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Information about Assessment Tools and Strategies

Published on September 24, 2014

Author: andella



Assessment tools and strategies to help you align your course objectives to assessments in your courses. When you align objectives well, you can truly find out whether students are learning what they need to learn from your course.

Office of Learning & Technology Purdue University North Central

 We will cover:  Formative vs. summative learning assessment  The meaning behind “authentic assessment”  Quality Matters and aligning assessments  Using technology to enhance our ability to assess effectively

 Accomplishment of learning objectives  Quality of interaction or project work (measured with rubrics)  Knowledge (measured with tests and exams)  Knowledge application (measured with essay or advanced-level tests)  Experience with technology  Course  Instructor

FORMATIVE  Helps you get a handle on how the course and/or students are doing at any given point  Gives you a chance to correct something if it’s not going as planned SUMMATIVE  Usually done at the end of a unit or course  Provides a final look at how things went  Determines whether students “pass” or have attained the necessary skills to move on

 Unfortunately, human nature is such that we will typically only do what we have to  Only students that are intrinsically motivated will tend to go beyond  Experience and research shows that most students tend toward extrinsic motivation and perform best when:  A grade is involved  Completion of a major course requirement is contingent on participation

 When students have a chance to reflect on themselves as learners, they may be more inclined to grow and achieve more  Try one of these surveys in class or as an assignment/discussion and see the reaction  Felder’s Index of Learning Styles:  Biggs’ Study Process Questionnaire: to-learning/

 Assessments in your course should match up with what students need to know and be able to do  Make sure that the information that you’re testing students on it directly related to this  Nice-to-know information is great, but that’s all it is  Make sure your assessment matches the level of the objective and is not above or below the students’ skill level

• Evaluation make judgments based on criteria • Synthesis compile information in a new way • Analysis break down information into parts • Application use information in a new situation • Comprehension interpret information • Knowledge recall information Higher Order Thinking Skills Lower Order Thinking Skills Thinking skill Action verbs Student products

 Let’s try coming up with some assessments for the following objective:  “At the end of the unit, students will be able to create and revise a household budget using Microsoft Excel.”  How about this one?  “And end of the course, students will be able to explain the processes of meiosis and mitosis in the cells of animals and plants.”

 Instead of a multiple-choice test of knowledge, try an essay test, a file response test, a project, or a paper  Instead of a case study, try having students go out into the field to find their own case  Provide a problem without a known solution and ask students to explore possibilities  Ask students to interpret concepts through presentations or multimedia creation

 Quizzes and tests  Discussion forums  Multimedia (text + images, video, etc)  Presentation tools  Digital video and audio  E-books, wikis, blogs

 Can be mobile-capable or browser-only  Can be supported through Respondus LockDown Browser or RespondusTest Creator or from other sections  You can also create tests from scratch  Test exceptions allow different settings for different students  See for all videos on tests and Respondus

 Mobile Exams can be created in Blackboard for use with the Blackboard Mobile Application.  Question types:  Multiple Choice  True/False  Calculated Numeric  File Response  Hot Spot  Fill in Multiple Blanks  Short Answer  Mobile exams are integrated into the grade center, similar to a web assessment.

 Creating a Mobile Assessment  Test Link  Test Canvas  Quiz Settings/Properties

 You can grade using rubrics right within BlackBoard  Rubrics make your job a little easier when grading more extensive assessments  Video tutorials available:

 https://www.uwstout.ed u/soe/profdev/ m  ching/designteach/teach /rubrics.html  http://jfmueller.faculty.n les/authentictaskexampl es.htm

 BlackBoard discussion, blog, wiki, Kaltura media tools  WebEx:  Google Docs:  Prezi:  MS Office Templates: templates/  Screencast-o-matic: http://www.screencast-o-matic. com  Jing and Camtasia:  Wordpress:  SimpleBooklet: php

 Writing good learning objectives: bjectives  A great help with coming up with verbiage for your rubrics:  Kathy Schrock’s guide for educators:  Workshop in scenario-based learning and authentic assessment examples: esite/home

Reach us at:   Twitter and Facebook: @PNCOLT  for all workshop notes, links, and training needs

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