokawa Pictures Mars productions ContentFilm Budgets/costs of film: $3,000,000 Release/exhibition details: Premiered on the 16th of January 2009 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Blockbuster Film Film 1: “Stoker” (2013) • • • • • • Production companies: Fox Searchlight Pictures Indian Paintbrush Scott Free Productions Dayday Films Ingenious Media • • • Distribution companies: Fox Searchlight Pictures (USA) 20th century fox (home entertainment) (in different countries) • • Budgets/costs of film: $12 Million • • • Release/exhibition details: January 20, 2013 (United States) March 1, 2013 (United Kingdom)

Blockbuster Film Film 2: “A Beautiful Mind” (2001) • • • • Production companies: Universal Pictures DreamWorks SKG Imagine Entertainment • • • • Distribution companies: Universal Pictures (united states) DreamWorks Pictures (worldwide) Paramount Entertainment (Sweden and Netherlands) • • Budgets/costs of film: $58 million • • Release/exhibition details: December 13, 2001 (Beverley hills premiere) December 21, 2001 (limited release) January 4, 2002 (wide release) • •

Independent Film Film 1: “Sound of my voice” (2011) Production companies: Skyscraper films Distribution companies: 20th Century Fox(2012) (Canada) (theatrical) Fox Searchlight Pictures (2012) UK, USA and Australia Budget/costs of film: $135,000 Release/Exhibition details: January 24 2011 (Sundance) April 27 2012 (USA)

Independent Film Film 2: “Mulholland Drive” (2001) Production companies: Universal studios Distribution companies: Universal Pictures(2001) (USA) (theatrical) The picture factory StudioCanal (France) Budget/costs of film: $15,000,000 Release/ exhibition details: May 16 2001 (Cannes) October 12 2001 (USA)

Blockbuster Film Film 1: “The sixth sense” (1999) Production companies: The Kennedy/Marshall company Hollywood Pictures Barry Mendel Productions Spyglass Entertainment Distribution Companies: Buena Vista Pictures Budget/costs of film: $40,000,000 Release/exhibition details: August 2nd 1999 (Premiere) August 9th 1999 (USA)

Blockbuster Film Film 2: “American Psycho” (2000) Production Company: Lionsgate Entertainment Distribution companies: Lionsgate Films Budget/Costs of film: $7,000,000 Release/Exhibition details: January 21st 2000 (Sundance) April 14th 2000

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