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Information about Assessing Technology Tools

Published on November 22, 2017

Author: sierrasantiago


Assessing Technology Tools: Assessing Technology Tools Sierra Santiago Slide2: Free, Interactive classroom tool Allows teachers to upload course content such as word documents, videos, and links to other resources Allows students to engage in discussions, submit their assignments, view their grades, and reminds students of their upcoming deadlines The message feature provides a means of private communication between teachers and students or students and students Slide3: 5 / 5 Slide4: CHROME Rich in features Fast in speed Ensures safe browsing Allows easy navigation Slide5: CHROME 5 / 5 Slide6: GOOGLE APPS Easily accessible, easy navigation These apps enable students to create spreadsheets, documents, calendars, presentations, etc. and share them with others to view and edit C ollaboration can be done synchronously and asynchronously Best part is FREE! Slide7: GOOGLE APPS 5 / 5 Slide8: Great for gathering online resources Allows you to insert webpages , documents, videos, and other forms of multimedia into one binder Allows users to share their binders Allow users to view other public binders in which new resources and tools can be found Slide9: One downfall about LiveBinders is that it is difficult to find a specific user’s binder. 4 /5 Slide10: Free website creator Various modern templates to choose from The drop in feature makes it easy to build your website. You can insert pictures and videos. You can create your own slideshow through W eebly . Slide11: 3.5/ 5 Weebly limits you in what you can customize when it comes to formatting using a template. You cannot adjust the font size on the blog, on the descriptions for pictures, or the size of the textbox when aligning multiple columns. Slide12: Free presentation tool Visually appealing templates Nice and smooth transitions Allows you to insert videos, images, gifs, and other multimedia Allows you to share and collaborate Slide13: 5 / 5 Slide14: Free online tool that allows users to create study guides P rovides different types of study methods such as flashcards, question and answer, type what you hear, matching, and true and false. Users are allowed to share the quizzes they create, which allows others to access them QUIZLET Slide15: 5 / 5 QUIZLET Slide16: Free tool with visually pleasing modern templates for presentations, e-books, ads, etc. Allows you to edit some aspects of the template. Allows you to choose a font, change font size, font colors, and insert images Able to insert a hyperlink to other sources such as videos or web pages Allows you to download finished product or convert to PDF Slide17: 5/ 5

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