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Published on February 25, 2014

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Assignment 18: Idea Exploration Judy Ibelgauptiene Katia Martins Leticia Silva Noor Naoum

Idea Exploration

Idea In 10 Bullet Points Forever Hearing Voices • The main character is a young girl who lives with her parents who wants to divorce. • Girl is shown leaving hospital. • Her silent point of view in life shown. • And then her on her way to see her psychiatrist. • But she doesn't’t turn up. • You see her by the canal with voices talking to her. • She tries to commit suicide. • But then she is stopped by a stranger. • She runs away crying. • She returns home and locks herself in her room. • A flashback begins of how it happened.

Idea Details I got inspiration from the following films : A Beautiful Mind One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest I got inspiration from the following opening sequences: Inner Evil - See You On The Other Side - Basic story: A girl becomes death because of an accident however she doesn't’t live in complete silence as the voices fill her head with sound. Her parents hate each other but stay together for her. She hates being seen as a crazy person, and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with her. She wants to commit suicide because she's tired of her life, and the judgment. The voices feel like her only friends. This story is suitable for my subgenre (psychological) because it is about a girl with a mental disorder who can hear voices. The characters are the death girl who is represented as small, weak and crazy but her voices are represented as demanding, pushy and scary. Her mum and dad are represented as caring but argumentative amongst themselves. And the stranger is represented as kind, a hero and a important person. Her psychiatrist is represented as caring and loving, and wants to do nothing but help. The conventions I applied are there are flashbacks and the film doesn’t follow a linear narrative. Also the person is mentally unstable as she hears voice. She is seen as weak and crazy. It also involves the characters past and this is a common trait within psychological films. It also has drama conventions as it is about family and life problems. The locations for this idea would be filmed in a house/flat, the streets and by the canal. The narrative structure would be unconventional because their would be flashbacks to when the girl was not death and how she became death. It would contain both implicit and explicit things. The enigma for the audience is how did she become death as this is not explained in the opening sequence, and if she can be cured or will the voices help her kill herself. The target audience would be teenagers and adults worldwide or anyone who loves psychological dramas.

Katia Martins – Idea Exploration

Katia Martins-idea in bullet points • • • • • • • • • • The beginning is a mother going through old pictures Then it is a flashback of her daughters suicidal scene And then the mother opening a letter Then her ripping the letter (crying) Then her denying it to her husband Then her running out the house screaming and crying And then her being taken back home by her husband Then this her husband holding her hand And then another flashback of her daughter Ends with the mother staring at her husbands gun

Katia Martins-Idea Details • I got inspiration from the following films: Memento • I got inspiration from the following film opening sequences: I Can Hear You: • Basic story: a mother has a flashback from her daughter committing suicide whilst she is going through photographs, and the same time she opens a letter from her doctor which says that she is depressed, she does not except the help from her husband or doctor and ends up in a bad situation. When she is at home she's also thinking about committing suicide. As her husband is a policeman he has a gun therefore that could be a weapon she would use. • This story is suitable for my subgenre because its about a character that has flashbacks of her daughters suicide which causes her to want to do the same thing as she feels guilt and grief. • The characters are the wife/mother which is a lawyer and the husband/father is a police officer they are represented as formal upper class people. • The convention I applied are flashbacks, as psychological films usually contain flashbacks. Also people wearing uniform are usually involved in psychological films. • The locations for this idea would be filmed mostly at home and in the suicide scene. • The narrative structure would be non-linear this is because the mother has flashbacks in order to remember her daughter. • The enigma for the audience is would a mother be able to kill herself just to “reunite” herself with her daughter and escape from reality that her daughter is no longer present in her life. • The target audience for this idea would be teenagers and adults worldwide because everyone can connect to having loss someone that they cherished.

Mind map for idea

Idea in 10 pullet points • • • • • • • • • • She has a dream that she was being violently attacked just like a few months ago by 2 girls that she did not necessarily like. She wakes up in a fright and then takes deep breathes and goes back to sleep and wakes up in the morning. Goes to get dressed and put make up on and everything. Goes downstairs to eat breakfast and has a flash back of the nightmare she had and snaps out of it. Calls a friend over and explains everything that she has been dreaming. They go to study for a bit and then her friend says she has to go to the toilet She continues to study and has these voices in her head telling her that they are going to come get her. She starts to panic and then tries to calm herself back down when realising its just her head acting up. her’ friend calls her downstairs and she goes downstairs only to find out that her friend back stabbed her and the girls are in her house and they go to attack her. She is all bruised up and there is a close up of her angry face staring at the camera and she hears voices telling her to get the knife and get them and she slowly grabs a knife when they are not looking as she says ‘hey!!’ they turn around and she says ‘what goes around comes around’ and it finishes .

Idea Details • • • • • • • • • • I got inspiration from the film: The black swan I got inspiration from the following opening sequence: The Follower : I liked the fact that it captures the way that an unwanted person can be there psychologically and the fact that it has that moment when he appears out of nowhere when she was least expecting it and that’s what I wanted to put in my opening sequence. Basic Story: the girl has been bullied by 2 girls before and only to find out that her own friend wants to bring harm to her and is friends with them. She attacked but somehow manages to pick herself up. This story is suitable for my subgenre because what she is going through is dramatic and all the voices that she hears in her head or all in her mind indicating to the subgenre psychological drama. The characters are : Caroline ( the main girl who uses the idea of a vulnerable girl to gain strength and her psychological problems help her and torment her a reinforced and a challenged stereotype ). Roxaine ( Caroline’s close friend that backstabs her she is represented in a negative way) Lucy and Jane ( the two bullies who are reinforced stereotypes). The conventions i applied are that she is being controlled and scared by the voices in her head and the fact that she is being bullied. The locations for this film will be filmed at someone’s house and outside for the flashback scene. the narrative structure would be unconventional, non-linear and implicit. The enigma for the audience is that they don’t know what will happen at the end. The target audience for this would be a mass audience.

Noor Naoum- Idea exploration

Girl visits psychiatrist •Girl meets guy •They become friends •They get together •2 months later he dies in a car accident •Girl suffers from depression and anxiety •Girl starts to seem him psychologically •Girl tries to move on by meeting a new guy and getting married •She still sees her boyfriend that passed away following her everywhere •He starts to talk to her psychologically •Guilt also haunts her •Girl can no longer take what's happening •About to take pills.

• • I got inspiration from the following film: The Vow • Basic story: Chloe meets Ryan while she is sitting on the bench in the park. Ryan asks her some questions and she also asks him. A month later they decide to get together and Chloe moves in with him al happy and excited. 2 months later Chloe receives a call that Ryan passed away in a major car accident. Chloe starts to gradually build on depression and anxiety. Chloe starts to see Ryan everywhere she turned, haunting her thoughts. After a year Chloe is married to Alex and tries to move on and forget about Ryan. Things got worse because every time she tries to sleep she sees him and he talks to her. Chloe can no longer take it and decides to take the pills. She's about to take the pills. • The story is suitable for my subgenre because she starts to emotionally breakdown and also sees things psychologically. • The characters are a young female called Chloe, a young man called Ryan and a middle aged man called Alex. Chloe is represented as vulnerable and fearful, Alex is presented as a regular ordinary guy who supports Chloe, Ryan is a strong young man who ends up being the weak character. • • • The conventions I applied are: Being traumatised Taking the pills • • • • • • The locations for this idea would be filmed at: Park Bedroom House Oxford street Balcony • Narrative structure: would be linear. The storyline is explicit because we know what is happening throughout the story. At the end when she's about to take the pills the storyline becomes implicit because she doesn't take the pills, she's about to take the pills which creates enigma for the audience. This allows us to wonder whether she takes the pills and what is going to happen to her. • The target audience for this idea would be adults and young adults because they can relate to something realistic .

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